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Discussion in 'Rules, Policy, and Guidelines' started by Virgil, Aug 29, 2015.

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  1. Virgil

    Virgil Senior Administrator Game Administrator

    Faxes are for Internal Affairs/SolGov Crime Reports/Supply Requests/Internal Communication only and all other communique coming through should be ignored as the department that receives faxes cannot handle these things. Players should be using the Communications Console on the bridge and in the captains office if they need an ERT, or help from Central Command in any way that doesn't match up with an Internal Affairs or Supply situation.

    Here are some very basic guidelines for what faxes are to be used and responded to for:-
    • Internal Affairs requires help with command staff who refuse to listen to them in regards to a complaint they've handled.
    • Internal Affairs requires guidance on how to proceed with a complaint.
    • The Head of Personnel is dealing with an IA complaint and requires advice or guidance on how to proceed.
    • The Quartermaster has a special supply request that isn't orderable.
    • The Head of Security is filing a SolGov High Crime report.
    This means that, regardless of the situation, the Communications Console is to be used for anything else. This includes:-
    • Asking for help from Central Command during admin events.
    • Asking for help from Central Command during nuke/mercenary rounds that have gone badly for the crew.
    • Asking for help from Central Command during power outages or times when engineering is struggling to get power on-line.
    • Asking Central as to whether or not they sent [insert mercenary, wizard, or non-crew antag gimmick/excuse here]
    • Every other circumstance where Central Command's assistance is required and it's not listed above.

    I realize that at times it can be tempting to let things slide because things are dire ingame, however, in the ongoing effort to reduce the reliance on Central Command from the station, the above should be followed regardless of how bad things get. Even if a fax falls under the acceptable guidelines above, it is up to the admin that receives the fax whether or not to reply.
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  2. Raptor1628

    Raptor1628 Lore Maintainer Donator

    I do think there should be some way for cargo to order things not on their computer without having to use the main broadcaster, like if the station needs 200 birthday cakes or a weaponized mankini, whatever.

    Edit: Putting up a PR for a cargo fax channel later, QM will have access.
  3. ReadingSteiner

    ReadingSteiner Sol Gov Pilot

    As someone that mainly plays Quartermaster, I share the same thoughts as Raptor. A fax machine in the QM Office wouldn't go amiss, either, if only for specialized orders. Obviously it would be down to the player not to abuse this every round, but that can simply be handled by ignoring or sending a response which is the same paper stamped with the DENIED rubber stamp.
  4. mkalash

    mkalash Donator

    To clarify, I once sent a fax as a Head of Security to make a complaint directly to Internal Affairs about the Exodus-stationed Internal Affairs Agents. Is this an acceptable use?
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