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Fire Rework

Discussion in 'Coding' started by flying_loulou, Dec 14, 2019.

  1. flying_loulou

    flying_loulou Senior Enlisted Advisor

    So, as someone might have noticed, I tried to rework the fire mechanics on bay.
    Yet I encountered 2 problems : For 1 I was away of my usual PC for a while, but that's solved now, for 2 I think this is beyond my skillset, and I'm posting this thread to see if someone's willing to do the code part of it.

    This might be discussed, but here was my plan for that :

    1 - The fire itself
    Make so the fire builds up smoke. Add object flamability, and make it so a burning object builds up pyrolysis gases, which could themselves catch fire.

    2 - Events
    I also had planned to add 'fire events', just like blob or meteor showers events (eventually shuffle the blob/meteor probability a bit so engineering doesn't get overwhelmed). With that I would have added a Thermal imaging Camera to engineering, to naviguate through the smoke the fire now creates, along with, eventually, some special equipments (why not bigger tanks, that could only fit on one's back, for example).

    Here's me hoping someone is interested in this. Indeed this plan is a draft, everything's up to discussion.
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  2. mdhttr

    mdhttr Bartender

    I like this idea. This part though:

    I believe would be super challanging.
  3. Roth

    Roth Petty Officer First Class

    Please no pyroclastic anomalies...