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Funny, Embarassing, and WOWIE ZOWIE Moments: XI

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ZeroBits, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. BunkyBunky

    BunkyBunky Bartender


    DM me pics of your character in the sauna and I'll piece them together, let's all chill bay-bros
  2. Roth

    Roth Chef

    hahahahahah loner
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  3. Boznar

    Boznar lazy sheep boss Game Administrator

  4. flying_loulou

    flying_loulou Senior Enlisted Advisor

    BS12 wowy moments 58.png

    I guess we'll never know...
  5. Menkhu

    Menkhu Chef

    Will Spark says, "Ight imma head out."
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  6. Menkhu

    Menkhu Chef

    This is how you chem as a GAS. They must all stay at 6, forever.
  7. Colfer

    Colfer Chef

  8. baRdin

    baRdin Assistant

    "Trust me I know what I'm doing"

  9. Sergeant Adam

    Sergeant Adam Game Administrator Game Administrator

    sorry for the craptastic format and lack of creative editing (not really)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. Rodmuth

    Rodmuth Game Moderator

    That looks hilarious, how did it end?
  11. Sergeant Adam

    Sergeant Adam Game Administrator Game Administrator

    not well
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  12. BunkyBunky

    BunkyBunky Bartender

  13. Piccione

    Piccione Chef

    Local Corpsman Performs an Exorcism!
  14. lavillastrangiato

    lavillastrangiato Bartender

    Local Man Refuses To Be ROIC, Has To Be Because Any Other Option Is Death
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  15. Original Name

    Original Name Bartender

  16. GrazalThruka

    GrazalThruka Bartender

    A fairly haunting recording we picked up one round:

    [00:00] Recording started.
    [00:04] Daniel Berkland says, "Mr. Burris, say cheese."
    [00:07] Vidar Vlaustein asks, "Smart idea, does anyone have a recorder?"
    [00:07] Melvyn Burris asks, "I've got to be in the cage?"
    [00:14] Vidar Vlaustein says, "You do, I'm sorry Sir."
    [00:22] Melvyn Burris says, "Wouldn't be the first time..."
    [00:24] Karera Lockhart-Mitsubishi says, "So this is... slime trials one, recorded by Karera Lockhart-Mitsubishi, on..."
    [00:31] Karera Lockhart-Mitsubishi exclaims, "Melvyn Burris!"
    [00:46] Melvyn Burris asks, "What's this counter for?"
    [00:49] Vidar Vlaustein says, "Now please sir, lay down if you want, or we can do it standing."
    [00:51] Daniel Berkland says, "Just because."
    [00:58] Karera Lockhart-Mitsubishi exclaims, "That's a geiger counter, for radiation!"
    [00:59] Vidar Vlaustein says, "That checks radiation, nothing to worry about Sir."
    [01:08] Melvyn Burris says, "Alright, let's just do the thing."
    [01:14] Vidar Vlaustein says, "Of course sir."
    [01:18] Daniel Berkland says, "Test is operating at standard atmopshere and temperature."
    [01:26] Vidar Vlaustein says, "Injecting."
    [01:37] Daniel Berkland says, "Serum is in."
    [01:42] Melvyn Burris asks, "Alright, can I get my money now?"
    [01:47] Vidar Vlaustein says, "Mr Burris, how do you feel/."
    [01:50] Melvyn Burris says, "Ow."
    [01:53] Vidar Vlaustein says, "Well I assume well now actually."
    [02:01] Melvyn Burris says, "I have some pain in my lower body."
    [02:11] Vidar Vlaustein asks, "Can you describe this pain Mr. Burris?"
    [02:20] Melvyn Burris says, "It's dull, like a gentle throbbing."
    [02:29] Melvyn Burris yells, "Woah!"
    [02:31] Vidar Vlaustein says, "Adminstering second dosage."
    [02:31] (Unrecognized sound)
    [02:33] Melvyn Burris exclaims, "What's happening to my elkg!"
    [02:35] Melvyn Burris shouts, "My leg!"
    [02:41] Karera Lockhart-Mitsubishi says, "Oh no..."
    [02:44] Melvyn Burris says, "Oh god."
    [02:47] Vidar Vlaustein says, "Don't worry sir."
    [02:51] Vidar Vlaustein says, "This is natural."
    [02:51] Melvyn Burris shouts, "My leg!"
    [02:51] Karera Lockhart-Mitsubishi exclaims, "M-medical to the Petrov!"
    [02:57] (Unrecognized sound)
    [03:01] Melvyn Burris exclaims, "Look at my legs!"
    [03:10] Karera Lockhart-Mitsubishi says, "W-whoa--"
    [03:14] Melvyn Burris says, "Oh my god."
    [03:18] Vidar Vlaustein says, "It is fine Sir."
    [03:21] Melvyn Burris yells, "Oh what's happening to my arm!"
    [03:27] Melvyn Burris exclaims, "Oh good lord!"
    [03:28] Karera Lockhart-Mitsubishi shouts, "Medical should probably come!"
    [03:34] Melvyn Burris says, "This is not normal, my arm -"
    [03:35] Daniel Berkland says, "Mr. Burris is melting, I think."
    [03:47] Karera Lockhart-Mitsubishi exclaims, "S-subject's arms and legs are... turning into a slime-like substances!"
    [04:03] Melvyn Burris shouts, "I thought you told me this was safe!"
    [04:04] Melvyn Burris shouts, "Oh god!"
    [04:06] Vidar Vlaustein says, "Another arm down."
    [04:11] Karera Lockhart-Mitsubishi asks, "Y-you told him this was safe?"
    [04:11] Melvyn Burris says, "Oh god my arms."
    [04:18] Vidar Vlaustein says, "This is safe, as safe as I can make it."
    [04:28] Melvyn Burris exclaims, "Jesus christ, my arms are jelly!"
    [04:30] Melvyn Burris shouts, "Fucking jelly!"
    [04:36] Vidar Vlaustein says, "Don't worry Mr. Burris."
    [04:41] Melvyn Burris exclaims, "I can't even my my fucking hands!"
    [04:41] Karera Lockhart-Mitsubishi asks, "C-can you use your arms, Mr. Burris?"
    [04:44] Vidar Vlaustein says, "Once your body fully changes you will solidfy."
    [04:51] (Unrecognized sound)
    [04:53] Mouse says, "Let me through, please."
    [04:53] Melvyn Burris stutters, "I'm going to p-puke o-oh god."
    [05:05] Melvyn Burris stutters, "My l-legs, oh good lord."
    [05:12] Vidar Vlaustein shouts, "Now stop!"
    [05:13] Daniel Berkland says, "....christ, Vidar."
    [05:19] Vidar Vlaustein says, "We can't stop the change, that could be a bigger issue."
    [05:21] Melvyn Burris stutters, "Th-The pain!"
    [05:29] Melvyn Burris stutters, "This hurts s-s-so g-god damn much!"
    [05:36] Karera Lockhart-Mitsubishi says, "Yes, ma'am."
    [05:40] Melvyn Burris yells, "A solid god damn fucking 10!"
    [05:47] Mouse says, "This man is dying. Even if the process is voluntary, I must insist that he be taken to Medical at once."
    [05:53] Karera Lockhart-Mitsubishi says, "Mouse, we have orders from the captain to have him stay in the Petrov cells."
    [06:02] Vidar Vlaustein says, "If we stop the transformation, it could end him more painfully."
    [06:02] Mouse says, "I'd like to see those."
    [06:09] Karera Lockhart-Mitsubishi says, "Over comms..."
    [06:13] (Unrecognized sound)
    [06:27] (Unrecognized sound)
    [06:31] Melvyn Burris says, "Oh god."
    [06:35] (Unrecognized sound)
    [06:41] Karera Lockhart-Mitsubishi says, "T-this is..."
    [06:47] Melvyn Burris shouts, "This hurts!"
    [06:55] (Unrecognized sound)
    [07:03] Vidar Vlaustein says, "Fine, this should work to save him more effectivly."
    [07:04] (Unrecognized sound)
    [07:17] Vidar Vlaustein says, "Now take him... I can't let him die."
    [07:19] (Unrecognized sound)
    [07:33] (Unrecognized sound)
    [07:38] Vidar Vlaustein says, "This was supposed to be much safer."
    [07:41] Daniel Berkland says, "Karera, stop recording."
    [07:42] Karera Lockhart-Mitsubishi says, "Um... test concluded."
    [07:44] Recording stopped.
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  17. UnsavorySquid

    UnsavorySquid Petty Officer First Class

    Notes of steel-Song couldn't handle the pressure of the away mission. popgoesthehead.jpg
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  18. Sergeant Adam

    Sergeant Adam Game Administrator Game Administrator

  19. Original Name

    Original Name Bartender

  20. lavillastrangiato

    lavillastrangiato Bartender

    the adventures of ai matsuoki, corporate liason, and john kowalski, executive assistant
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