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Funny, Embarassing, and WOWIE ZOWIE Moments: XI

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ZeroBits, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Boznar

    Boznar Bartender

  2. cammissar

    cammissar Petty Officer First Class

    Ward Pritchard couldn't leave all those dead behind on Captain Ahab, not when their families would want them put to rest back home. He treated their remains with the respect and dignity they deserved. I may have cried and gotten a cramp laughing

  3. flying_loulou

    flying_loulou Sol Gov Pilot

    IPC Gang guarding the infirmary

    BS12 wowy moments 5.JPG

    And Denarii being Denarii...

    BS12 wowy moments 6.JPG
  4. Textor

    Textor Game Administrator

    We had an interesting round of raider today:
  5. OndraLukas

    OndraLukas Chef

  6. baton4ik220

    baton4ik220 Bartender

    You know you're going to be okay when they're talking about Jesus

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  7. Sergeant Adam

    Sergeant Adam HI GOT A MINUTE? Game Administrator

  8. flying_loulou

    flying_loulou Sol Gov Pilot

    CO Cryos and hands the Football to his Cos
    "Have fun" he said...

    BS12 wowy moments 7.JPG
  9. Sbotkin

    Sbotkin Senior Enlisted Advisor

    Aren't, like, all of the cameras in space, dude?
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  10. Tristan63

    Tristan63 Sol Gov Pilot


    Benjamin Werry and his suicidal tendencies.
    Self served by a heaping pile of ABUS
  11. OndraLukas

    OndraLukas Chef

    When CSO angers the CO.
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  12. DeadSpring

    DeadSpring Chef

    That is what we absolutely need.
  13. Eingamer

    Eingamer Chef

    This event (yes, I did a code dive looking for something only tangentially related) confused me a fair few times before I realized it was an event.
  14. maniacalFowl

    maniacalFowl Retired Staff

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  15. Textor

    Textor Game Administrator

  16. Sergeant Adam

    Sergeant Adam HI GOT A MINUTE? Game Administrator

  17. DeadSpring

    DeadSpring Chef

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  18. SierraKomodo

    SierraKomodo Command Keyword Detected

  19. Ruixon

    Ruixon Bartender

  20. baton4ik220

    baton4ik220 Bartender

    Local roboticists capture and tame a wild wizard beast.

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