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[Feedback] Booster Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Piccione, Jan 9, 2020.

  1. Piccione

    Piccione Petty Officer First Class

    Here's a Thread for posting Feedback and Discussion about Boosters, so every point can be examined carefully.
    Please keep your arguments and consideration more detailed and nuanced than "Deleet reis pls"
  2. mdhttr

    mdhttr Bartender

    Can I have a question?

    What are boosters?
    From lore pov - are they self-modified or are they engineered? And if the latter then how are they different from vatties? Are vatties prenataly adjusted (in some cases) and boosters postnataly?

    From mechanical pov - how are they different from baseline human and vattie? Other than having devil horn and bunny ear sprites.
  3. Sergeant Adam

    Sergeant Adam Game Administrator Game Administrator

    @mdhttr They are self modified, and not related in any way to vatties. They're just baseline humans that have stuffed themselves full of bio mods for whatever reason.

    Mechanically they'll receive a random walk/run speed that can be either faster or slower than a regular human's, and iirc they also get random brute/burn modifiers.
  4. NimbleThimble

    NimbleThimble Bartender

    I like them personally if nothing else simply to have some asthetic variation to the standard cookie cutter human template.

    I always appreciate some actual variations in playstyle that isn't instantly locked behind whitelists. I'd be sad to see them go.
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  5. Mister Fox

    Mister Fox Retired Staff

    Sergeant Adam covered the mechanical aspects. As for what they are, it varies from player to player since there are no hard definitions of what a booster is.

    The most common interpretation is a literal self-modifier, who injects themselves full of something and then becomes all 'boosted'. I'm not a huge fan of this one myself since doing something so potentially dangerous is not very conducive in the EC (and I expect would be strictly outlawed in the Fleet.)

    The method that I personally favor is that boosters can utilize the services of gene clinics (including surgery) to get their intended results. I expect this process probably costs a lot of money. I say that mine are entirely cosmetic, despite how often I play along with jokes about being a cat.

    I am also aware of at least two other players who say that their modifications are hereditary -- their parents were boosted, so they are, too.

    The definition of 'Booster' is still currently up in the air, and it's that reason that there are a bunch of different interpretations about what a Booster is. I think they're all valid in their own ways (though the literal 'inject self with genes' method is disfavored by me because of how hilariously dangerous it would be for the layman)
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  6. flying_loulou

    flying_loulou Senior Enlisted Advisor


    When I came back after 2/3 months of inactivity, and first heard of these "Boosters", my first reaction was "Whaaat the fuck is that now ?". I was fearing something like psyonics, and the like.

    I must admit I was completely wrong. While a minority of boosters are played in an OOCly annoying way, most of them are more than okay, and I've had some good RP moments that happened only because some of the involved peeps were boosters. While it adds some diversity in the RP, and gives us something new to work with, it's not a major gameplay change, and doesn't make the game less immersive. I also like the leeway given to the players to allow them to have their own background, as long as it's reasonable.

    I won't continue any long-ass argumentation, I just find the boosters to be a nice addition to the game, and they don't bother me anymore. Thumbs up to whoever added them.
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  7. captainwiseguy

    captainwiseguy Assistant

    cat ears are bad

    otherwise i dont really care and occasionally makes way for the "weird kooky mad scientist" type which are always fun
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  8. Rowtree

    Rowtree Retired Staff

    How are cat ears less sane than those who turn themselves into a seal person? Why are Tritonians allowed in the fleet when they're very much more non-human than a person with cosmetic cat ears.

    If this "no booster military cos you're insane" argument is going to be discussed, at least be consistent with it, and not be arbitrary in our standards. Include the other sub-species that also alter your appearance in a way that would make standard uniforms impossible to wear. (Grav-Adapts, Tritonians, Boosters.)

    If you believe "a minority of booster characters are played OOCly annoying", then I strongly encourage you to ahelp these issues so staff can address them on a case-by-case basis, rather than a sweeping blanket removal that unfairly paints all characters as negative, which I'm sure many of you will agree is not the case.

    I think there is an argument to be made about restricting them from the Fleet, but this "boosters aren't sane" mentality leaves me with a very bad taste in my mouth because it is extremely close to the argument that "Tattoos are insane", or other such beliefs that we previously thought to be true but was actually just discrimination. Not to imply that's what's happening here but I do feel a certain amount of accusations are being levied at characters and players for "not being sane", when such a call is extremely arbitrary. As I mentioned earlier, why are Tritonians more sane than Boosters? Is it because Tritonians are born with the modifications, and boosters aren't?

    Personally I'd rather keep booster but give it more negatives, and more lore to explain, something like this,:
    • Where Boosters originate from. Some might be professional boosters, the result of early genetic testing that was consentual and vital for future genetic research into Vat-Growns and such (I think all sub-species should be under the same banner since all require genetic modification)
    • Their status in the Fleet. I think it'd be crazy that you aren't allowed to die for your country because you have cat ears, but then, it was against the law to be gay and die for your country in the past, so maybe we can chalk this one up to IC discrimination.
    • The implied genetic defects that make them so bad aren't actually a thing. I'd like to make them a thing, with more negative cosmetics to choose from, as well as sprites that reflect the Booster's more altered nature. I don't believe for a second that if we had the power to change our genetics, we would be satisfied with just cat ears. Let's make boosters more alien than our aliens
    I think there's ways of solving the concerns of the players beyond straight removal. I'd rather the cat ears be removed than boosters themselves, because I firmly believe that by being so stuck on cat-ears, we are missing the potential the sub-species has for other things.

    Also horns are worse than cat ears by far for the fleet or EC!
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  9. flying_loulou

    flying_loulou Senior Enlisted Advisor

    Yes, it's been taken care of. My sentence's goal was to imply that most boosters are, at least, okay, if not well roleplayed.

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  10. SparklySheep

    SparklySheep Retired Staff

    Right, last post got deleted, so I'll post it again. Just because my opinion is simple (and entirely superficial) does not make it invalid.

    I like playing a booster to be a catgirl.

    That is my legitimate opinion on why I would like them to stick around. I don't care about lore or anything else, I just find it fun and funny to be a catgirl and I'm sure there are others that feel the same way.
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  11. mdhttr

    mdhttr Bartender

    I like boosters. All human variants, even baseline (except for mules) stem from the same principle of biological or cybernetic transcendence. I don't find boosters any different other than the fact that it's individual rather than special/specific.
  12. AnotherLurk

    AnotherLurk Bartender

    Boosters are just fine, as they add a bit of variety to humans and the game overall. I do think there should be some restrictions on what mods they're allowed while they're playing under EC or whatever, but overall they're fine and harmless.
  13. Roland410

    Roland410 Petty Officer First Class

    The PR is already closed anyways.
  14. CubecsMelody

    CubecsMelody Petty Officer First Class

    im going to add my oppinion to this even though the PR is closed, maybe in the future this proplem will come up again or something. i also didnt see this until now.
    Its a health thing, from my experience with a military service, they want to know your past medical records, together with what kinda body you got, they will then assess what kind of roles you can and cannot fullfill by giving you a health rating of sorts. The most mundane things like having had a lung infection almost a decade ago or frequent migranes can affect this rating.
    If your too tall you are forbidden from being Tank crew, if your to small you cannot be in guard towers, if you got horns or cat ears you cannot wear a helmet properly and cannot be in any combat roles.
    Taking that into account its totally feasible to deny someone combat service because thoose body modifications would get in the way or completly deny service because they are described to have "unstable DNA".

    Im not going to pretend that i know much about Tritonians or Grav-Adapts, but if who they are would affect productivity or hinder them in certain ways, they would also be either limited or completly excluded from Service.
    This doesnt really have to do with being able to wear the uniform itself, as thoose can be customed sewed to fit awkward body types, but rather with being restricted because your body is a certain way that couldnt allow or hinder performing a certain role.
    Im not saying theese sub-species couldnt perform service, but they would be incredibly tame compared to what passes now and most likely in many aspects heavily restricted.
    i believe this kinda thing is why many people dislike the cat-ears and catgirls. Many people, including me, feared that when boosters and cat-ears where introduced that there would be an increase of people who would play bay for more unique reasons disregarding the lore and rules in the process, wich would hurt the overall HRP nature of bay itself. This hasnt really happend and i have only seen 1 person that came close to that. However, this kinda attitude is still just the weakest version of exacly that issue.

    I love this idea, i personally enjoy tritonians, vat-growns, space adepts and grav-adepts because their base human sprite itself is already distinct from the baseline would be great to see something similiar happend with boosters or atleast see some diffrent body modifications wich might not be internet inspired, as currently there are only really unathi horns, cat ears and bunny ears. Third eyes, deadpool like skin, bones poking out of your skin, antennas, diffrently shaped legs, there is a long list of modifications for this.

    I agree, i dislike the entire 'dislike, remove' attitude towards content. Boosters can be an amazing part of the world, its just that right now they arent really, they just feel like an excuse for people to roleplay out their catgirl ehm.. affection.
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2020