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Funny, Embarassing, and WOWIE ZOWIE Moments: XI

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ZeroBits, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Higgin

    Higgin Chef

    oh no.jpg
    doublenice.jpg nice
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  2. Imienny

    Imienny Laser Tag 2019 Participant

    > cryo cools medical washroom > gets almost demoted
    > makes weapon of mass destruction > everyone is ok with it
  3. Mordeth221

    Mordeth221 High Inquisitor Senior Administrator Game Administrator

    Looking at someone so audibly medical yells at you.
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  4. Roth

    Roth Petty Officer First Class

    Zixval Auxal asks, "...Is it talking to you now?"
    Occult, Wishgranter intones, "You are in the presence of the wishgranter."
    Roth Decorthon says, "No- no--"
    Occult, Wishgranter intones, "You have but one wish by right of soul."
    Roth Decorthon pauses, staring at the center pylon.
    Occult, Wishgranter intones, "Speak, mortal."
    Roth Decorthon asks, "...I... do you hear me?"
    Occult, Wishgranter intones, "Is that your wish, to be heard?"
    Roth Decorthon says, "No-- no..."
    Roth Decorthon asks, "...My wish...?"
    Roth Decorthon says, "My..."
    Occult, Wishgranter intones, "Do not waste my time with folly. Speak."
    Roth Decorthon stares at the center pylon, opting to really take his time with it.
    Roth Decorthon says, "...I wish, I... I wish..."
    LOOC: Spaceexplorer: to be a furry
    Roth Decorthon With a sneer, a mischievous grin, he looks ravenous, speaking with confidence.
    Roth Decorthon says, "I wish everyone here treat me as the most important person."
    Folding his arms, Roth Decorthon retains his grin, power clearly rushing to his head.
    Occult, Wishgranter intones, "Your wish has been granted."

    good wish, right?



    [Common] Jana Leroux says, "Holy fucking shit what."
    Zixval Auxal says, "What."
    [Common] Xavier Parnell says, "Hot DAMN."
    [Common] Rasine Treyvich says, "Whoa."
    [Common] Roth Decorthon says, "...Oh-"
    Roth Decorthon says, "...Oh-"
    [Common] Xavier Parnell asks, "BOUNTY HUNTING MODE?"
    [​IMG] SierraKomodo: WEW
    [Common] Lonnie Reyes asks, "... Roth...?"
    [Common] Gunnar Hrothgar says, "Wha-"
    [Common] Roth Decorthon says, "No-- no, no, no--"
    [Common] Wulf Volkhardt says, "OH MY OH MY."
    [Common] Yasmin Woodward says, "Huh, war criminal."
    [Common] Yasmin Woodward says, "Nice."
    Unknown (as Roth Decorthon) falls against the wall, clutching his head. "No, no-- no--"
    [Common] Joseph Kade asks, "Is that dead or alive bounty?"
    Roth Decorthon says, "You--"
    Zixval Auxal says, "Turn off your sensors."
    [Common] Dana Crooker says, "Nice killcount my man."
    [Common] Yasmin Woodward says, "Dead, I'm guessing."
    Roth Decorthon yells, "They are off!"
    Unknown (as Zixval Auxal) clicks their helmet release.
    [Common] Dana Crooker says, "Good luck roth."
    Unknown (as Roth Decorthon) pulls himself out of his suit, starting to panic. Something bad, very bad, pulls over his face.
    [Common] Ariel Miladiano says, "Decorthon, locstat."
    [Common] Mikasa Fujimura asks, "Can we get weapons?"
    Zixval Auxal asks, "W-What happened?"
    [Common] Reimi Tacet says, "Verify that with a fax to command. I highly doubt we'd still be alive right now assuming he is a mass murderer on that scale."
    Roth Decorthon says, "...I-"
    Roth Decorthon says, "I wished..."
    Zixval Auxal says, "They know you're here."
    [Common] Catherine Lau says, "Decorthon, get to the bri-"
    Zixval Auxal says, "We need to go."
    [Common] Riiakshrikaw yells, "Is selling weapons, just get aboard ship!"
    [Common] Yasmin Woodward asks, "Has anyone even heard of those two species?"
    Roth Decorthon shouts, "Okay!"
    [Common] Decker Alsimia says, "We're working confirming with Command."
    [Common] Henrike Vollen says, "No. Any hostile action will be interpreted as manslaughter until confirmation comes through."
    Zixval Auxal says, "Ack..."
    Zixval Auxal says, "Where we can you hide...."
    [Common] Riiakshrikaw says, "Will not discriminate who sell to, mass murder man or no."
    [Common] Dana Crooker says, "I'm pretty sure the tajaran are an anime thing."
    [Common] John Johnson asks, "Any hostile action?"
    Zixval Auxal says, "Okay...."
    [Common] Hank Crenshaw says, "Mornin' folks."
    [Common] Ariel Miladiano says, "Neg'."
    [Common] Henrike Vollen says, "Do NOT attack Roth."
    Roth Decorthon shouts, "Holy fuck!"
    Roth Decorthon exclaims, "I-- I FUCKED IT!"
    [Common] Rasine Treyvich says, "Hello, Hank."
    Zixval Auxal asks, "Can you cover your face?"
    Roth Decorthon says, "I asked, I--"
    [​IMG] CallMeCarson: Dave Fuck BRB, dieing of laughter
    [Common] Dana Crooker says, "I saw them on that show rubber ducky girls."
    Roth Decorthon buries his face into his palms, muttering to himself. "Fuck, FUCK!"
    [Common] Wulf Volkhardt shouts, "About that show!"
    [Common] John Johnson says, "Between you and me, that's a lot of Thalers. Probaby too many Thalers. But oh well."
    [Common] Jeanna Mildred says, "Amuse, Library, misery, camp, Casey Donkin."
    [Common] Wulf Volkhardt shouts, "We also sell kitty years!"
    Roth Decorthon says, "I asked... to be the... th' most important man, h-here, and--"
    [Common] Hank Crenshaw asks, "What's all this about Roth? Did he shit in a urinal again?"
    Roth Decorthon says, "...I didn'..."
    [Common] Wulf Volkhardt says, "No rubber ducky ears thou..."
    Roth Decorthon says, "...Holy shit."
    [Common] Jana Leroux says, "That's a fucking unreasonable amount of Thalers."
    New mail received from [email protected]:
    Subject: So
    Well, amuse me. What'd you do?
    [Common] Ariel Miladiano says, "Fuckin' impossible 'mount ah' thalers."
    Senior Enlisted Advisor's Desk announcement

    Attention all hands, please await for confirmation from sol central government before attempting literally anything against Roth.
    -Senior Enlisted Advisor Alexander Wright
    Zixval Auxal says, "Here."
    [Common] Rasine Treyvich says, "Command announced very high reward for execution of Roth."
    [Common] Rasine Treyvich says, "Sounds fake."
    [Common] Ariel Miladiano says, "'course it's fuckin' fake."
    [Common] Catherine Lau says, "Consider it- unverified."
    [Common] Xavier Parnell says, "Yeah, that much isn't very.. normal."
    [Common] Dana Crooker says, "Im telling you rubber ducky girls super crusaders its an amazing anime."
    [Common] John Johnson says, "Unless Roth did it."
    Zixval Auxal hugs Roth Decorthon to make him feel better!
    [Common] John Johnson asks, "Did you do it?"
    New mail received from [email protected]:
    Subject: Come to the brig for protective custody. You will NOT be harmed here.
    read title
    Roth Decorthon says, "GODDAMN IT-"
    [Common] Mikasa Fujimura says, "Well they did mentioned usage of nuclear weapon on settlement."
    [Common] Dana Crooker says, "Totally real show."
    Roth Decorthon yells, "GOD!"
    [Common] Hank Crenshaw says, "Damn, Roth. You stirred up the hive, I've never seen comms lit up like this before."
    Roth Decorthon says, "I can'-- I can' concentrate..."
    [Common] Wulf Volkhardt yells, "Miss talking about that cartoon, we are selling kitty years on our shuttle!"
    [Common] Roth Decorthon says, "You... you don' un'erstand..."
    Zixval Auxal says, "Alright.... down here."
    [Common] Yasmin Woodward says, "They said something about using nukes on the Earth."
    [Common] Gaius McMaster says, "Need medical to D3, outside the old brig."
    [Common] Hank Crenshaw says, "Ahem, hear. Nobody sees radio messages, of course."
    [Common] Yasmin Woodward says, "Coming."
    [Common] Ioan Moss says, "Roth fucking Decorthon nuking a colony? Yeah, and I'm the quee--"

    Ariel Miladiano says, "Packin' more heat 'en a fuckin' small colony."
    Ariel Miladiano says, "Decorthon -- 'ere."
    Ioan Moss says, "...That was the pilot's piece."
    Ioan Moss says, "It's evidence, I'd say."
    Roth Decorthon asks, "Can I... get my PDA?"
    Unknown (as Ariel Miladiano) handed the compact smartgun (PO3 A. Miladiano) to Roth Decorthon.
    Roth Decorthon says, "Uh--"
    Ariel Miladiano says, "Sure, but hold on't' is fer now."
    Ssiezdit Intellitek Rayhn says, "What-"
    Ioan Moss stares flatly at Miladiano.
    Ssiezdit Intellitek Rayhn says, "Are you doing."
    Roth Decorthon stares at the weapon in his hand, eyes widening.
    Roth Decorthon says, "...I get it."
    Ariel Miladiano says, "Some fucker's gon' come in, an' gat 'em."
    Ssiezdit Intellitek Rayhn says, "Fine, fine."
    Ssiezdit Intellitek Rayhn says, "Jusst put it away."
    Ssiezdit Intellitek Rayhn says, "The LT-sss nutsss too."
    In a flash, Roth Decorthon sets the weapon to red, backing off as he pushes the thing under his chin, breathing increasing.
    Ariel Miladiano says, "... don't be thinkin' 'bout blastin' yer brains out, either. Jus' use it as a hot-piece."
    Ioan Moss says, "...You're shitting me."
    Ssiezdit Intellitek Rayhn shouts, "FUCK!"
    Ariel Miladiano shouts, "No-. NO!"
    Roth Decorthon says, "Jus'--"
    Ariel Miladiano exclaims, "DECORTHON!"
    Roth Decorthon exclaims, "Jus' stay back!"
    Ssiezdit Intellitek Rayhn exclaims, "DROP IT NOW!"
    Roth Decorthon says, "Don'... don'- please, just..."
    Ariel Miladiano yells, "Don't ya' fuckin' dare, pal!"
    Roth Decorthon says, "...Jus' look away, man--"
    Ssiezdit Intellitek Rayhn yells, "HANDSs IN THE AIR!"
    Ariel Miladiano exclaims, "C'mon, man, knock it off!"
    Ioan Moss says, "...Fucking -smooth-, Miladiano."
    Ariel Miladiano says, "Ain't fuckin' funny-."
    His hand shakes, the gun rattling, the barrel pressed to his chin. Evidently, Roth Decorthon doesn't want to do it.
    Ariel Miladiano shouts, "Moss, is *NOW* th' time?!"
    Roth Decorthon says, "Please..."
    Ssiezdit Intellitek Rayhn says, "Drop. The gun. Roth."
    Ssiezdit Intellitek Rayhn says, "Pleasse."
    Unknown (as Ariel Miladiano) shoves the gun into Moss's hands.
    Roth Decorthon says, "...I- I can't."
    Ariel Miladiano says, "C'mon Roth-. Don't-."
    Ssiezdit Intellitek Rayhn says, "Pleassse."
    Ariel Miladiano says, "Don't do nothin' stupid man-."
    Roth Decorthon asks, "Tell... tell my sister, I... I should'a listened'a them, aight?"
    Ariel Miladiano says, "No-. NO-."
    Unknown (as Ssiezdit Intellitek Rayhn) lifts the smartgun slowly towards knee level.
    Unknown (as Ssiezdit Intellitek Rayhn) aims the smartgun at Roth Decorthon!
    Ariel Miladiano says, "C'mon-."
    Ssiezdit Intellitek Rayhn yells, "Drop it!"
    His hand shakes harder. His legs buckle. A tear streams down his face, and he just looks plain confused. Roth Decorthon does not want to do it. Can't bear it.
    Ssiezdit Intellitek Rayhn whispers, "*l***s****"
    Ssiezdit Intellitek Rayhn whispers, "*** ** *u**"
    Roth Decorthon shouts, "...Fuck-- fuck it!"
    Roth Decorthon exclaims, "Aight!"
    Ssiezdit Intellitek Rayhn says, "Come on."
    Ssiezdit Intellitek Rayhn says, "It'ssss going to be fine."
    Roth Decorthon brings the gun down, tossing it to the floor - not before snapping the safety on.
    Roth Decorthon says, "...Jesus."
    Ssiezdit Intellitek Rayhn says, "There'ssss a good lad."

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    BS12 wowy moments 49.JPG

    Carefull folks, if the commander finds you 'self-touching'...
  8. Phosphorus

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    ERP detected
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  9. Roth

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    So close yet so far.

  11. WickedCybs

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    Diona gets abused by a mercenary team, but they don't mind.

  12. Cheb Pomidorov

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    Never will I understand the reasoning behind attempting to murder stupid tree.
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  14. The Shape of Water, BS12 edition.
  15. SierraKomodo

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    woooo. but its been a long time man...
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    ascent torch ascent torch
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    Looks like an indoors refuse and corpse stockpile in Dwarf Fortress.
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    Yes, you can deep fry maintenance drones.