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Denied Game ban appeal - joaovitormatosmanacelli - Melioa

Discussion in 'Archived Appeals' started by Jorginho gamer, Jun 26, 2020.

  1. Jorginho gamer

    Jorginho gamer Assistant

    BYOND Key:joaovitormatosmanacelli
    Date and Time of Ban:2019 - 03 - 16 18:18:45
    Character name at time of banning:I don't remember
    Name of admin who banned you:Melioa
    Jobs you were banned from (if applicable):
    Reason you were banned:Griefing, Greyting, Metacomms, but dind't about it at least.
    Duration of ban:pERMA
    IRC hostmask (only if you're banned from IRC):
    Discord username (only if you're banned from Discord or dev channels):
    GitHub username (only if you're banned from the repository):
    Reason you should be unbanned:That day, I was hanging out with some friends visiting some ss13 servers, I had no idea that there were servers with higher RP, so I thought it would be a good idea to start playing with them in the bay again, and in the end, I was banned , I ask for one more chance
  2. Boznar

    Boznar baaaaaznar Game Administrator

    Hi @Jorginho gamer,

    The admin that applied this ban retired, and I will handle this. It's been a long time since your ban and I'm willing to lift this, but first I need you to go over and tell me which ones you broke. Once you've done that I will lift your ban.
  3. Virgil

    Virgil Senior Administrator Game Administrator

    Poster has 48 hours to respond to this thread before it's closed for inactivity.
  4. Boznar

    Boznar baaaaaznar Game Administrator

    Denying this due to inactivity.

    You may re-appeal whenever.