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Headmin Vote

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by ThatOneGuy, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. ThatOneGuy

    ThatOneGuy Retired Staff

    it is time, the reign of TOG is coming to end, time to elect the next leader. I’ve loved being headmin here and I’m proud of the work I was able to get done, hope the next ones even better.

    Location: Scotland

    With some testbed rounds being successful over the last month with change I'd like to carry us towards long term or permenant hub activity with an expansion on our moderator team ontop of more administrators. If our overall numbers continue to suffer we can always run attempts at a civilian torch with looser xeno restrictions which many vocal players suggest they want along with the return of a player activatable ERT ect ect

    The wheel doesn't need redesigned here.
    The comm manager oversees forums, discord, irc
    The staff manager oversees game mins and mods and recruitment
    The lore manager oversees the wiki and species and species maintainers
    The head dev maintains github and the dev team as well as being a gatekeeper against iamgoofball level merges sneaking in.

    Room for improvement is to have the comm manager engage in some form of server awareness or advertising to scrum numbers where possible. Ontop of scheduling public server events to generate interest.

    I dont see inactivity among admins, mods or com mods as a major issue. The negativity of pinging someone thats needed and being told 'busy' or 'cant' is where the issue is. The solution is to have a small team of server busters, staff highlighted as 'contact first for most likely response'. This method applied to retail positions, its adaptable and its proven to work. Eventually with enough data gathered from successful or failed buster calls we can ammend our staff hiring timezone.

    On the side of punishment against staff I feel a one anddone system is too strict. If some of our past senior staff had the keys to a one and done system a lot more staff would be on the sideline and we also would be rulling out learning and ammending mistakes. The three strike system needs revision to how strikes are applied, the punishment of a strike and how long the strike is stored and where. But its a working system thats just been ran down. If any outstanding incidents ocurr, seniors and heads can always deal with it on a case by case basis, but one and done should never become the norm.

    Virgies Reign of Terror - Part 2
    Whilst Bay is not in the worst of places right now, I feel that there are issues with our staff management and structure. I also feel that Bay needs a leader who isn't afraid to take a stranglehold and make decisions that not everyone will agree with to actually solve these issues.

    Staff Management
    At it is currently, I feel that the senior admin role is a meaningless title, and I'd like it so that senior adminship is a milestone - a goal that a staff member can work towards. It should be a senior role - a mantle taken up by those of actual seniority who are good at their jobs and can guide others into also doing good jobs. I also wish to make it so senior admins are not elected, but selected by the head admin based on merit and actual seniority, with the head admin handling the selection process. The VONC system is in place so that if a head admin abuses this, they can be removed. Senior staff can also be removed, in the event that said senior staff member is the problem and not the head admin. Ideally, senior staff really shouldn't be changed often, and when they are changed, there should be good reason behind it. There's an odd fear of people being entrenched within positions unnecessarily, but we do have mechanisms to cope with it and I do not think this fear should stop us from making seniors much more valuable than they currently are.

    I also feel that the staff manager should be empowered to manage staff. Currently, they're severely restricted in their capabilities. The staff manager should have executive authority over who's added to mod team, who's promoted to admin and when, and who's getting the boot (within reason). The head admin should act as oversight, and otherwise not be an obstacle (unless necessary, of course).

    I feel that the community manager currently is basically a meaningless role, one with very little to do and very little to merit their existance. I'd like to either see them reworked into something more useful and contributing, or otherwise simply erased with their responsibilities spread amongst senior staff members.

    Lore manager is more or less perfect I feel, and I have no desire to change how lore is handled or processed by them.

    Overall, senior staff should be the pillars that the throne stands on. I cannot do everything myself, and I'd like the seniors to be empowered as much as possible to help handle the burden. Because it is a burden, and not an easy one.

    This is a tricky one, but essentially I feel we should be making the game we want to play and enjoy together. If we're not doing that, we're doing something terribly wrong. This is not something I alone can fix, and I'd need help on that from other staff members. I can't make any real promises regarding this, other than I'd do my utmost to ensure we're at least heading in the right direction if nothing else.

    This is a problem, and I'd like to see it addressed. As I've written above, this would be the staff managers responsibility. I'd like a general guideline of "one round per two weeks" in terms of baseline activity as it's not unreasonable or too restrictive - we're all volunteers and this shouldn't be a job. But there do needs to be some sort of activity standard, which I think this comfortably meets. Of course LOAs would be excluded from this, and exceptions should be available for those suffering from illness or if there are exceptional circumstances.

    Some stuff to know
    There are potential pros and cons as me as head admin, and I'll let you decide which is which for you.
    • Similar to my admin style, my method of management is very draconian. For example; if staff are being utter dicks to eachother, they should only get one warning to cut it out, or be summarily removed for it.
    • There will be short 1-3 day periods of time every few weeks where I will not be around (read: I will be unconscious). This is due to medical issues.
    • If someone wants to run who I feel would be better suited than myself, I'll likely default my vote to them and request others do likewise. I do this out of percieved necessity and care for the server, not because I want to be head admin.
    • I've been head admin previously, and I was strict and fairly harsh when it came to staff discpline. I created the first iteration of our staff rules, which we've since expanded upon.
    • I am a very apathetic person by nature. Take that as you will.

    I will allow discussion in this thread for the time being but if this turns into what happened the last time couple of times I will put the whole forum where the forum polls went :mad:
  2. Banditoz

    Banditoz Senior Enlisted Advisor

  3. Meyar

    Meyar Retired Worstmin 2015-2017

    I vote anarchy.
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  4. Shadow_Of_Man

    Shadow_Of_Man Retired Staff

    Finally the texas reign ends, and either way we get someone from the UK
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  5. Chinsky

    Chinsky Retired Staff

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  6. Fysh

    Fysh Research Director

    Whatever happens it's time to add Bay back to the empire!

    Insert your own triumphant rule Britannia here
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  7. Sbotkin

    Sbotkin Senior Enlisted Advisor

    >Location: Scotland
  8. Blazerules

    Blazerules Research Director

    The only thing I want to see is Species maintainers being officially under the lore maintainer. Since its part of the lore, and honestly it doesn't make sense that they aren't subordinates of the loremin. Especially since BS12 species lore is likely to change whenever a new species maintainer pops up and pushes it in a completely different direction, or a terrible one (As in: Resomi. Bad species maintainers nobody did anything remotely useful about for whatever reason). They really shouldn't have 100% power over their species and it only makes sense for them to answer to the loremin rather than headmin who should really not have much involvement in lore. Heck, he should be under the loremin when it comes to lore but thats just my opinion. Of course they'd be against losing 100% control but of course they would.

    I'm wondering what your guys thoughts on this are.
  9. Virgil

    Virgil Senior Administrator Game Administrator

    I was under the impression that species maintainers are under the lore master. It doesn't make much sense for them not to be. That said, I do feel like species maintainers should have complete freedom on how their species works, acts, etc, as long as it doesn't contradict our desired setting and already established lore.

    From the staff roster and positions thread. So officially, they do answer to the lore manager and the lore manager should be managing them accordingly.
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  10. F-Tang Steve

    F-Tang Steve Serpentid Species Maintainer

    They are under me currently, yes. I make policy regarding them and have the power to appoint and remove them as I see fit. I also have the power to limit what is done or changed with a species.
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  11. Blazerules

    Blazerules Research Director

    Neat, wasn't the case not that long ago as far as I am aware of you look at how past issues were handled.
  12. ThatOneGuy

    ThatOneGuy Retired Staff

    No, species maintainers have always been under the lore master, it just so happens that many a species maintainer has also been a senior or Headmin so the lines get muddled. As well there have been a few times where we didn’t have a loremin because we were inbetween votes and so lore duties fell to me.
  13. Ozwell

    Ozwell Sol Gov Pilot

    lore master = glorified species maintainer confirmed
  14. Rowtree

    Rowtree Retired Staff

    Both candidates are, in my opinion, completely fit for the job. Both Mordeth and Virgie have always been consistently good administrators and players, and I can't think of anyone better than one of these two people. Good luck to both of you.

    I do have a few questions about the direction of the server and the way things are played out.

    Do you believe there has been a decrease in roleplay over the past few years? Is this inherently a bad thing?

    Compared to your earlier memories and experience of Baystation 12 and early Exodus days, do you believe we've changed for the better, the worse, or neither?

    Has the Torch been a success in your opinions? Is there anything you would wish to see us do differently?

    Both of you are, I would say, quite frequent Security players. Do you believe there is a disconnect between Antagonists and Security, and a lack of Roleplay being developed between the two? Do you intend to do anything about this divide between Security and the Crew?

    I'm really interested to see how Bay progresses from here, and I'm sure both candidates will do fantastic. Thank you.
  15. Virgil

    Virgil Senior Administrator Game Administrator

    Do you believe there has been a decrease in roleplay over the past few years? Is this inherently a bad thing?
    I do feel there's been a decrease in roleplay quality, and people playing characters that aren't essentially cardboard cutouts of actual characters. I don't think we've enforced the roleplay standards as well as we used to and to be fair, there was often an overzealous enforcement of the roleplay standards previously to the point of requiring large paragraphs before certain actions were taken.

    Compared to your earlier memories and experience of Baystation 12 and early Exodus days, do you believe we've changed for the better, the worse, or neither?

    I think Bay has changed for the worse in some ways, but also changed for the better in others. This is extremely subjective and I'm not sure how best to answer this, if I'm being honest.

    Has the Torch been a success in your opinions? Is there anything you would wish to see us do differently?

    I think the Torch has been a success in a few specific fields
    1. A more interesting ship that actually feels like a spaceship, as opposed to a box everyone's been shoved into. The ship moves, and different planets areas can be visited by the ship and crew via the use of shuttles. In comparison, the Exodus felt very static and dull, and didn't have an adventerous feel to it that the Torch often does.
    2. The crew is significantly less reliant on an outside force to solve all of their issues. This used to be a big problem on the Exodus, and it used to be that more often than not the antagonists would get stomped into the ground by an ERT, which was less interesting in my own view.
    3. More interesting things actually happen on the Torch.
    However, I feel it's failed in some areas too
    1. The crew transfer mechanism is often used as a method to avoid in-round concequences by the crew. It often doesn't make much sense either ICly in the sense that the bluespace drive can be destroyed without concequence. Whilst it was a problem on the Exodus, it did make sense ICly as it was an outside shuttle collecting people, and the escape area could be compromised meaning transfer was risky. This is something I feel needs addressing in some way.
    2. Since the move to the Torch, I feel I've seen a lot more characters who are grim grizzly super serious all the time characters, and not very many characters with actual personality in comparison.
    3. Antagonists have a lot of trouble being antagonistic without being caught extremely easily and quickly, often resulting in antagonists either doing nothing, or doing something and getting caught an hour into the round. This is something I'd definitely like to see addressed, with certain solo antag types recieving more stealthy powers to allow them to do their nefarius deeds without instantly being caught and potentially killed by Security.
    Both of you are, I would say, quite frequent Security players. Do you believe there is a disconnect between Antagonists and Security, and a lack of Roleplay being developed between the two? Do you intend to do anything about this divide between Security and the Crew?
    I'd argue that antagonists being antagonistic and Security concequently reacting to it is in itself roleplay. In recent times however, Security has been much quicker to jump to lethals and just kill the offending antagonist. Whilst it makes sense, it does leave things a bit lacking. Security and the antagonists have always had this sort of problem however, and I don't think it can be easily fixed, though I'd certainly like to see it fixed in some way or another.
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