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Government of Northern Gaia

Discussion in 'Lore Submissions' started by OndraLukas, Jul 31, 2019.

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    For the first few years following the Gaia conflict, the northern part of the planet was administrated by the GCC military forces. In an attempt to placate the local population, the Constitutional Congress is created. It's goal being to establish a pro-GCC planetary government. All congressmen were handpicked by the GCC authorities from the ranks of collaborators and GCC sympathisers. Most of them were former members of the former People's Party.

    The People's Party is the oldest major political movement on the planet and was the dominant political force throughout the first two decades of the 23rd Century. The most important action taken by the People's Party was the introduction of the Gaiafication policies. The goal of these policies was to eliminate existing cultural differences between the settlers and create a completely new 'Gaian culture' to prevent ethnic-based conflicts. These policies ranged from patronage of Gaian-made literature to limitation of how many people of the same original cultural group can live in the same town. The People's party was also largely opposed to regionalism and supported a strong unitary government.

    The Party was mainly opposed by various ethnic-centred parties. As the first settlers came mainly from the western Mediterranian countries, most parties were either Franco, Italo or Hispanophone. Notable examples include The Party for Francophone Communities, All-Italian Socialist Party, The Hispanic League and many others.

    Around the 2230s, two new major parties were created, mainly from splinter-groups of the People's Party. Namely the right-wing Civic Democratic Party and the left-wing Social Democratic Party. The People's Party soon became less and less relevant. By the time Gaia was annexed by the SCG, the remnants of the People's Party could be described as a rather obscure third-way faction.

    But it was also the Gaia conflict that kicked the party back into the political foreground. It made its name by being the most vocal opponent to annexation. When the GCC came, they quickly befriended the People's Party, promising them to give Gaia full autonomy once the SCG is defeated. But even after the establishment of the new civilian government in the year 2301, these promises weren't fulfilled. The Northen Gaia is still mostly under the military control of the GCC.


    The executive power is exercised by the Council of State, headed by the President of the Council. The President and all the other members are officially appointed and can be dismissed by the Planetary Congress. In reality, members of the council rise and fall by the volition of the People's Party leadership. Congressmen know in advance for whom they should vote.

    The current President of the Council is Antonello Casto, who also holds the position of the Secretary-General of the People's Party. Casto held both titles since the creation of the civil government. While considered to be an enthusiastic adherent of the Parties policies, he has many times sacrificed his political principles to stay in favour of the GCC.

    The main legislative body is the Planetary Congress. Unlike in the southern Gaia, Congress is a unicameral assembly of one thousand men. They are all elected through an open-list proportional representation system. Also, unlike in the south, only the registered members of the People's Party of Gaia are eligible to vote and candidate during the legislative elections. Elections are held every four years through an open ballot.

    The Congress itself is rather power-less. It can not introduce new bills, only vote on those put forward by the Council of the State. It should be also mentioned that congressmen that do not abide by the party's doctrine are prone to lose their seat. As such it acts only as a mere rubber-stamp of the People's Party.

    The judiciary system in the north is controlled by the Council of State through the Ministry of Justice. It operates on the inquisitorial system with judges acting also as the prosecution. There are no courts responsible for constitutional review, its interpretation lays in the hands of the Council.

    Administrative divisions:

    Similarly like the southern Gaia, the north is also divided into Regions, Departments, and Communes. All are governed by Prefects, those have no legislative powers but only assist with the executions of the centra's government policies. Regional and Departmental Prefects are appointed and can be dismissed by the Council of State. Communal Prefects are appointed by their respective Regional Prefect.

    There are also large swaths of sparsely populated land, known as the Unorganized Territories. Those are directly governed by the Council of State through the Ministry for Territories.


    The principal ideology of the People's Party could be described as Gaia-centrism. The Party strictly promotes the idea of a single Gaian culture, which is mostly a mixture of western Mediterranean cultures brought by the original settlers. The Gaianism is mainly promoted through the public-education and state-run media. Existence of non-Gaian cultures is considered dangerous and divisive, as such all immigrants are expected to assimilate. The northern Gaia is also State Atheist as the religions are considered divisive as well.

    The question of xeno-rights has been always a subject of conflict with the party. Many in the party, including the top-brass, considers aliens to be incompatible with the Gaian culture. Nevertheless, the current administration allows them to live in Gaia with equal-rights if they assimilate. This policy has been put in place by president Casto to placate the GCC leadership.

    Economically, the party stance is rather mixed in views. While officially the economy operates on the market model, only the party-members can own a business. The Ministry of Industries also often intervenes in the economy through quotas and large-scale investments. Many major banks and financial institutions have been fully nationalized.

    In terms of labour rights, all labour and trade unions have been banned and replaced by the state-backed Confederation of Gaian Labour. To the surprise of some, the CGL has been rather successful in promoting worker's rights. The CGL has to approve any employee termination, guarantees relatively high-wages, and enacted a multitude of programs to improve working conditions.

    Nevertheless, to placate the GCC, multiple Special Economic Zones have been set up. In the SEZ the GCL's regulations and MoI's quotas are not followed. These areas are reserved for various corporations based in the GCC's core worlds.

    Life in the north

    Unlike the south, the north is much more urbanized, around half of the population live in cities. Many are employed in the manufacturing sectors, most of which is owned by a few party-backed companies. Most northerners are ambivalent towards the People's Party governance. While most are definitely not happy about their hardcore pro-Gaian stance, they keep their head down. After all the Party lifted many from the poverty that came as a result of the war's destruction.

    Despite being deprived of many civil rights, citizens of the northern Gaia enjoy a relatively high quality of life. The north of Gaia has always been more populated and thus more urbanized and industrialized. Unlike in the rest of the GCC, the northern Gaian GDP growth continues to rise, mainly fueled by public spending. This combined with the employment security provided by the GCL leads to low unemployment. Education and healthcare have been fully nationalized and are provided for free. Energy, water, mass-transportation and housing are also almost exclusively provided by the state. Those who know their place are more than free to utilize these conveniences.

    Nevertheless, many economists warn about the dependence on public spending. The state debt of Gaia has risen sharply, already eclipsing the total GDP. It is expected that if the debt continues to rise, the upcoming inflation will decimate the already unstable Confederal economy. The southern Gaian government, and surprisingly the Confederal government, are claiming that these theories are 'pure hysteria'. Yet the Bank of Terra already began to limit how much money can Gaia borrow from them. For how long will Gaia be able to maintain the current standards of living remains uncertain.

    Those who complied with the government's wishes are free to live relatively happy lives. Nevertheless, the northern Gaia government still has to deal with a variety of dissidents. Among those who threaten the cultural and social order are pro-democratic movements, communists, anarchists, non-assimilated, religious, and various other groups.

    The People's Party tries to refrain from brutally putting down the unruly, partly not to evoke the terror of Sasha Alistratova. Instead, they use a soft-power approach. Those not abiding by the Party's will may get suddenly fired from their high-paying job, their children will not be allowed to college, they may be moved to a worse housing unit, their gas and electricity supply can get from time to time interrupted. Punished are not only open dissidents but also those who associate with them. Many wanna-be rebels will find out themselves to be alone, without friends while their own family denounces them. At this point, they will be mostly harmless.

    Relationship with the GCC

    The leadership of the Gilgamesh Colonial Confederation has been at odds with the northern Gaia multiple times. Even though they remain rather tolerant of their social policy, the economic stance was always more questionable. Even with the institution of the Special Economic Zones, the problems did not stop. At one point, the People's Party planned to institute import quota. The GCC reacted by doubling the local garrison and the Gaian government immediately back down.

    Nevertheless, considering the People's Party success in cooling down the anti-GCC sentiment helps the Directory to look past various imperfections.

    On the other side of the story, many in the Party have a mild dislike towards the GCC. Nonetheless, in general, the northern Gaian government remains pro-Gilgamesh. Partly because they fear the Sol would not allow their Gaia-centrist social policies.
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  2. Eckles

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    As with your other one, address points, ask questions if needed. Get back to me when done. Get someone to proof read your work and do a spelling/grammar pass.
    Part of me feels you could combine the two into a single gaia page by cutting down on some unnecessary stuff and laying it out on the wiki, and would probably be better if accomplished.
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  3. OndraLukas

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    As with my other one, I have tried to correct all the issues.

    I would like to create a single Gaia wiki-page where I would do a general overview for both factions. But I would also make separate pages that go into more detail as seen here.
  4. Eckles

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    Not quite seeing where you've answered:

    --Why were settlers entirely from this very specific geographic region? What is the justification behind a corporation only hiring settlers/colonists from this area of Earth?

    Trying to understand why this has become the established thing, it seems very odd to me that a corporation only opened hiring offices in the western med and seemed to screen and refuse colonists from anywhere else.
  5. OndraLukas

    OndraLukas Chef

    Sorry about this one.

    I kinda answered in the other submission. Basically, the Galilei System Development Corporation (as they are called now) is not a regular private corporation. Instead, it is a quasi-private venture that is funded partly by western med governments (prior to the formation of the TC). Thus it would make sense that the settlers will come mostly from these regions as well.

    Of course, not all of them were not from the western med, and I never claimed so. I just said they were 'mainly' from the western med region.
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    Fair enough.

    If you're tying your background lore into this corp so heavily, you may want to write them their own page/background fluff too.

    Approved. Same deal as the other one.