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Government of Souther Gaia

Discussion in 'Lore Submissions' started by OndraLukas, Jul 28, 2019.

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    Gaia was first settled by the Galilei System Development Corporation, a quasi-private venture funded by the French, Italian and Spanish governments. The first cryo-ships were launched immediately before the formation of the Terran Commonwealth. By the time they arrived, Gaia was a de-jure TC territory. Nevertheless, the Galilei system was factually never fully integrated and remained self-governing.

    Throughout the first half of the twenty-third century, Gaia experienced a period of economic growth and general development. Multiple major blue space routes have been established with both the SCG and GCC. It seemed that Gaia will be able to flourish as an independent nation.

    But this sentiment soon changed as both powers engaged in rapid territorial expansion policies. Various pro-SCG groups, many funded by the SCG directly, pressured the government to hold a referendum on annexation. This referendum passed on November 2291.

    Gaia remained in the SCG's hands for a rather short time though as the GCC invaded Gaia on January 2292. Despite valiant defence and subsequent wide-spread guerilla warfare, GCC occupational authorities took control over most the planetary surface. It's not until the final year of the conflict when a pro-SCG presence is fully re-established in the system.

    Following the end of the war, Gaia got split in two. With a pro-GCC government established in the north, and a pro-Sol government in the south.


    The Planetary Congress is the main legislative body of the southern government. It follows a bicameral structure and is divided into the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate.

    The Chamber of Deputies is the larger and more powerful of the two houses. It is composed of five-hundred members, called deputies, elected through a proportional system. It is here where all the bills are introduced and most policies are debated, and annual budgets are approved. The Chamber of Deputies can also issue a vote of no confidence, which results in an immediate resignation of the Premier and his Government.

    The Senate is the upper house of the Planetary Congress and consists of three-hundred senators. Every two years, one-hundred seats are free to be taken in a regular election. The senators are elected locally through the alternative-vote system. The purpose of the Senate is to represent local communities and serve as a 'bulwark against the tyranny of the majority'. Though it can vote on and veto any bills that pass the Chamber, this veto can be overturned by an absolute majority (251) of deputies. The only exception to this rule are the amendments to the Planetary Constitution, in this case, the Senate veto can not be overturned.

    The de-jure chief executive of the Gaian government is the President. He is elected a joint session of both chambers of the congress every four years. He serves as the commander-in-chief of the PDF, and acts as the Head of State, and has the power to call a snap-election the Chamber of Deputies.

    Though the de-facto chief executive is the Premier. Both he and his cabinet are appointed the Governor and can be dismissed by the Chamber. Even though the Governor can appoint any candidate, he wouldn't last long without support from the legislature. As such, the leader of the largest faction in the chamber generally serves as the Premier.

    Most of the time the President and Premier split their duties, with Premier administrating the domestic, economic and social policy, while the Governor is responsible for defence and liaison with the SCG.

    The judiciary of the Southern Gaia is independent and uses the civil law system. There are three tiers of courts, Tribunals being the lowest, followed by the Courts of Session in the middle, and the Courts of Appeals at the top. There also exists the Constitutional Court, responsible for a judiciary review.

    Administrative divisions:

    The southern Gaia is divided into multiple Regions which are subsequently divided into Departments. Regions are as large as major nations of the earth (Germany, France, Spain, the UK), while departments are much smaller (as large as Belgium, Wales, Taiwan). Both of these types of divisions are governed by central government-appointed commissions. These commissions have no legislative power. They exist merely to assist with the execution of the central's government policy.

    The departments are further divided into Communes. Those can be considered equivalents of municipalities and can be divided into two types: non-metropolitan and metropolitan. Non-metropolitan are the most common, they range from small villages of a few dozens to towns of multiple thousand. Metropolitan Communes represent the few major cities in the south, they enjoy much greater autonomy.

    Life in the south:

    The southern part of the planet was always more underdeveloped than the north. A large deal of the population is still employed in low-paying agricultural jobs. Only around one-third of southern Gaians live in urban centres. Most reside in rural hamlets that dot the south Gaian plains. Despite the government's attempts to centralize, the Communal government plays a major role in the everyday life of many citizens. As such many southerners have a strong sense of community.

    Despite the rural nature of the south, almost all basic services are fulfilled. Almost everyone has access to electricity, gas, healthcare and basic education. Though the situation with higher-education is far more complex. The southern universities are very few in between, all of them located in major cities. As such it is very difficult to get higher than secondary education.

    The political situation itself is rather chaotic. As the coalition in the Planetary Assembly tends to the change rather often, a vote of no confidence is passed almost every year. So far no Premier was able to stay in the power to enact any major change. While the economy continues to steadily grow following the conflict, the GDP has to yet reach the pre-war levels.

    On the other hand, unlike their brethren in the north, southerners enjoy many civil liberties. Freedom of the speech, press, assembly, religion, and many others are well-protected.

    Political parties:

    Alliance for the Union (AftU)
    AftU is the main right-wing political party on Gaia. It is known for its strong pro-Sol sentiment, fiscal conservatism, and moderate social policies.

    Social Democratic Party (SDP):
    SDP is the main left-wing political party on the planet. In strong opposition to the power of megacorps. Favours strong welfare right, progressive social policy, and worker's right. They are much more sceptical towards the Sol than the AftU but still favours the SCG over the GCC.

    Agrarians and Smallholders Party-Christian Democratic Union (ASP-CDU):
    A merger of two small centrist parties, very popular among rural areas. Their economic policy is based around support of agriculture and small-to-medium businesses. They tend to lean right on social issues.

    Gaia arise! (GA):

    A far-right party with fascist tendencies rallied around the idea of a strong, united and independent Gaia. It is not only xenophobic but also hostile to any human of non-Gaian origins.

    All-Socialist Union (ASU):
    Far-left Gaian political party. Argue for the nationalization of all major industries and collectivization on the land. They perceive both the SCG and GCC as imperialists and thus argue for a sovereign Gaia. To ensure economic independence from those two powers, they also argue for autarky policies.
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    Notes within the quote. Please address those and have someone do a grammar and spelling/proofread pass on your work. Lemme know when done/if you have questions.
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    Outside the grammar-check and proof-reading (I will try to get somebody to do that for me, I was always horrible with this) all points should have been adressed.
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