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Gods of the Sun and Moon [21/08/17]

Discussion in 'Admin Event Feedback' started by Shadow_Of_Man, Aug 22, 2017.

  1. Shadow_Of_Man

    Shadow_Of_Man Retired Staff

    Yo! So today at ~23GMT/BST (who knows) the SEV Torch was called to investigate some very strange thermal readings and a lost NT ship.

    Upon a (slightly) delayed arrival the away crew discovered the entire ship wrecked, with only a single survivor telling the story of everyone going crazy and either burning or killing eachother.

    In the center of the crashsite, there stood an eery tomb, the doors literally burning the first man to open them, and laying in the center of this tomb, trapped, was the sun god Helios. After some hassle trying to solve the riddle of how to free him a clever CoS lit and placed four candles in the corners of the rooms, destroying the forcefield that entrapped the god.

    Meanwhile, the moon goddess Selene had appeared to the CO, speaking of her brother's treachery and how "you fools have freed him from his shackles!".

    After a brief confrontation with her brother, and the crew split on who to believe the two gods separated, to spread their story to any who may listen. Helios quarreled with those in medical while Selene had a "philosophical" argument with the oil stained engineers.

    As the crew opted for a transfer, the gods realized that perhaps they should finish trying to kill eachother. Or rather, Selene realized she hadn't killed Helios yet. She headed to Deck 1 and confronted him. Many lasers were shot as security got involved, Selene opting to push them away from the fight with a great rush of darkness, while Helios used his sword to deflect the blasts. The fight stopped shortly after a fireball from Helios hit his sister square in the face, and she fell down a deck. Returning to Deck 1 she stood to confront him once more, however, this time they were both stopped.

    Their grandfather, Ouranus, appeared to the ship. He scolded his grandchildren for fighting and involving mortals in their affairs, before going about to help the mortals with gifts of whatever their heart desired, and a rock. As the bluespace jump drew to its end the three gods returned to their seats in Olympus, with Selene apologizing to her Brother for thinking he was Lucifer and imprisoning him for 4000 years.

    This event was made with the major help of @Novus Luna , who came up with the idea, in honor of the solar eclipse that happened for some Americans or something. It was also made possible with the help of @F-Tang Steve and @BlueNexus who helped guide me through what the hell VV is, @Crushtoe who helped with the atmosphere and guiding the away mission with his godly ladders, @ParadoxSpace who played the lone survivor, @Eckles who played Ouranus and of course @GracieGrace0 who taunted and heckled me in msay while I failed at everything.

    Hope you all enjoyed it, post your thoughts here!
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  2. Eckles

    Eckles Senior Administrator Game Administrator Skrell Species Maintainer

    Played Space Piano for 3 hours and gave people rocks.

    Would do again.

    Only thing for next time, I reckon, is stick the gods on a ship and bus them to the Torch. Less waiting for 2 hours for the crew to figure out how to put together an away mission that way, more instant involvement for crew.
  3. Minijar

    Minijar Permanently Banned User

    Eh, it was a nice idea but I feel it was poorly executed and put into practice.
  4. Novus Luna

    Novus Luna Senior Enlisted Advisor

    Mostly because it was held up by taking two hours to free me (Helios) from my prison. Would be better with more efficient ship, but...that's how most things go.