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Dwarf Fortress Succession

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Cheb Pomidorov, Nov 24, 2019.

  1. Albens

    Albens Sol Gov Pilot

    The saga goes on.
    What? Goblin- whatnow?
    Well, let's see our goods.
    As the merchant unloads, a grim reminder.
    While it should not hit us, it spurs me to create a safe trading depot.
    Ah. This shall do- with an added function..

    The merchants inquire on what we request from them, for next time.
    I request Iron
    Seeds, in case someone less-farming prone has an accident. Please get Rock nuts.

    Dogs, for.. obvious reasons.
    Sows and Boars. Because they don't require pasture, can be milked, breed like crazy, and can be butchered in an emergency, these are a must have to the next leader. Please.
    And the cream of all animals. The Turkey.
    You might ask- why? Well. Turkeys take ages to raise, but they require no pasture, can live on a 1x1 tile that houses their nestbox, produce the most eggs, and live for a really long time. A food staple for anyone with any sense. Buy all of the hens, and one gobbler. I swear to god.

    Gypsum, for broken bones.

    Two ores of Iron.
    Limonite is lighter, if you have to choose. (Yes, I know the cost increase. Deal with it.)

    Ah, the merchant request various crap.
    Some of these are easy. I'll purchase some leather if I can afford it and set to making Legwear.

    Moving on.
    Trade is conducted.

    Bought some animals to butcher, none I actually wanted.
    Bits of Iron, seeds, some unprepared food, leather (for next year!), the like.
    At this point, every single item in my fortress had been selected to trade through some magic bug.
    More useless migrants have arrived.
    Plus like, 50 others. Trading vastly increased our worth, I guess?
    The new blood total 6. Rakust, level 13 stonecrafter is the highlight.
    The Militia expands.
    Oh boy
    Oh girl. First birth of the fortress!
    Following every item in the fortress being brought to be traded (bug), a hastily build wooden wall and roof is made to protect it.
    Ah- the dwarf is done being possessed.
    My time approaches!

    By mid-winter, nothing of note. Just more babies and work. After purchasing a lot of leather to make into legwear for next year, I realize we needed a lot of bags.
    Such is life.
    Hazzah! Finally a Fey Mood. Mason, meet Master Mason.

    Well! That's it for me.
    Food, Drink, and seeds are fantastic.

    The Fortress is chugging along- while not well designed, I've managed to simply the previously organic structure into something a lot more simple.
    The previous "mega entrance" has been reused.
    Into a protected Merchant Entrance, with a gauntlet and firing platform above. The levers are labeled, but not built, aside from the Merchant Gate.
    The Storage room is practically overflowing.
    I've had to add more furniture and drink stockpiles.
    Mining has a lot of coke, and some Gold, Silver, and Lead, and bronze.

    The Military has dwarves, and men, but no equipment.
    The "Rounded Torches", a melee unit, has 6/10.
    The Copper Stances, melee, 10/10.
    Gloves of Deciding, Marksdwarf, 8/10. Bow and Bolts.

    We need: Bags! Of any kind.
    Trading for next season:
    Stone crafts are being made in bulk.
    Food is high.
    Leather armour is ready and sells well.

    Future Todos;
    Bedrooms, hopefully in the stonefort.
    Metal industry. I've been smelting but making nothing that isn't a mandate item.
    Keep food production going. It's low-effort but double check the cooking screen every now and again, and the farms. I've not touched them yet.
    Keep the farmers workshop processing to bags please, for the rock nuts.
    Keep placing dirt roads ontop of the fortress and in the leadup to the merchant area to prevent trees growing.
    Finish the levers.
    Let the massive z-13 dig at lowest priority, so when we breach the caves it grows moss for our animals.
    Don't clear cut everything, we're harvesting fruit to the west of the fort entrance.
    Remove the wooden wall once the valuables are cleared.

    That's all from me!
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  2. Albens

    Albens Sol Gov Pilot

    Current holder is Rodmuth.

    I'm looking to be #7 as well.
  3. mikomyazaki2

    mikomyazaki2 Petty Officer First Class

    Can I be added to the turn order?
  4. Albens

    Albens Sol Gov Pilot

    I'll swap to #8, you got #7.
  5. Loaf

    Loaf Retired Staff

    Both of my attempts at a year have been ended by random ass zombies that don't die to thirty odd people wailing on them and then immediately raise the dead as more zombies. Very annoying, not willing to try a third time.
  6. Faustico

    Faustico Petty Officer First Class

    Alright, time to see what Im working with here

    Is that.
    What self respecting dwarf would make his fellows live in the dirt!
    Like a bunch of kobolds!

    At least we won't be left wanting for storage space... silver linings...
    Anyways time to turn this place into a proper dwarven fortress!

    Miners, strike the earth!
    What do you mean you're "too busy", what are you doing?
    Nope, cancel that! Strike the earth, not the mud. The surface is an, admittedly very tropical, wasteland full of roaming zombies and toxic dust clouds! We need to hit the caverns as soon as possible so we can leave that horrible sunlit place behind us.

    Now that that's taken care of lets see what else requires immediate attention.
    Food, good.
    Industry, functional.
    Military, recruited.
    Stockpiles, stocked.

    This is actually looking pretty nice. And to top it off someone just painstakingly crafted some sort of artifact millstone. He named it Kanlist.
    Well at least we got a legendary craftsdwarf out of it.

    The first workshop in the new workshop level has been completed, and I've taken the liberty of manually placing the first order.
    It'd be a shame to waste one of our well-trained masons on something like this...
    Hey Fath, what do you do? "Bind Books"? Not anymore you don't! Welcome to your new job. You make blocks.

    I was interrupted while planning out the new bedrooms by reports of something called a "langur" messing with the mayor.
    Which is apparently some sort of monkey.
    Well it'll probably make a good stew once the patrolling guards get around to killing it.
    We don't have patrols? What do the guards do when theyre not training?
    Not on my watch!

    The Rounded Torches and Boot-Anvils will trade off on patrolling, with the Gloves adding marksdwarf support every other month. The last squad will train full time.
    Oh and you all get one month a year off. You're welcome.

    And the entrance is now coated in a layer of blood.
    Off to a great start!

    More migrants recruits!
    Here's your new crossbow, stand right outside the door there. Mind the monkey blood.

    We've hit the first cavern layer! And at ground level too! How convenient.
    Sadly we're not quite ready to take the caverns from the indigenous wildlife so we're better off just bricking it up for now-
    Sound the alarm! Gather the militia! Let the chief medical dwarf know he's gonna have some new patients soon because that troll's gonna roll righ-
    Our masons managed to construct those walls much faster than I thought they could. Cancel the alarm.

    Cursed Dust! Raise the alarm again!
    What does that stuff even do anyways? I mean its called "cursed dust" so I can't image it's anything good.
    At least it takes less than a day for it to drift away so we don't have to cower for too long.
    Still, we need to figure out what that does sooner rather than later so I've chained a langur outside to act as a guinea pig.

    I've been getting a lot of petitions lately from outsiders wanting to join our militia. It must be pretty bad out there if they see a dwarf carrying three times their body weight in armor and weapons, trudging the same patrol outside the gates for weeks on end, and think "I gotta get in on that!".
    What qualifications do you have? "Lord's Consort"? Welcome aboard!

    Just got an alert that the cooks have run out of not-rotten food to cook, time to expand the farms!

    Summer just arrived and it brought with it another wave of migrants.
    I can't be bothered to sort through them to assign them all relevant jobs right now so for the time being they can, I dunno, polish the bedrooms or something.

    Our craftsdwarves are really starting to get into the swing of things.
    You may be asking yourself "Why are you making bolts out of silver? Isn't that metal really soft and not really suited to military applications?" Well you'd be half right, it is really soft but its also really dense. And since we don't have a lot of bronze or iron we'll have move luck bruising organs and crushing bones with silver than trying to poke em full of holes with copper.
    Not to mention there's just so much of the shiny stuff lying around we might as well get some use out of it.
    Also I figure its only a matter of time until the werewolves show up.

    One of my militia captains is walking around with a bruised lung now. Why? Because for some reason the primary staircase was designated as a training area so naturally he took a tumble down a flight and jabbed himself in the chest.
    Go train in the barracks like a normal dwarf!

    I'm disappointed in you.

    We just broke 1000 bars of coke. I legitimately do not know where these are coming from. I suspect that there is a workshop hidden somewhere in the southern mining tunnels but for the life of me I can't find it.
    I'm sure that it'll eventually sort itself out.

    I've just realized that the room I thought was the hospital is actually just a really hastily put together dormitory.
    The point is we now have a functional hospital.

    Well we can't have that! Prioritize setting up the cavern airlock and getting the militia outfitted with some actual weapons.

    While we're busy doing that the beast is keeping itself entertained by chasing a heavily traumatized cave crocodile around.
    At least now we know that that particular kind of dust does.

    The airlock is done, the militia outfitted, and the hospital stocked. Its time. TODAY WE RECLAIM OUR BIRTHRI-
    Oh what now?!
    Well yes, I suppose that does take priority.

    Lets see what we're dealing with here...
    Yep, everyone inside. Shut the gate. We're not dealing with that with head on. This is gonna require a redesign of the killyard and a lot of preparation.
    On the up side we have enough food and drink to last our current population about a decade. So we got plenty of time.
    But hopefully it won't come to that.

    I've ordered some marksdwarves to man the watchtower so maybe they can get a lucky shot off and take out the leader. Unlike his army he's painfully mortal so a single shot might be enough to do him in.
    Oh yeah, we have a watchtower now.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The staircase for it is in the dead center of the old dining room. It has a roof so nothing can fly in.

    Now with that whole 'undead siege' thing taken care of we can get back to the important things.
    We're coming for you Tosp!

    Caverns are cracked and the militia rushes out to meet the beast. Spacing everyone! Would be a shame if you all got caught in the first dust blast. It should be here any second now, drawn in by the irresistible scent of a thousand high quality plump helmet biscuits.
    Aaaaaaany second now...
    Alright, fan out and search for it. Let the civilians out, one of them might stumble into it.
    Huh, guess something else got it to first.
    That was anticlimactic...
    Ah well, time to recruit a new squad to watch the cavern entrance and keep anything from wandering in.
    And we can finally sink a well!

    Well you're welcome to hang around with the zombies outside. Although it looks like the zombie army doesn't want to play nice.
    Apparently Asa isn't one to take insults lightly. After re-killing the goblin she makes a beeline for the necromancer, unfortunately she's surrounded by his army before she can get to him.
    They can't lay a finger on her, but there are more than enough of them to keep her from getting to the necromancer. Sadly once she stopped making forward progress there was only one way this could go. The zombies kept her busy until she passed out from exhaustion, then slowly hacked her to pieces.
    Luckily they finished her off by crushing her head, so we don't have to plan around a zombie cyclops.

    Immediately after the fight ended a cloud of cursed dust showed up and rolled over part of the horde. While it didn't appear to do anything at first a closer look reveals that it turned the zombie into a stronger zombie.
    Because of course it did.

    Meanwhile the underdark guards paint the cavern walls with a gremlin that decided to try and sneak into the fort.

    I've come up with a plan to handle the zombie infestation.
    It involves giant serrated saw blades and a winding hallway.

    Someone created a new artifact, a bone shield. It was immediately added to the equipment pile.

    Winter arrives and I've just noticed that the members of the militia that were assigned to the watch tower to shoot zombies are starting to get this hollow look in their eyes. They've also been complaining about the sounds the zombies make when they try to claw their way up to them.
    I've decided to cancel the training sessions for the rest of the month. And I've ordered a tavern built so you can drink your worries away like proper dwarves.

    That didn't seem to do the trick, morale is still falling fast.

    Alright, the entire military has the rest of the year off. No patrols, no training, I don't want to see any of you even looking at a weapon until you've all managed to regain your sanity.
    Except the underdark-guards, you guys still need to clear out those troglodytes.

    Uh... Urvad, watcha doing there buddy?

    Well I think thats my cue to hand the reins over to someone who's a bit better than me at managing morale...
    ...and zombies.


    Main level:

    New Workshops:

    Dining Hall:


    The cavern:

    • Figure out how to keep the militia from going insane.
    • Finish the killyard hallway (currently producing green glass serrated disks and silver hammers to fill the hall with weapon traps, should take about a year at the current rate)
    • Kill the zombie horde
    • Find lava, convert industry to lava based production
    Save file
    (if anyone would like it rehosted using a different, free, service just let me know).

    During the last week of my year the fort started lagging significantly. From 60fps down to 20. No idea what caused it but if it doesnt go away on its own after a few weeks you should try some or all of the following:
    • Brick up the massive open dirt pit.
    • Use DF-hack to clean up the thousands of broken bolts littered around the watch tower.
    • Cancel all the orders and jobs that are spamming the announcements page.
    • Use DF-hack to cull some of the ridiculous number of zombies and/or your own population.
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  7. Loaf

    Loaf Retired Staff

    I'm kinda perversely pleased to see that the solution for zombies was indeed just to seal off the outside world.
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  8. Manored

    Manored Executive Officer

    Sealing off the outside world is the default DF fortress-life-extension maneuver.
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  9. Cheb Pomidorov

    Cheb Pomidorov Petty Officer First Class


    And now that I have your attention...
    The unfortunate truth is that while I was writing a draft of the journal of my reign in Toolbelt, this draft got misplaced accidentally. Thus, all the visual records have been lost.
    The recap of my reign, which I am about to present, shall have to suffice.

    I was presented with a rather sorry situation.
    The tavern was overcrowded. The temple was too small. The militia, ragged and improvised. The workforce, without direction. And all of this while the hordes of undead gathered outside cut us off completely from the outside world. Not merely our citizens, but also our foreign visitors were thus unable to leave the safety of the fortress walls, and those new arrivals who attempted to seek shelter within were unceremoniously slaughtered by the vile forces of undeath.
    A serious military, one that would be rigidly regulated in its equipment, training and deployment, was necessary. I have therefore dismissed everyone. We had 31 soldiers in 6 squads, averaging 5 soldiers per squad, and this was rather unworkable.
    Before re-drafting, I decided to pass a labour reform instead. The reasoning for the reform was that skilled craftsdwarves are extremely valuable, and so are the items they produce. Thus, all legendary (and some other) dwarves are no longer required to put themselves in danger to perform hauling and wounded-retrieval tasks, although lever-pulling is still required. No longer shall most of these craftsdwarves venture deep into the caverns or, arguably worse, into the hostile, cursed outside world. Save that for the less experienced, who have yet to prove themselves.
    Additionally, in order to increase the average item quality, only those skilled enough to produce good items will be able to work in the associated profession. For instance, there may be only a single weaponsmith, and it should be the best weaponsmith available, in order to both raise the quality of his weapons AND increase his skill faster.
    The following project was made for the military (and let me say ahead of time that I was yet unable to bring it to fruition):
    1. Fortress guard: 2 hammerdwarves, 2 speardwarves, 2 swordsdwarves, 2 axedwarves, 2 wrestlers. Led by the captain of the guard.
    2. Main fighting force: 1 hammerdwarf, 1 speardwarf 1 swordsdwarf, 1 axedwarf, 1 wrestler, 5 marksdwarves. Led by the militia commander.
    3. Undead bashers: 5 hammerdwarves, 5 macedwarves. Led by a captain.
    4. Mercenaries: 1 dwarven captain, 9 human mercenaries. Random weapons.
    Squad 1 is almost ready: just wait until they get, uh, adamantine weapons to replace their previously copper ones. 6 out of 10 are outfitted and combat-ready, the other four are awaiting adamantine swords and axes, the order for which has already been placed and requires no additional managerial intervention.
    Squad 2 is non-existent.
    Squad 3 is armed, but has no armour. They also lack any form of experience. Armour is being produced.
    Squad 4 exists, but is in a poor shape.

    Other noteworthy accomplishments and additions:
    New Tavern:

    Above, animal training area, below, the library overlooking the new temple.

    Said temple, with a single (more may be added as needed/desired) slab in memory of Oddom, the original KIA of the fortress.

    The catacombs below the temple, lavishly engraved. The centre is communal, the right and left sides provide space for private tomb assignments for nobles. Spaces that are not engraved may be used for easy catacomb expansion, lest the engraver throw a fit when you destroy his masterpieces.

    Egg-laying area. The turkey hen on the left has a fertilised clutch of 12 eggs, ensure it is allowed to hatch.

    The new training areas for our squads. There are four in total. The upper one can be called "complete," the others can be called "work in progress."

    State of the trap corridor. May it never be used.
    (Those are 4 chunks of hematite, yes).

    The merchant bridge is undergoing rework in order to make better use of trapping, and to allow for easier water or magma applications in the case of elven merchants' arrival. I was unable to finish its construction in time.

    Many fun things have been caged... there are others which are trained, including a female cave crocodile!

    But... do you see it?

    This one has been approaching the dwarves on hauling duty in the first cavern layer, and I do not like the way it moves.
    (Pictured: left side: potential victim. Right side: potential predator).

    To conclude: it is safe to say that there have been entirely no casualties throughout the year 128!

    • Expand the military.
    • Expand adamantine production. We have over 100 raw adamantine chunks, but the strand extractor is way too slow.
    • Annex the caverns further, place traps in the chokepoints, create chokepoints where there are none. Explore the second and especially the third cavern layer: I'm not entirely convinced there is merely 1 pillar of adamantine on our site.
    • Maybe uh, sleeping quarters? For everyone but the military folk, who have their own bedrooms adjacent to their training room.
    • Do not breach the Circus. We have no Clowns on the SEV Torch, Toolbelt should be kept that way as well.
    • Find a better way to dispose of corpses. Most of our haulers' stress comes from seeing a literal graveyard of skeletons every time they come to dump some withered plants or whatever. Bonus points if magma is used, as with all things.
    • Psshhh, I accidentally set a Squad 1 swordsdwarf as militia commander. Give someone else the title.

    Lastly, apologies for taking more than a week. Most of this time was spent playing in 1 FPS because of a bugged zombie I had to exterminate using dfhack. If the FPS SuDdEnLy drops to unsustainable levels, check the combat reports.

    Last edited: Dec 10, 2019
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  10. Albens

    Albens Sol Gov Pilot

  11. Loaf

    Loaf Retired Staff

    Drop me, sorry.
  12. mikomyazaki2

    mikomyazaki2 Petty Officer First Class

    Alright. My turn then, I'll try to get it done today or tomorrow.
  13. Manored

    Manored Executive Officer

    Is this ded?
  14. Albens

    Albens Sol Gov Pilot

    Miko asked for more time I think.

    I should just launch a hot-seat (3h~only) game.
  15. Cheb Pomidorov

    Cheb Pomidorov Petty Officer First Class

    I'd say Albens should just go for it at this point.
    Not blaming Miko or anything like that, you did say you were busy (and your busyness is blatantly obvious just by taking a glance at the github's PR section).