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Denied Game Ban Appeal - Nelekmaar - Tomdroid

Discussion in 'Archived Appeals' started by Nelekmaar, Jul 1, 2020.

  1. Nelekmaar

    Nelekmaar Assistant

    BYOND Key:nelekmaar
    Date and Time of Ban:2020-06-30 22:24:43
    name at time of banning:Boris Broski
    Name of admin who banned you: Tomdroid
    Reason you were banned:Refused to change LRP Russian Character.
    Duration of ban: 7 days
    Reason you should be unbanned: Unbanned ? No. Reduced ban ? Certainly. I have tried arguing with Tomdroid because i thought the order he gave me was unfair. Here are the facts: I was playing with my friend (Byond Key Farok El Majestuoso, Name at time of my ban Vlad Broski) roleplaying as the brother of his character. We both had some slavic origin yes and I'll admit, even I think Broski's a bit too meme-ish for it to be taken seriously. What i don't understand is this: After being seriously injured and, in a bout of panic induced by the pain my character was under proceeded to climb the ladders leading to medbay without thinking of alerting the medical staff first and not move. As I stepped towards the Infirmary I felt the sharp pain indicative of my foot giving up, having taken the full force of an electron pylon and not given the time necessary to recover. As I felt the pain i uttered these very words :" AH, CYKA CYKA FUCK FUCK CYKA !". Limping towards the closed doors I waited, choking on my breath and trying to soothe my pain. As a doctor started working on me and my now unrecoverable foot, Tomdroid started speaking. "Hi there". "Hi" I told him back, followed by "What have I done wrong again ?". It wasn't my first offence to the rules but my third. The other two times i had infringed on this specific rule:
    ⚹19. Aim to finish conflicts once an OOC voted round end countdown begins.
    - Do not begin new antagonistic plans after the main timer begins.
    - Do not begin new fights of any kind after the final short timer begins.

    First time was poor comprehension of the rules, i'll admit it. Second time was forgetfulness that the timer has started. Both times were understandably warned and while i have argued a bit the second time, it was a fair warning.

    However what followed was simple yet unfair: Since i had the name Boris Broski and had said CYKA, I was obviously a meme character.

    I do not see why saying Cyka once in the entire round can be grounds for such an accusation. If I were to say it all the time i could understand, but ONCE ? Anyways, the real incomprehension is that i was then asked to change my surname. I didn't want to because First, I liked the character i was starting to build and Second, my friend bore the exact same surname and was not asked to do the same. I would've changed, there does not lie the problem, but why should I if my friend doesn't have to ? And so here is the reason i have been banned. Not due to unwillingness to change, but Incomprehension of the reason i should be the only one to do so.

    This is why i ask to have my ban time reduced to One Day. I have earned a ban, yes, for I have argued about something that should've been straightforward and done quickly. But a week ban because i argued that the change should happen to the both of us is a hefty time for such a trivial matter.
  2. tomdroid

    tomdroid Game Radmin Game Administrator

    As before, I'll be curt. Rule 9 states that you're to listen to staff, which you didn't do. You tried to make arguments as to why your meme-y behavior was fine when it wasn't. You tried to explain to me that your character was far more than a Russian stereotype, however reviewing logs, they literally did not speak a word prior to their outburst.
    The character was a silly stereotype. You could have worked with me to make them more than a stereotype, but you didn't. This appeal is denied.