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GrazalThruka - GAS

Discussion in 'On Trial' started by GrazalThruka, Jan 10, 2020.

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  1. About You

    What is your Byond key?

    How long have you been playing on Baystation 12?
    I played a few years ago (like 2017-2018 I think) fairly regularly. More recently, a couple weeks

    What are the names of your better-known characters?
    Daniel and Harold Berkland, U.N.I.T.

    About The Species

    What alien species are you applying for?
    Giant Armoured Serpentids

    Why do you want to play as the alien species?
    I like played interesting species in any RPG, and GAS and IPC were the only two I felt drawn to

    What are some example names for the alien species?
    Simple human names. David, John, Nancy, etc.

    Summarize what you know about the species.
    GASs are giant four-armed snake/mantis things from Tau-Wilo. They’ve got 2 compound eyes (which are hypersensitive to light, giving the darkvision and also a weakness to flashes), some natural deployable lenses to protect said eyes from light, and 2 separate sets of arms: a set of giant mantis-y ones for hunting/defence, and a set of three-fingered arms for doing Human Things with (they’re a bit more like tentacles than fingers, though). They can’t use both arms at the same time, however, as they operate off blood pressure as much as muscles. They’ve got a super long tail (like 15-20 feet), and their whole body is covered in a thick exoskeleton that lets them camouflage into their surroundings. They can’t breathe very well in environments with low pressure and oxygen, so they naturally make Dexalin using produced acetone and stored Phoron. Their mouth structure doesn’t allow them to speak human languages, so they use a little gizmo that lets them make the sounds needed for human speech (It’s not a universal translator). Their own language is a mix of visual and audio clues, clicks and buzzes and the mouth motions needed to make the sounds

    GASs have a limited diet. They can eat raw meat and most plants. Starches and grains disagree with them, as well as cooked food. They all know how to grow cabbage, but nothing else.

    GASs learn by watching other GASs. After one observation, they can do exactly that task in exactly that way again (e.g., get a wrench from a Vend-a-tool). After watching the same skill used in numerous different ways, a GAS can then use that same skill to do slightly different things (continuing the example, gettings any tool from a Vend-a-tool). Humans showing them how to do something is useless; the human must either physically manipulate the GAS’s hands (which is an activity neither party is likely to enjoy), or go find a GAS that knows the skill. These skills must be practiced to be kept, however. GASs cannot problem solve very well, with their first and only solution for not knowing something being “Go ask someone who does know how to do it to do it”.

    This doesn’t connect to social skills, however. GASs are highly socially aware, as social skills are processed differently than physical skills. They’re highly aware of the emotions of those around them and themselves (not telepathically)

    GASs need a lot of personal space. On the homeworld, they will strike others infringing on this space after giving warnings such as buzzes or hisses. This is fine for other Armoured Serpentids, but bruises and physically knocks humans back. As such, trained GASs are taught to give clear verbal warnings before they strike, with high rated ones only striking to protect themselves from serious physical danger. Threat displays (which is a black and red colour changing thingy) are reserved for serious confrontations.

    GASs are trained by Xynergy corp, which has a facility on their homeworld and dozens of other facilities scattered about. Better temperament GASs usually come from closer to the main facility.

    GAS speech is a bit strange (and is probably the part I’m most worried about in trying to RP them accurately). They don’t combine ideas and split sentences with commas and periods like most species. Instead, they make long chains of separate ideas linked by “and”, “or”, “so”, etc.
    For example:
    Johnny McHuman: “I slipped on some spilled water on my way to work today. I told the janitor, but he didn’t respond”
    David The GAS: “I slipped on some spilled water while on my way to work today so I told the janitor but he didn't respond.”

    What is your character concept for your trial period?

    Lisa is an 11-year-old GAS, trained at a facility specializing in service industry Serpentids. She’s small for a GAS, and is a ruddy brown colour. Ranked at a B+, Lisa serves as a cook aboard the Torch. She’s very talkative, and frequently sends requests back to Xynergy to be taught small and often pointless tasks she sees humans doing (shuffling cards, operating the jukebox, etc.). There are no recorded incidents of Lisa striking a human, despite her personal space being regularly infringed upon during temperament training. She enjoys being told jokes (not necessarily understanding all of them), and will produce laughing from her voice box if anything phrased like a joke is told to her. Xynergy recommends she be supplied with a farmbot and a crewman be assigned to plant things other than cabbage in hydroponics, of which she will grow a large quantity if left unattended. In an “emergency”, Lisa can also serve as a bartender, but has not been trained in drink mixing, only the operation of the dispenser.
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  2. I have seen UNIT recently in game. Grazal plays him exceptionally well and can RP situations that actually affect the game. Once he RPed UNIT encountering a monolith, and immediately came up with the idea of a "bacterial infection" as an error in UNIT's software, trying to quarantine the Charon. While that situation did end rather anticlimactically (flares in tritium atmosphere), he did an excellent job RPing the situation.
  3. F-Tang Steve

    F-Tang Steve Developer Serpentid Species Maintainer

    While GAS do eat raw plants and meat, there are some plants that also don't agree with them. Starches (like potatoes) and grains (like wheat or corn) also aren't compatible with them.

    You mention they use threat displays with eachother when they get too close. Threat display is specifically the red black flashing thing they do sometimes, which is usually only when stuff gets pretty serious. With eachother, they usually use sounds and body language as warnings. Things like a quick wing buzz or a hiss.

    For the speech, you have the right idea but the implementation is a bit off. Let's have a look at your example.

    “I slipped on some spilled water on my way to work today. I told the janitor, but he didn’t respond”

    Would likely become

    “I slipped on some spilled water while on my way to work today so I told the janitor but he didn’t respond.”

    It's mostly swapping out the breaks and commas with conjunctions.

    Could you update these things in your post please? After that, we'll talk about the character.
  4. Updated

    This speech thing is gonna be the death of me, but I think it's making a bit more sense now. Hopefully just needs some practice
  5. F-Tang Steve

    F-Tang Steve Developer Serpentid Species Maintainer

    Hello! Sorry for the long wait, it's my fault.

    So for next questions, I've got some about how Lisa would react in some situations. Please answer with quotes for what she'd say and actions she'd do.

    Lisa is working in the kitchen doing requests for people. A human Lisa hasn't met before comes up and asks for something but Lisa doesn't know what it is. After a few goes at trying to explain it, he says "Here, do this." before reaching over the counter to grab her manipulation arm. What would Lisa do?

    Lisa is busy preparing meals when a small group of humans comes in. They whisper among themselves for a moment before one of them grabs one of the meals has prepared. She takes it to the back and throws it out, laughing. Another picks up a meal and starts to take it to the trash. What does Lisa do?

    Someone comes to the counter and says he has a "nightshade allergy" and to make him something he can eat. Lisa has never heard of nightshade before and knows there is no nightshade in her cooking. What does Lisa do? (Nightshade allergies usually refer to potatoes, tomatoes, and other things related to nightshade, but Lisa doesn't know that in this example).
  6. 1. Lisa would quickly move back before explaining to the human that "I do not like people touching me so please do not do that." She would ask what is in the dish he wants her to make, and will suggest a few meals with similar ingredients, regardless of how actually similar the dishes are. She'd also have him write the meal down on the list she keeps of "Things Lisa wants to learn"

    2. Lisa would tell them "That is very wasteful so you should stop doing that". She would continue making meals. If it reaches a point where they are throwing meals out faster than she can make them she would tell who ever is currently her boss/the bartender/security and then stop cooking non-request meals until the issue is resolved.

    3. "I am sorry because I do not know what nightshade is but that is good because it means I do not have any." If the human gives Lisa a list of what nightshade is, she will suggest a few dishes she can make that would be safe. If the human ends up getting sick, she would alert medical before asking someone to "Please clean my kitchen because someone put nightshade in there and it made X very sick"
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  7. F-Tang Steve

    F-Tang Steve Developer Serpentid Species Maintainer


    After talking with my team, I'm apprehensive about having a GAS where anyone can grab it and teach it new stuff. I think a good compromise would be having Xynergy personnel who can do so, but not regular crew members.

    It's kind of like going to the dentist I think. Most people tolerate going in for cleaning or work when needed but still try to avoid it when possible. People also make appointments and such for it when needed rather than having someone pull out their tools on the spot.

    The analogy isn't perfect, but you get my drift. Perhaps you could suggest scheduling training sessions or submitting requests to Xynergy for additional training rather than letting anyone have a go. Would that work for you?
  8. Sure, yeah. That's not an integral part of the character. I'll modify the concept in the original posting, as well as her responses

    EDIT: Edits made
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  9. F-Tang Steve

    F-Tang Steve Developer Serpentid Species Maintainer

    Cool, works for me!

    Please note that before you can play independently, you'll need to conduct a trial with either Eonoc, F-Tang Steve, or Alex6511. A trial consists of one (or more) supervised play sessions where we watch you play GAS and offer pointers, corrections, et cetera. Basically get everyone on the same level of GAS play before turning them loose.
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