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Event Rules

Discussion in 'Admin Event Feedback' started by ThatOneGuy, Aug 14, 2017.

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  1. ThatOneGuy

    ThatOneGuy Retired Staff

    Event Guidelines

    1. Try to only have one event going on at once. Communicate with your peers to make sure no other events are going on before you begin yours. This is mainly for major/away events; sending a fax or spawning a few mice somewhere would rarely interfere, but it is best to still ask any staff currently running an event beforehand.

    2. Respect planned events. If an event pre-planned on the official forums, do not interfere with that event. It has already been planned in advance. You may offer to assist, of course.

    3. If you make yourself immortal or otherwise strange and more powerful than normal, adjust how you act accordingly. It is not fun to go against an immortal killer who simply slaughters everyone. An immortal ghost, however, is more reasonable.

    4. Try to give the crew at least two solutions to the problem presented to them. These do not need to be entirely overt, but they should exist. If you can, try to hint at them in some way. Exceptions to this would be events that do not place the crew in harm's way.

    5. Trial-admins/moderators may run events if and only if a game admin has agreed to supervise the event. The game admin should remain present for the duration of the event.

    6. Use of custom and/or non-Bay sprites are always allowed for these events.

    Away Mission Events:

    1. Admins may run these at their discretion, regardless of round type. However, do pay attention to what round type it is when you are creating your event. If it is a voted extended round, for instance, you should keep your away site event fairly chill and relaxed. Try not to put hostiles down there, for instance.

    2. No vote is required for these. Talking to your fellow staff is advised, however, so that they will know what you are doing.

    3. These events may spill onto the Torch, but they should enhance the round and the active antagonists in some way, if possible. Having a xenomorph infestation spill onto the Torch during voted merc, for instance, would not be acceptable. Having a strange object/person found and recovered would. Secret rounds are much more flexible, but you should still try to have them enhance what is going on if they do spill onto the Torch.

    Minor Events:

    1. Again, these are discretionary. These events are for small things, such as having a Vox trader appear or an animal infestation in some area. Minor events are things that contribute to the round but do not directly interfere with the antagonists or people playing. Adding things to maintenance falls under this.

    2. Again, no vote is required for these. Communicate with your fellow staff and alert them to what you are doing.

    3. These events must not take the focus of the round. They are minor things. If they take the focus, they are either an away mission event or a major event.
    Major Events:

    • A vote is required for these except for in the following circumstances:
      • Secret extended.

      • All antagonists are dead/arrested early into the round on a voted secret round.

      • The event is planned beforehand on the official forums.
    • Regardless of if a vote is required or not, with only the exception of pre-planned events, you must ask your fellow admins if an event would be acceptable. Giving them a rough summary of what you plan is helpful.
    • These events should take place either mainly on the Torch or in a location that can easily be accessed by the crew. Major events should involve as many members of the crew as is possible.
    • If you are doing this in a round with active antagonists, confer with them beforehand on if it would be okay to do an event. You do not need to give them specifics.

    Special Consideration:
    ERTs/Mercs/General responses to distress calls do not require a player vote, only a staff decision. However, you should wait until the distress is given before making a call. If you come to the decision to send a response, please consider what would benefit the story of the round. Do you really want to send a team of fully armed soldiers? Perhaps a small trading vessel would be more acceptable, or even a ninja who shows up to assist the highest bidder.
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