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Accepted Game Ban Appeal - Eatafrickinpotato - tomdroid

Discussion in 'Archived Appeals' started by Big Jimmy, Mar 24, 2020.

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  1. Big Jimmy

    Big Jimmy Assistant

    BYOND Key: Eatafrickinpotato
    Date and Time of Ban: 2019-10-19 03:39:58
    Character name at time of banning: I forget, but probably something along the lines of “Ross Bob” or “Boss Rob.”
    Name of admin who banned you: tomdroid
    Jobs you were banned from (if applicable): Server Ban
    Reason you were banned: Poor command play, DC#39’d while talking to an admin.
    Duration of ban: Perm ban
    Reason you should be unbanned: First, I’d like to talk about the last part as it is far less important than the rest of the ban reason. A DC#39, if I remember correctly, is disconnecting while in an admin ticket. It was late at night and had been about 20 minutes since the last admin message when I got banned, so I just assumed they ended the ticket at some point. It was my bad of course, but really not the worst thing I did while I was playing on the server.

    During the few months I played SS13 I went on Baystation 12 irregularly. I was what many call a total shitter. I was someone new to the game, and so with this overload of information I decided, in my infinite wisdom, to play on a high RP server, as Captain, without reading the rules. This was clearly not a smart idea, but as someone with at least a week of game experience and enough expertise to light a cigarette without killing himself I believed I was ready. And I was definitely not.

    I sucked at RP. If I wasn’t captain I was a bridge officer trying to get himself as much power as possible. I had stupid solutions for bad situations, and the solutions generally involving stealing firearms. I probably ruined a few rounds for some expert players that had been around for longer than I had, and if not at least better at RPing than me. I apologize for all the shitty stuff I did while I was learning the game. I apologize for not reading the rules thoroughly before I got banned. I just hope I can be forgiven by the community and staff team for all the stuff that I did. I have reread the new rules and promise to try hard to not mess up again.
  2. tomdroid

    tomdroid Game Radmin Game Administrator

    Welcome back. Can you tell me which rules you broke?
  3. Big Jimmy

    Big Jimmy Assistant

    Sure. Not sure about the rules I broke back then, but the rules from the current rule set I broke are:
    Rule 20 (my characters acted stupid and had stupid names, some times if I got bored I would try to electrocute myself or something. The names were always a reference to something.)
    Sometimes rule 24, when I was trying to get someone arrested at the brig (the prior mentioned trying to get as much power as a bridge office)
    Sometimes I broke rule 11
    I’m having problems finding the equivalent to a DC39, but the main “poor command play” part would mostly be breaking rule 20 and 24. I also broke rule 9, even after being temp banned once I came back and did the same thing. I probably broke a lot of smaller rules, but those are all the main ones I remember breaking. I know the rules were a little stricter before the rule changes but I can’t find the old rules.
  4. tomdroid

    tomdroid Game Radmin Game Administrator

    Pretty comprehensive. Unbanned. Also, for some godforsaken reason byond sometimes reads apostrophes as #39. So, that's a fun fact for you.
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