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Denied Game Ban Appeal - Eli m - sergeantadam

Discussion in 'Archived Appeals' started by Eli miw, Aug 15, 2019.

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  1. Eli miw

    Eli miw Assistant

    BYOND Key: eli m
    Date and Time of Ban: 2019-02-21 .
    Character name at time of banning:I don't remember.
    Name of admin who banned you: sergeantAdams
    Jobs you were banned from (if applicable): N/A
    Reason you were banned:
    Chugging booze and potassium to the point that he had to be brought to medical, then did it again for a grand total of four times. This isn't the first instance of LRP/Graytidey behavior, and he just recently came off a ban for similar conduct.
    Duration of ban: Permanent.
    IRC hostmask (only if you're banned from IRC): N/A
    Discord username (only if you're banned from Discord or dev channels): N/A
    GitHub username (only if you're banned from the repository): N/A
    Reason you should be unbanned: I have changed a lot since then and I truly regret what I did. I have improved my roleplay ability and promise to the best of my ability to never repeat this. I suffer from Dyslexia so this has been Re-written by a friend to remove them.
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  2. Sergeant Adam

    Sergeant Adam Game Administrator Game Administrator

    I've edited in your actual ban reason.

    So, most of your time on baystation has been spent as lowrp, low effort characters that are meant just as a way for you to screw around. You've been banned for graytide once before, and linked to the rules numerous times.

    With that in mind, on top of the fact that this appeal is incredibly short and lacks any real substance, why should I believe that you've changed and are actually willing to follow our rules now. After having read your last ban appeal for similar behavior, this one just seems like a lot of "I super double mean it this time".
  3. Eli miw

    Eli miw Assistant

    i have changen i goten beter at rp i hay im a mid now and i just wanna mine
  4. Sergeant Adam

    Sergeant Adam Game Administrator Game Administrator

    Okay so I was very much about to just outright deny this, but I'm going to give you one last chance to give me some substance here.

    I don't want to sound like a douche, but your latest post was entirely incomprehensible, and I honestly have no way to respond to it. I understand that you have dyslexia, but you also have to understand that if I can't reasonably decipher what you're trying to tell me that I won't be able to accept this appeal.

    You can do one of two things to have this ban lifted.
    You can either A: Write a comprehensible appeal that details how you've gotten better, and why you believe that because of this, you should be allowed to return to Baystation.

    Or B: Have a staff member from another role-playing server with a decent reputation that you have been playing on for a good amount of time vouch for you.

    If you can't do either of these things, then I'm sorry, I don't really know what to tell you.

    This particular appeal is denied, and you may post another one whenever you feel that you have accomplished/can accomplish either of the criteria that I've laid out for you.
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