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Fifth Fleet S.A.B.R. Division

Discussion in 'Lore Discussion and Suggestions' started by SierraKomodo, Apr 15, 2021.

  1. SierraKomodo

    SierraKomodo Command Keyword Detected Developer Game Moderator

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  2. Kozak411

    Kozak411 Forbidden Duckmin Game Administrator

    NGL I'm a bit iffy on this. SABR is your personal pet borg thing and I can't really see it being used beyond you doing things with it. And with admin events being reasonably rare and usually not including borgs, having multiple new subtypes of a specific borg like this just feels a bit... wasteful? Unnecessary?
  3. Eckles

    Eckles Senior Administrator Game Administrator Skrell Species Maintainer

    It doesn't really follow fleet setup, tbh. Every ship's going to have some synthetics on it, there's unlikely to be a special synthetic thing. Just a bunch of robots assigned per-vessel for different purposes. If there was an experimental thing, it'd probably not be on the division level. Division, militarily, has a mildly specific meaning, but generally means many thousands odd in it at least. For them to be deployed outside of the norm/small scale batch performance trials there'd probably have to be something really really especially amazing about these things.

    I don't see why there'd be a special division (fleet doesn't even use divisions anywhere else) just for synthetics. It's impractical. Having a "handler" seems like a weird position, when really it'd probably just be some sweaty ensign on the bridge of a ship with a synthetic command and control station shunting directives from the captain for a particular mission/deployment.

    It's also probably not considered operationally safe or useful to deploy solely synthetics for anything, given their own special susceptibility for failure (ion interference, mechanical breakdown, etc) and what's far more likely is for one or two to be shunted along with a more traditional team as an operational enhancer.

    Also putting together a tiny ship with life support just to keep 1 dude alive while you hurl a bunch of robots into deep space is...Odd from a practicality and cost standpoint?

    I'd probably change it all up personally to be more fitting.
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  4. Deadmon_Wonderland

    Deadmon_Wonderland Game Administrator Unathi Species Maintainer Laser Tag 2019 Participant

    I think it looks fine. The only thing I don't see is a why. No big deal since it's a wip though.
  5. SierraKomodo

    SierraKomodo Command Keyword Detected Developer Game Moderator

    The main purpose of the wiki article is to be a 'Hey, here's the stuff most people would know about SABR' if they ever show up in a round. The two subtypes are honestly mostly just to make it easier to get them in and set up. With the exception of the radio channels, it is entirely possible to admin bus all the changes into a combat borg in-round.

    This is 100% early draft and open for feedback/review/re-writing/etc. If you want to poke me on discord we can get this rewritten to be more fitting. The main key points I want to cover are:
    - Who leads S.A.B.R. division (Or whatever it ends up being called that's more fitting - Division was honestly more of just a working title).
    - Basic idea of how a team is structured (Primarily for directing volunteers controlling S.A.B.R. units in events. Who's where in the chain of command, etc)
    - There's a couple of S.A.B.R. teams that are lost/MIA, for use/reference in away site events and such.
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  6. Original Name

    Original Name Banned User

    Any change that is not removing something, I will consider instantly based and addable. Merge 100%
  7. ProbablyAlice

    ProbablyAlice Bartender

    I'm looking forwards to the SABR coffee mug!

    ..Did they get bwoinked for that?