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Escape shuttle issues

Discussion in 'Coding' started by Necrofox, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. Necrofox

    Necrofox Assistant

    I host some kind of local server of Baystation12, and because of small amount of players we still play on Exodus map.
    I've fix pods and shuttle, but neither pods nor shuttle arriving on Centcomm do not trigger Round End.
    Can you give me a hint what to check?
  2. Atlantis

    Atlantis Retired Staff

    There's unfortunately multiple things that could have gone wrong, but my suspects would be either the shuttles themselves, or the evacuation controller. Depending on your level of coding knowledge you might want to try using slightly older version of baystation code, as it's more likely to work there.
  3. Techhead

    Techhead Donator

  4. Fergusto78

    Fergusto78 Assistant

    May be a long stretch here, and sorry for bringing up this topic again buut basically I've been using the Exodus for a long time, and I quite like the map. I've looked at the shuttle code, torch code and the old code and it just confused me more and more to the point where I have no idea how to get the Exodus shuttles up to speed again.

    Is there anyone who has already done this and would like to share his work? I'd be thankful!
  5. Thasc

    Thasc Sol Gov Pilot

    I think Apollo uses Exodus, and tries to stay up to date on Baycode.
  6. Fergusto78

    Fergusto78 Assistant

    They are currently still working on other parts before they are going to fix shuttles, apparently..
    Thus I was kind of hoping the topic starter was still around for this haha
  7. Necrofox

    Necrofox Assistant

    TS is still here, but I doesn't have good news for you.
    Europa had old shuttle system when I check it last time and I try to fix it by myself.
    Now I have only part of shuttles working and escape shuttle doesn't trigger round end
  8. laser50

    laser50 Assistant

    To come back to this, I have pushed the shuttle code to the Apollo branch, just check the commits, it is working now. Took us a good few hours though.

    (EDIT: this is for new shuttle code)

    Rest of the shuttles is coming as well eventually but should be easier now that we figured it out.
  9. Loaf

    Loaf Retired Staff

    We were 1:1 with Bay's shuttle system as of August last year as far as I am aware.