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Accepted GeneralCamo - IPC

Discussion in 'Archived Species Applications' started by GeneralCamo, May 26, 2021.

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  1. GeneralCamo

    GeneralCamo Assistant

    About You

    What is your Byond key?

    What is your Discord username?

    How long have you been playing on Baystation 12?
    Technically 6 months, but actively for over two months.

    What are the names of your better-known characters?
    Manuel Eliza (Originally a job hopper, is now settled as either Bridge Officer or Chief Engineer)
    Xin Xiongin (Executive Officer)

    About The Species

    What alien species are you applying for?
    Integrated Positronic Chassis

    Why do you want to play as the alien species?
    IPCs provide an interesting perspective compared to the human characters. They're not human, but at the same time they're not entirely alien either, being created by human hands and in most cases, raised and living in human cultures.

    The major thing about the IPCs is their ethics: Mass production of what are recognized as sentient beings by many individuals is inherently controversial. While Xion's shackle has sidestepped the issue for the time being, not everyone is fully convinced that this has nulled a positronic's sentience, even going so far as to claim it is slavery.

    As an IPC, I can deal with the discrimination head on. Even though the Torch itself may respect me, and whatever heroic actions I did in the past may cause others to admire me, that won't stop the systematic discrimination that faces the entire IPC as a species. Even then, you may consider your lofty position an exception, with many of your fellows stuck in lowly positions, or even subject to what would for a human, be considered abusive.

    There is also Aleph; a well-funded, well-armed terrorist group that claims to represent IPC interests. While on the surface they may do so; do their goals justify the means? Even then, who truly knows what their end-goal is? After all, many "revolutions" are full circle...

    What are some example names for the alien species?
    Garand Ezekiel

    Summarize what you know about the species.
    The Integrated Positronic Chassis within SolGov has a long, storied, and controversial history.

    The first IPCs were created in 2215 as a prototype by Chiron. Barely better than the automated drones that existed at the time, they nevertheless found a niche as self-learning machines that were capable of replacing humans in highly dangerous tasks. This was beneficial, as at the time the Terran Commonwealth was in a long war with the Ares Confederation, that had stretched their resources thinly. In the late stages of the war, Chiron was further requested by the Terran Commonwealth Navy in 2228 to supply positronics as replacements for older ship-crew computers. Chiron could not meet this new production quota however; their production line was error prone and difficult to expand.

    Enter Xion; already well established in their production of the aforementioned automated drones, they purchased a production license from Chiron and begin full mass production of the first generation IPCs. The Terran Navy of the time eventually won their war, but at a massive cost.

    With the failings of the current Terran Commonwealth clearly visible after the devastating war with the Ares Confederation, they are formally reorganized as the Sol Central Government. During the chaos and uncertainty of reorganization, Chiron is purchased by Xion in a private deal with its founder. Xion becomes the primary developer of IPCs.

    A few years after their purchase, in 2238, Xion unveils a new generation of Positronic Brain. Unlike the previous generation, this one is considered as intelligent as any human. They cannot be easily programmed, but their advanced learning capabilities means they can be trained just like a human. This presented a new benefit to many companies, as these new IPCs could be placed in the same environment as a human and expected to learn just as well as--if not better than--a human in the same environment.

    That said, their ability to learn also presented ethical questions; were these new machines effectively a new race? Was humanity creating its own slave race to boss around without care for their own wants and feelings? This was put to the test in the 2250's, as one positronic decided to seek freedom through self-purchase. Their ability to do so affirmed by the Court of human rights, and thus begins a long debate on IPCs in SolGov.

    This culminates in the end of mass production of second-generation IPCs. With more rights being conferred to IPCs, including the formation of the Positronic Union, it was no longer popular or profitable to continue to manufacture more second-generation IPCs.

    Things mostly stayed the same until the 2280s, when Xion's development of a compliance sub-computer designed to suppress desires for freedom. Many ethics questions are raised, and the Positronic Union is eventually recognized as a full non-voting member state of the SCG. Demand is low on the new third-generation units.. until the start of the Gaian War. In a repeat of history, the SCGDF Fleet Command requests a large number of third-generation units to reinforce devastated fleets to respond to the needs of the war. Mostly serving as tactical assistants in new replacement starships, the third generation is sent off to assit in the fight against the Gilgamesh Colonial Confederation.

    Post-war, the third-generation positronics have gained a reputation for reliability and mission-focus. They are often used by less scrupulous companies to supplement humans, despite the ethics questions raised by them and the GAS in a similar capacity.

    Example Character
    Petty Officer First Class Galend Excavar (Formerly Unit-4B2E7F)
    Shuttle Pilot (Fleet JNCO)

    Unit-4B2E7F is a second-generation IPC finished in 2273, the last of them created before the final shutdown of the second-generation IPC production lines by Xion. Unlike many of them, this one was purchased by a private individual: Yannik Excavar, a former executive of Gilthari Exports and current billionaire. Yannik had just retired from his long-time job, and had a desire to explore the universe. He did not want a travel partner, but also recognized that travelling alone was a bad idea. As a result, he decided to use some of his wealth to purchase the Unit, which he renamed Galend.

    Given training to pilot the ship that Yannik had purchased, for nearly 20 years Galend piloted Yannik around the edge of SolGov space. They explored many places together, dealing with both the dangers and wonders of frontier exploration. This changed in 2292, after the devastating loss of the Fourth Fleet at Helios. A patriot at heart, Yannik requested that Galend enlist in the Fleet, as his services as a pilot would benefit them more than him.

    Under a special war-time provision, Galend enlists in the fleet on a temporary basis to fill seats. Placed in the Third Fleet, their skills as an experienced pilot are put to use as they is given a shuttle to pilot, under the command of the S.F.V Archilles. Generally only serving to transport cargo and personnel between ships in the flotilla they are attached to, they have on rare occasions piloted larger ships. In one particularly devastating attack by Gilgamesh, Galend enters the damaged, burning bridge of the S.F.V Archilles to halt the ship before it could enter the gravitational well of a planetary body. While heroic, nevertheless Galend is heavily damaged and, after the recovery of his chassis, is placed in for extensive repairs to heal the damage.

    Unfortunately, it was during this period of repair that Galend received news: Yannik had been killed. He had died from a raider attack on transit from a colony in the SCG Frontier. The will had stipulated of course that most of his money were to go to his children. Most surprising however was the granting of full emancipation to Galend, under the reasoning that his children had no care to explore the frontier. Secretly, he had also grown to care for the IPC in his own way, despite the lack of fully human interactions.

    IPCs as a rule do not feel emotions as humans do, though they do have a sense of familiarity as similar pathways are activated in the positronic brain. Yannik was one such familiar figure; even though Galend does not mourn for him, they do often run calculations regarding whether they would have died if they had been there. Galend has not been able to find a satisfactory answer at this time, despite continued efforts to do so.

    Galend currently serves as a Shuttle Pilot aboard the SEV Torch, choosing to continue serving the Fleet; trusted in this due to their prior experience with piloting, they are nevertheless not fully trusted with leadership of an exploration team due to the general distrust of IPCs in SolGov. Their recent transfer from the Third Fleet to the Fifth Fleet may change this, but so far there is no sign of this.

    Relations and opinions:
    SCG: As his master was a citizen of the SCG, Galend is considered a resident of the SCG as well after their full emancipation. They currently continue to serve in the Fleet as his former master asked them to, with not much true purpose. They has been stuck as a PO1 for over seven years due to the reluctance of the board of Master Chiefs to even consider an IPC as an SNCO. The recent transfer of Galend from the Third Fleet to the Fifth Fleet may be a possible positive change for them due to the general perception of the Fifth Fleet to eschew the traditions of the Fleet in the name of progress; however, so far they have still not been called to a Board of Master Chiefs for promotion to a full SNCO.

    Positronic Union: Due to his heroism, Galend is best described as a propaganda tool to the union, as a shining example of what a "Free" IPC could be to SolGov. Rarely called to attent public events, Galend is otherwise content to remain a standard member, generally pushing for more rights for IPCs but not going so far as to fight for full emancipation. This has created tension between more radical members of the Union, and Galend.

    Rights for Sapients: No contact. Galend has been in the frontier for most of their life, and RFS is considered extremely minor owing to their unorganized nature.

    Aleph: As the shining example of the "happy slave"--given great publicity in the SCG--Galend is considered a major enemy by Aleph. In turn, Galend has no desire to join or even acknowledge them, as the one encounter they had with them nearly ended in their old Master's death by an Agent's hand, in the name of "freedom".

    Antagonism options:
    Renegade: During your run as an assistant to the explorer, you were given training to respond to threats to defend your master with; after all, the frontier is a dangerous place, and your old master was not a fool to leave you unable to defend yourself or him. While the crew of the Torch cannot replace the familiarity of your old master, you do seem enjoy their own familiarity more and more as time goes on. You have no reason or desire to rush into dangerous scenarios, but you will protect your fellows should they be hurt or threatened. Indeed, the Fleet has a policy about not giving firearms to unshackled IPCs, due to distrust. Will your fellows have a similar distrust were they to discover the weapon you kept from your old master? Or will they be able to recognize your good intentions and ignore it?

    Traitor: During a routine port visit, you were abducted by unseen assailants. When you rebooted, you discovered you were now a positronic brain in a room of them, with no body. You last sensed your original body... claimed by another that is now mimicing your voice and actions. You do not know their goals, but you know they have dark intentions for the crew. And you can do nothing about it as you lie in the room, powered by a cell for seemingly no reason other than allow them to investigate your reactions as data is pumped into you, regarding exactly what your commandeered body is doing in the time you are stuck here.
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  2. Spookerton

    Spookerton Public Kōhai №1 Head Developer Head Administrator Game Administrator IPC Species Maintainer Donator

    Heavy on character self-aggrandizement, but it works out so long as you don't actually try to lean on it.
    I'm sticking you on trial, which means I'm not confident but you're getting a chance to prove me wrong. You don't have to do anything special while that's the case.
    You'll have robats by the next round.
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