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Accepted Game Ban Appeal - 0nemore - LucaBrasi

Discussion in 'Archived Appeals' started by 0nemore, Oct 11, 2019.

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  1. 0nemore

    0nemore Bartender

    BYOND Key: 0nemore
    Date and Time of Ban: Unknown, I found out 5 min before post.
    Character name at the time of banning: No character yet.
    Name of admin who banned you: LucaBrasi
    Jobs you were banned from (if applicable):N/A
    Reason you were banned:Duration of ban: Permanent
    IRC hostmask (only if you're banned from IRC): N/A
    Discord username (only if you're banned from Discord or dev channels):N/A
    GitHub username (only if you're banned from the repository): N/A
    Reason you should be unbanned: I haven't even played yet, so I do not understand why I am banned. I created a ticket on discord and Crockers told me to make an appeal here. I don't know what else to say as I don't even understand why this happened.
  2. tomdroid

    tomdroid Game Radmin Game Administrator

    Righty, I'll be handling this ticket. So, basically, our attack robot LucaBrasi removes anyone it thinks is suspicious, because they're ban evading or something like that. Sometimes, it hits someone that isn't doing any of that. Do you happen to be using a VPN to connect to the server?
  3. 0nemore

    0nemore Bartender

    I have never used a VPN for gaming. And I do not have anyone near me that I know of that also plays SS13.

    Edit: Crockers already asked me these questions.
  4. 0nemore

    0nemore Bartender

    24hr Bump
  5. Spookerton

    Spookerton Head Administrator Director of Administration Head Administrator Game Administrator IPC Species Maintainer Donator

    Hiya. Since this was likely the result of being a new key on a funky network, I'll lift it. If it happens again, please ping me on discord in #staffcoach referencing this post so I can take a more direct look.
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