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Gentle's Captain Suggestions and Feedback

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Gentleboyhell, Mar 5, 2019.

  1. Hi all,

    So, I play a captain named Carter Graves.

    My whole idea for her is that she has a background in Political Science and Law. As well as that type of education, she's an activist for the rebuilding of Gaia and the relief efforts there.

    I want her to be a character based around crew interactions. So, inviting non-officers to meals, having shipwide Q&As, before raising any alerts; she'd try to have a peaceful meeting, ect. So, more RP than action based.

    She is professional, caring, and distrustful of high ranking officers. Especially Fleet. However, she is a respectful persona and treats them with respect.

    I'm sure that Fleet would see her as an idealist/ socialist/ a dreamer and believe her ways are "not the way the world works".

    I've played her quite a bit before, but I would really like to play her more. While I am willing to do so- I am sure it will be choppy waters till I get the hang of playing her the way I want. So, I would appreciate suggestions, comments, critiques, anything!

    If there is anything you want to see from a captain in general, please also post that here!
  2. XanderDox

    XanderDox Bartender

    My immediate thought here is that an EC Captain's education being in political science and law would be unlikely. The Expeditionary Corps most likely has a large legal team (it is a government agency after all), they don't need their mission leaders to be lawyers - they need them to be people with STEM education backgrounds and years of experience in EC itself so you can understand the various reports you will eventually be handed by your Line Officers, and be able to write the reports ExComm expects of you.

    "distrustful of high ranking officers." - this also concerns me. Firstly, there's only two "high-ranking" officers on the vessel at any time. That is, only the Commander-rank and Captain-rank are considered senior officers logistically. SubLTs and Ensigns and some Lieutenants are functionally junior officers. Your Executive Officer is your right hand and if you don't trust them then the entire command relationship will be non-functional. They are your second-in-command will often make decisions for you in your absence and without your knowledge. This breaks down if you're breathing down their neck, and you may get bwoinked.

    My first time as Captain, I told the XO to allow me to handle the Line Officer's punishments personally rather than them handling it. I was promptly bwoinked and told to respect the XO's role on board.

    Anyways, that's my feedback until I actually see your character in game.
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  3. I understand that. I'm going to tweak it a little bit and have her background in environmental law and sociology. With a minor is species relations. So, the social and historical side of Science? I think that would be a better fit.

    For her distrust, it's not that they won't get the job done. She trusts her officers to do that. She trusts all her crew to do that. What she doesn't trust is the fast action of Fleet. I think that makes sense. Fleet isn't trained in soft nuisances (or so she believes). Those who have played alongside her know that she is kind to anyone on board. She's also fairly hands off (if it's in another head's department) and will step in if needed/requested.

    I want her to have a powerful presence, one that is respected. I know I have to earn that IC and OOC (from following rules and being known as an interactive and good captain)
  4. Persona E

    Persona E Game Administrator

    On the contrary, I think you could see the EC as a highly political organization whose senior ranks are filled from Olympus elites and think tank ghouls, and the knowledge and networking opportunities that a polisci/legal education from a prestigious college gives its students may be all but necessary to navigate O-6. One could restate the point you made about the EC's legal team - we know they do already have a large team of scientists and engineers, they don't need their mission leaders to be researchers.

    (I'm not saying that senior officers from a science or technical background aren't realistic, I'm just saying that senior officers from a political background are equally realistic.)
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  5. XanderDox

    XanderDox Bartender

    I disagree. EC has Admirals and a Commandant and the Observatory to play politics and law - you don't want leaders of a scientific mission to not be scientists. There is a reason the CO has a political/law adviser (the SCGR) and a business advisor (CorpLia). Just as you would not put a lawyer in charge of Medical or Engineering, you would not put one in charge of the entire ship.
  6. Tristan63

    Tristan63 Senior Enlisted Advisor

    Only way I could see a political/law Captain getting the helm is through budget cuts with regular captains. Even then, in real life you spend years of your career simply studying law as a JAG, so realistically you would have little experience compared to even LTs. Though not impossible, im sure the EC would've found someone with a more potent background, or demoted their worst performing commodore.