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G'day, im Eddie

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Eddie Drongo, May 1, 2020.

  1. Eddie Drongo

    Eddie Drongo Bartender

    Im new-ish to baystation, im semi familiar with SS13 but baystation's mechanics are very different from most other servers i've played on (beestation), i'm looking for fun times and hilarious stories without the expense of other's fun.

    I usally like to play robotic man, R&D man, engineer man, supply man, or pimp my office supply chief man. Sometimes ill play chemist or lab tech but i usally get my hand stuck in the grinder and end up losing my fingers.

    I hope to see you among the stars
  2. yarb

    yarb Chef


    Best advice I can give to a new player is to listen to what the admins say. Arguing with them is a lost cause.
    If you can do that, I promise you won't have any issues. Welcome to the best HRP server.
  3. Eddie Drongo

    Eddie Drongo Bartender

    Thank you, i dont intend i get into any arguments with anyone, as i've seen them and they've always gone nowhere. Thank you for the advice