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Accepted Game Ban Appeal - Lushsalmon123 - Tomdroid

Discussion in 'Archived Appeals' started by Lushsalmon123, Oct 12, 2019.

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  1. Lushsalmon123

    Lushsalmon123 Bartender

    BYOND Key: Lushsalmon123
    Date and Time of Ban: 2019/10/11 10:42:14 AM
    Character name at time of banning: Brandon Brettel
    Name of admin who banned you: Tomdroid
    Jobs you were banned from (if applicable): NA
    Reason you were banned:Duration of ban: Silently opening the SM on lowpop and disconnecting after.
    IRC hostmask (only if you're banned from IRC): NA
    Discord username (only if you're banned from Discord or dev channels): NA
    GitHub username (only if you're banned from the repository): NA
    Reason you should be unbanned:
    I understand and acknowledge that the actions that were done at the time of my ban were not of any fun to the rest of the player-base at the time, due to the nature of an SM delam'. Opening the SM at the time I did was innapropriate and not acceptable due to there being no engineering staff at the time, which may or may not have caused characters to die without any chance, fun or real roleplay to any of it.

    Disconnecting after causing this was an even worse thing I could have done in my sitatuation. While, I can't use timezones as an adequate excuse for the breaking of rules that I've done, I can say that it was at an extremely early time for me, 6AM Eastern Standard. In hindsight, I should have stayed on the server and awaited staff to handle the sitation accordingly.

    After reading through the rules once more, I've concluded that I've broken the following rules upon the time of my ban:

    Server Rules

    Rule 6: Killing needlesly. I believe I broke this rule due to the nature of an SM delam'. While I disconnected, yes, I assume plenty of characters died due to my actions.
    Rule 7.1: Playing to win. I broke this rule due to the simple fact that I was indeed not thinking about a proper roleplay situation that would cause my character to do the things he did. Instead, I acted on OOC impulses, leading me to expose the SM to space.
    Rule 7.3: Skills. My character somehow, although, never ever working with an SM before, knew how to cause an SM delam.
    RUle 15: Leaving. As stated prior, I'd left due to it being extremely early. While this is not a great reason as to why I broke this rule, I should have remained professional and responsible, not disconnecting.

    Character Rules

    Rule 2: Reasonable character. By no means was my character being reasonable, the actions that were committed were caused due to OOC impulses, resulting in a character that did not care if they died due to playing with things they could not, or would not know.
    Rule 9: Roleplaying in regards with others. I did not think about the other characters doing this, or the futures of said characters online at the time.

    Antagonist Rules

    Rule 1: Not following general character rules. Once more, my character acted without any regard to their life, causing me to break one of the bigger antagonist rules. Although exempt from some rules, I still broke a large variety of rules.

    With time to reflect on the rules and after reading through them again, I've discovered what rules I broke at the time of my ban. While there might be more rules that I've broken, I've named a large majority of the ones I did infact break. I acknowledge that what I did was completely unnaceptable and innapropriate for a serious roleplay setting. Despite this, after some time and plenty of rule-reading, I've come to the conclusion that I'm ready to join back into the fold. Neglicence to the rules is no excuse and I acknowledge this, which is why I read through the rules to see what I broke and how. My first mistake was acting on OOC impulses and rash, irrational descisions without thinking about how it'd effect the roleplay situations of other characters.

    I completely understand if I need still require to be banned, however, I enjoy providing roleplay to other characters and of course, recieving it myself. Which is why I find myself here, making a ban appeal. Hopefully, being unbanned from the server, I can offer people believable roleplay and interactions when they encounter my character.

    To shorten it all; I should have remained connected and handled my actions like a responsible adult, rather than disconnecting and avoiding the situation. Sorry again and with time, hopefully with the experience of this ban, I can become a rule-abiding person, like the rest of the players on Baystation.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2019
  2. Lushsalmon123

    Lushsalmon123 Bartender

  3. tomdroid

    tomdroid Game Radmin Game Administrator

    Unbanned. Also, keep in mind that antagonists have more leeway skills wise for the purposes of making the round interesting.
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