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Forum Rules and Warning guidelines

Discussion in 'Rules, Policy, and Guidelines' started by Raptor1628, Feb 6, 2016.

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  1. Raptor1628

    Raptor1628 Lore Maintainer Donator

    Welcome to the Baystation 12 community. We want the Forum to be a safe place for socializing and discussing, whether about Space Station 13, movies, politics, and everything in between. We ask you to adhere to the following rules, to maintain a pleasant atmosphere:

    1. Have Respect For Others: Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but no one is entitled to attack others for sharing, or not sharing, that opinion. If you can't communicate without using combative, aggressive, or demeaning language, then please keep those comments to yourself, or be shown the door. Deliberately inflammatory threads; posts written with the sole intention of irritating people; attacks toward or inappropriate commentary regarding other posters; or attempts to derail a thread will be removed, as will your forum privileges.

    2. Do not post or link to inappropriate content: Racism, bigotry, pornography, and potentially illegal content are not welcome here.

    3. Think Before You Post: This is a public forum and anyone (parents, bosses, parole officers) can read what you're posting. Don't put us in the position of having to protect you from your own stupidity and poor judgment when it comes to sharing compromising pictures of yourself or posting about your illicit activities over the weekend.

    4. Stay On Topic: Make sure that whatever you post is on topic and is located in an appropriate section. Sometimes it's better to make a new topic, than to continue on the old one. Posts that derail topics or are located in the wrong section will be split and moved to the correct location.

    Additionally, the suggestions subform has its own extra rules:

    - Tag your threads appropriately to their content.
    - Post with content. 'No.', 'Fund he.' etc. posts without other content will be deleted.
    - Keep on topic.
    - Keep poll options concise and unweighted. 'yes' instead of 'fuck yeah', 'no' instead of 'I hate fun'.
    - Think before you request a nerf. If you're inspired by getting dunked in a round by something, please consider the suggestion carefully or allow time to cool off.

    Other rules will be added as needed, so act responsibly and be respectful of each other. We reserve the right to lock, delete, and edit any posts or threads if we deem it necessary, as well as to temporarily, or permanently, shut down your forum privileges. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message any community moderator. The list of all moderators can be found in the staff roster thread.
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  2. Snapshot

    Snapshot Developer

    Violations of forum rules operate on a 3 strike basis:
    1. The first violation will result in a warning via PM.
    2. The second violation will result in a warning via PM and a 3 day forum ban.
    3. The third violation will result in a permanent ban from the forums.
    Every time a warning is issued, the person being warned will be sent a reminder of the rule broken as well as what the various punishments are for violations.

    Forum warnings are tracked for 6 months from the date they were individually applied.
  3. Crushtoe

    Crushtoe Retired Staff

    Addendum — Banning Permabanned Users: If an individual who is permabanned from the server does any action that requires any level of moderation, including but not limited to post editing or deletion, warning, or muting, the handling Community Moderator may at their own discretion issue a conditional ban from the community that will lift automatically on a successful server appeal. This bypasses the standard process for community bans and usage will be scrutinized to cases requiring legitimate moderation, not petty grudges.
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