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Haakon Expansion

Discussion in 'Lore Submissions' started by BunkyBunky, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. BunkyBunky

    BunkyBunky Permanently Banned User

    Haakon Group is marketed in the Corporations Wiki as Military Shipbuilding, unless there's a shadow corporation building the Fleets various vessels, I'd assume these are the ones producing the vessels.
    Aside "Military Shipbuilding" the Haakon Group has no description whatsoever, with this Lore Submission, I plan to change that.

    Haakon Group
    The Haakon Group was founded in 2179 to provide high-grade ships to the now defunct Terran Commonwealth, when the Gilgamesh Colonial Confederation declared independence in 2231, the Haakon Group decided to focus their efforts on gaining the trust of the newly founded Sol Central Government by providing them with a few naval vessels intended for combat, a few of these now
    ancient vessels are:

    Terra Class Super Carrier
    Serrieve Class Corvette
    Juvenile Class Frigate

    and of course, the - Mako Class Corvette

    By January 2297; the end of the Gaian Conflict, the Haakon Group had produced approximately 3725 vessels ranging from Super Carriers to One-Seaters for the SCGDF Fleet. Signing a contract from the SCG was not a difficult choice for the Haakon Board, the Haakon Group is now the SCGDF Fleet's primary shipbuilding company, constantly designing and manufacturing new and old vessels constantly, Uqoo'vix Kuooaxxivi, one of the Haakon Boards administrators has even gone to state, "The Haakon Group is glad to be close with the SCG, we don't plan to end this contract any time soon." this bodes well for the SCGDF Fleet and the vessels they require.
    Located in Solarian Space, found on Saturns various moons are several installations and shipyards, this is where the Haakon Group produces and designs vessels for use by the Fleet, it is headquartered in Rhea and roughly produces 17.43~ vessels a month, in crunch time, even the slightest malfunction could cause the production rate to tank significantly.

    The Fleet Museum is housed inside of an ancient Terra Class Super Carrier, the Fleet Museum is located very close to Saturn and serves to be a considerable bump in funding due to the recent resurgence of Tactical Naval Fighting in pop-culture since the end of the Gaian Conflict.

    As of March 2307, the Haakon Board is administrated by seven sapients, two Skrellians and five Humans;
    Barbara Andersson, former Admiral of the Fleet.
    Uqoo'vix Kuooaxxivi, shipbuilding industry God, highly regarded as the Parent of Modern Vessels.
    Okoooliva U'kilivix, owns a large resource harvesting business, most metals used on the ships comes from this.
    Stevenson White, Lead Designer for all vessels produced, designer of the Amazon-Class Super Carrier.
    Khris Haakon, public relations expert, responsible for advertisements.
    Lisa Montgomery, Union Representative.
    Perlo De Kerefi, Lead Engineer, responsible for the construction of all vessels produced.
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  2. SilverSZ

    SilverSZ Chef

    A quick answer to the whole date thing, at one point we rolled back the IC date about 200 years to make more sense for our tech level. Stuff hasn't all been updated yet so just work around it really!
  3. Eckles

    Eckles Senior Administrator Game Administrator Skrell Species Maintainer

    Okay soo.


    SCG based shipbuilding, not really likely to be building ships for the ICCG after being distinct entities in varying states of cold war for decades, especially during the war. (Sort like saying a U.S. shipbuilder would supply submarines to the soviets in the 60's).

    Ships being made: We actually have the ships listed here: not really looking to add even more as it's random fluff. Out of all of them, only the amazon class is particularly new.

    Is there any particular reason a large corporate shipbuilding organisation is led like a smaller family owned company? It's not really likely that a spouse and a spouse would jointly be leading something of this size. It's not a charity and it's not a smaller private company owned wholly by a family. (and it's not likely to be that either, given the size and complexity of what it provides, and to who.).

    It doesn't seem a noteworthy rumour that high level fleet people would visit the headquarters of the company that builds it's ships.

    The rockfish is super low key and classified. Knowing any details about it beyond the name and it being stealthy isn't really a thing, it's not going to be common knowledge that this company, if any, makes it.

    My main thing here is it provides a good start but quickly moves into just a couple of bulletpoints. I think you could redo the second bit as a flat paragraph with a bit more added onto it, possibly some (nefarious/seedy) things for antags to use as a hook. Given the above feedback you could do with tidying up and amending the first paragraph to be more about the company itself also.

    Dates are just ones I haven't caught and fixed yet. IF you see any date after 2307, let me know and I'll fix it.
  4. BunkyBunky

    BunkyBunky Permanently Banned User

  5. Eckles

    Eckles Senior Administrator Game Administrator Skrell Species Maintainer

    Okay so I'm not too keen on the structure, generally, try doing a rewrite with your information and lay it out more like thus for how it'd go on the wiki page:

    2 line intro which sums up what it is.

    1. Introduction - What the company is, what it does, where it is based.

    2. History - Its past, including issues/troubles that occurred, how it got to where it is today.

    3. Notable persons. General as-is, bulletpointed list. But, remove the Skrell. Warble's aren't that directly invested in human enterprise that they'd directly sit on the board of major defence contractors. Not only because it's not their style because of the undue attention it'd cause but also because it's a national security issue for the SCG and they aren't crazy enough to allow that to happen.

    The Xynergy page is a decent example of how things should be laid out, generally speaking, bar the template issues: