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Exodus (2016) - are you all gone?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Butbu, Aug 21, 2018.

  1. Butbu

    Butbu Chef

    Hey guys,

    I’ve just returned to Bay after almost two years (yup, that’s how long it took me to make peace with Torch) and I’ve decided to do a little survey about the whereabouts of people who used to play in my times on Exodus. Reason? Well, I joined a couple of rounds on Torch in the last two weeks and it made me realize how great Exodus truly been in regard to the playerbase (no offence to Torch guys at all, it's just different now). So my question is – where is everybody from Exodus 2016? Do you still come and play at Torch sometimes (with different characters) or are you gone completely from the server?

    And here I’ll just shoot a couple of names I remember from those days that I would love to play with again one day – my absolutely favorite antag Thirty Four (LorenLuke), my all time favorite Vox Jikka, scientist Dayton Cosgrove, Dave Stanton (CMO), Victoria Hall (the doctor that saved them all), annoying medic Lily Ainsworth and even more annoying medic Andy Johnson, Jusper Dupont, Tori Basinger, Fyodor Semyonov and Litchfield Agathus as the best sec guys ever, PAL, A.I.D.E., P.I.N.G., Watchtower, Daisy, Aliana Crow, Circadian Rhythm; Provident Thought, Anna Clifford, Relina Enna and many, many more. And all Resomii that I can't for the hell of me remember. We also had some pretty great mercs back then.

    And of course admins at that time were awesome as well – Haswell, SiegDerMaus, Daanesh, Meyar, Raptor, TheWelp and I am sure I forgot many others.
    Yeah and just an idea - would it be really silly for us to reunite for one round of Torch (!) some time in the future? To show 'em kids how it's done :D
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  2. Mordeth221

    Mordeth221 High Inquisitor Senior Administrator Game Administrator

    I'm still here.

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  3. Thasc

    Thasc Sol Gov Pilot

    I think they're literally all gone.
  4. Sbotkin

    Sbotkin Senior Enlisted Advisor

    Medics you've mentioned appear sometimes.
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  5. Sergeant Adam

    Sergeant Adam Game Administrator Game Administrator

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  6. Banditoz

    Banditoz Senior Enlisted Advisor

    The future is now, old man.
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  7. Meyar

    Meyar Retired Worstmin 2015-2017

    I exist to lurk the forums these days, bout it. But I exist.
  8. Paradoxon

    Paradoxon Retired Staff

    Just lurking around these days, like some filthy Meyar. For Torch-unrelated reasons, though.

    A fair share of the people you listed are gone, for various reasons, sometimes willingly, sometimes not. But hey, playerbases evolve, it's the circle of life. I'm pretty sure the playerbase in 2016 was quite different than what it was when I joined two years earlier myself.

    (Welcome back though, even if you're not staying.)
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  9. Syndikate

    Syndikate Sol Gov Pilot

    Siegdermaus is also around, but does not play mainly relating to Server politics and irl stuff, not the Torch
  10. LordLoko

    LordLoko Senior Enlisted Advisor

    I'm still here but nobody cares too much about me.
  11. ProfessorPainus

    ProfessorPainus Senior Enlisted Advisor

    Nobody who played in 2016 is here.
  12. FearTheBlackout

    FearTheBlackout Retired Staff

    Still here, still dead inside.
  13. Toybasher

    Toybasher Research Director

    I am still here. I don't play as much but it has nothing to do with the movement from Exodus to Torch.

    James Misayuki is still my character, little changed.
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  14. Blazerules

    Blazerules Research Director

    Looking at those people quite a few quit with the advent of Torch, understandably so.
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  15. EmGee

    EmGee Retired Staff

    I'm still here.

    help me
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  16. Earthcrusher

    Earthcrusher SMASHER/DEVOURER Laser Tag 2019 Participant

  17. Lindhrive

    Lindhrive Petty Officer First Class

    I may be having trouble scraping together the time to play, but I'm not gone quite yet!
  18. samsone700

    samsone700 Petty Officer First Class

    Yees am here.
  19. Fysh

    Fysh Research Director


    Tori occasionally shows up. Victoria is still around. I still play two of my Exodus chars rarely.
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  20. Curt5

    Curt5 Senior Enlisted Advisor

    PAL and Aliana Crow here. I'm gone. I lurk the forums occasionally for old time's sake, but I only play on Torch very rarely. Mostly PAL when I do.
    I migrated to Polaris, but Polaris is dying a slow miserable death, so I'm migrating once again.
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