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Fleshing out Prometheans (slimes)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Space Cat, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Space Cat

    Space Cat Bartender

    A forewarning: This post was initially thought up and suggested as a joke but some people liked the idea

    What is this?
    It started as a discussion about Prometheans in the Baystation chat, I have always had a love for this species that have been largely tucked in the game. I feel like it could use some proper love and attention and a good learning experience for myself to get used to Byond.

    How will it work?
    For now, I will put up a Strawpoll to see what people think and depending on the response I will either can it or make it "official". I am open to input and criticism as long as the responses are properly thought through.

    edit: Going to start a 24-hour countdown when we reach a total of 40 votes so that this actually has an end.
    another edit: Don't you dare silently judge me from a distance while I cuddle my slime girl body pillow. No, but seriously don't be afraid to voice concerns, I am completely open to it and I actually love a thought through discussion.

    Who is going to do all the work?
    I will take care of that, I won't say no to help but I am no hurry with this. If this is going to be done it should be done slowly and carefully. As soon as the poll closes I will start putting up some concept art and basic lore (if it ends in a yes)

    Ideas under consideration

    Red = Debatable
    • Being touched/touching as a Proto-Promethean with no protection will cause skin irritation with a small chance of light burns. You will be forced to wear gloves in most scenarios.
    • Due to the liquid like bodies of the Proto-Prometheans, low temperatures will cause them to freeze and become immobile, Reheating them shortly after this will prevent damage to them.
    • Water will still do harm to them but with less lethality and will instead be seen as an easy way to disarm them. Being doused in the liquid will cause it to be slowly absorbed into the body where it can build up and cause damage. Spraying a limb will cause it to lose shape and drop anything it's holding along with an average amount of pain to the player. If enough water is applied the entirety of the body will lose shape and become an almost immobile puddle.
    • Proto-Promethean's will be more heat resilient and will move slightly faster when warm.
    • Proto-Prometheans will have high Siemens coefficients and will store any electricity internally and will be able to release this energy by touching objects or possibly through a very small electromagnetic pulse. Energy will also slowly build up over time from metabolizing salt. (debating other chemicals)
    • The slime core will be relocated to the head and one more organ type will be added. This organ will be the inner membrane, it will be located in the chest, groin and every limb except for the head, It will allow you to kill the Proto-Promethean (if targeting chest or groin) without aiming for the head but this organ is significantly tougher and with the ability to slowly self heal. Destroying any located in a limb will cause the limb to be destroyed for a significant time. Destroying the ones located in the torso or groin will leave only the core surrounded by a puddle. If injection of Phoron into the core is done within 1 minute of inner membrane destruction there will be a decent chance of resuscitation.
    Early concept lore
    Red = Debatable

    The Inner Conflict
    The Proto-Prometheans are the genetically engineered descendants of a now extinct race. they were produced in the same way a normal Promethean is but were allowed to naturally evolve afterwards. The Proto-Prometheans are incapable of dying from age but that has become more of a curse since they possess limited memory capacity like many other species. The oldest of the Proto-Prometheans have become demented with time as multiple memories start overlapping, get removed or corrupted. This process often starts after 200 years of living and ends with the entering of a permanent vegetative state.This is causing confusion among them as to what is the true story of their past.

    Technological advancements
    Many of the precursor technologies have been lost to the sands of time but this hasn't stopped. The small population from prospering. Due to the large heat resistance, they possess no work has been put into the weaponising of lasers as it's the only advantage would be in ship to ship combat which they have no interest in. Much of all research efforts have been put into the development of protective gear because of their inherent weakness to dihydrogen monoxide. This has lead to protective gear that far surpasses many other species but it possesses one fatal flaw, It often offers little to no protection against energy weapon shielding as this was overlooked because of the natural resistance to such weapons. The Proto-Prometheans have yet to discover FTL travel on their own and are currently bound to their own planet.


    The Proto-Promethean body is a gelatinous structure encased in an outer and inner membrane, the epidermal membrane is thin and extremely flexible, with sufficient force one can pierce this easily with a finger but this is more like to cause more harm to the finger then the Proto-Promethean as this layer will almost instantly reform as soon as the appendage is removed.
    It's a semipermeable membrane designed to break down anything biodegradable that comes in to contact with it and repurpose it as nutrients, the Proto-Prometheans have little to no control over this process and it's generally advised to not engage in bodily contact without sufficient protective gearing. The dermal membrane is whats responsible for locomotion, nutrient processing, waste handling, regenerative processes and restructuring. It's every organ in the normal human body combined into one body-wide system. All of this had lead to the assumption that they are closer to single-celled organisms but this notion is often seen as offensive. After extreme exertion you can sometimes see a Proto-Promethean "bubbling" This is caused by large amounts of waste products being expelled from the body because of increased metabolic activity, this often akin to the process of a lava lamp. The Proto-Promethean body is able to store and produce an electric current as a side product from excessive metabolism, this is caused by the existence of extreme amounts of electrolytes in the body. A sufficiently charged Proto-Promethean will emit a faint neon glow, colouration of this light will depend on the colour of the Proto-Promethean. Coming into unprotective contact with a Proto-Promethean may result in involuntary electric discharge, it's currently undocumented what the maximum discharge is but the average release can be comparable to multiple earthen electric eels.
    The core of a Proto-Promethean is difficult to compare to any other species, It's structured very differently. It's a network of neurons like a spiderweb suspended in a gelatinous cerebrospinal fluid. During deep thought, you are able to observe the process of neurons firing. This process is so rapid that it can be observed as very faint streaks of light.

    the nature of the Proto-Promethean lifecycle is just like their biology, deceptively simple and poorly documented. Reproduction is an uncommon phenomenon among the Proto-Promethean because of the life span and the unique way reproduction is achieved. Many attempts of outside documentation have ended with a "One step forward, two steps backwards" result.

    • A small core about the size of a candlepin ball is produced covered in a slightly less thick membrane with the total size of a bowling ball. The core is immobile and in what can be considered as a toddler state. In this state, they only possess nonvisual photoreception and require regular feeding and protection from a guardian.
    • After an unknown amount of time passes the toddler will start to develop visual photoreception and try to copy the form of its guardian along with its language, this is a slow learning process and it will take months before it masters it's own shifting abilities.
    • The transition period between adolescence and adulthood is poorly understood but it's believed that it's a short and fast growth spurt followed by a sudden increase in neural activity.
    • after reaching adulthood a Proto-Promethean never increases any large biological changes and will remain mostly the same for long into elderhood unless it participates in the reproduction cycle.
    Reproduction path
    As stated previously, reproduction is uncommon phenomena and occurs when two Proto-Prometheans truly feel that they are 100% compatible.

    • When two Proto-Prometheans decide that they are each other's soulmates they will begin by embracing each other and begin a slow process known as melding.
    • At first, the two bodies will begin to break down their outer membrane in a slow process known as melding allowing their gelatinous structures to fuse together. After roughly half an hour they will merge together in a single being.
    • The now new organism will be of one mind but two cores. It will no longer be the same person and all traces of the previous one will have died with it.
    • There have been studies were beings have possessed slight traces of memory but they are often indistinguishable like the feeling of Deja Vu.
    • After a few days, the secondary core will become inert and sink into the stomach where the next process of reproduction ocours.
    • Eventually the core will become active again and force it's way out of the host. This new core will begin the cycle again while the host continues on with it it's life.
    • The greatest taboo among the Proto-Prometheans is the practice of trinary melding. It's heavily undocumented and punishble by death. It's believed that stress exerted by melding multiple bodies results in a abominable creature.

    Elderhood path

    Hey look I got a thing/concept art

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  2. Space Cat

    Space Cat Bartender

    Oh just wanted to answer this before it gets asked: No it will not be like Polaris Prometheans. While there is nothing wrong with Polaris Prometheans, I just don't feel like they fit the Baystation universe as well as my idea. I have been thinking about re-spriting them to have a neutral form they can take which is closer to a slime with humanoid features. I will not remove the ability to change shapes because it's a key part of the species.
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  3. Space Cat

    Space Cat Bartender

    Progress on this little pet project will be erratic for a while. I am currently short on time daily.
  4. Roland410

    Roland410 Petty Officer First Class

    Please don't abandon this.
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  5. Space Cat

    Space Cat Bartender

    Quick update: The project is temporarily suspended/deprioritised for an undetermined time until I can find more space in my schedule. Work has already begun on coding the new species and all related things but I want to make sure that the lore first reaches a point where I feel comfortable with it. I also feel it's best to hold off until all other new major species PR's are done and have settled before I even consider making my own PR.
  6. Roland410

    Roland410 Petty Officer First Class

    Don't think we have any major species PRs in plan or any that was recently merged, but take your time anyways.
  7. RuneCap

    RuneCap Chef

    Will these slimanoids look human in any way besides general bodyshape? As in, will they have human-like faces?
  8. Roland410

    Roland410 Petty Officer First Class

    Unless Space Cat modifies how they act, they basically clone the look of species with a greyscale iirc.
  9. Space Cat

    Space Cat Bartender

    They will clone the look of species with a greyscale but they will have a neutral appearance when they aren't cloning anything. They are incapable of mimicking the exact looks of another being. development is still ongoing but slowly. Work, school and sanity is priority number one.
  10. WezYo

    WezYo Bartender

    @Space Cat I would be absolutely happy to help out with this! I don't know how far you are or anything but if you want some assistance, my name is WezYo in Discord or you can pm me here. I wanna see this happen!
  11. Przexmen

    Przexmen Bartender

    Will you make an ability for the promethean to copy the appearance of the person nor alien it touches (like ling, but not exactly)? Also how about it's ability to change it's "Skin" colour? Also what will happen, after promethean gets dirty (blood or oil), he can't really wash himself, so how will he be able to clean himself?
  12. Metzger4

    Metzger4 Bartender

    Life comes first of course but this sounds amazing!
  13. AnimeGirlTummy

    AnimeGirlTummy Permanently Banned User

    I will apply to the whitelist literally the exact instant this race is coded.
    Heck yeah slime people.
  14. Roland410

    Roland410 Petty Officer First Class

    Prometheans actually exist on the server but kinda buggy and stuff, you can transform yourself into one in xenobio with a green slime extract injected with phoron, but it hurts a LOT and you can easily kill yourself, but your body kind of totally mutates into another race so it makes sense.
  15. Przexmen

    Przexmen Bartender

    Sprite is bugged, everything is bugged and you don't really have any laws, so if your superior isn't nice, then you'll stay in the pen for the end of the round. And you need to get someone to change into promethean, since injecting yourself with this will break sanity rule unless you are an antag and you have a plan related with that. Add it as playable race and I'll be happy.
  16. Roland410

    Roland410 Petty Officer First Class

    Didn't say it was perfect at all, that's why this thread is here :p
  17. Przexmen

    Przexmen Bartender

    I think, that the biggest problem will occur with creating the lore. If proto-prometheans are just evolved prometheans, then it had to start form something being injected with mutation toxin.
  18. Przexmen

    Przexmen Bartender

    Is this idea even alive?
  19. Roland410

    Roland410 Petty Officer First Class

    Probably not as @Space Cat hasn't logged in in a month.
  20. Przexmen

    Przexmen Bartender

    Well that's sad, since it was a good idea for a specie.
    Still better than Tajara kek