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How To Play Observer+: Colfer's guide to playing AI

Discussion in 'Tutorials & Information' started by Colfer, Aug 5, 2019.

  1. Colfer

    Colfer Chef

    So you want to play AI huh? You want to really get into playing this role and are looking up a tutorial for it on the forums?
    Well you came to the right place, with about 900 hours worth of experience as an AI, im here to give you tips and tricks on improving your experience in 8 easy steps.

    Ordered in rank of most needed to be followed:
    0: ERR*$!//ALL LAWS- Dont Panic on your first time.
    Playing AI has a sense of dread and panic fora new playing for being in such a heavily 'important' position, being in control of virtually everything on the ship including the ship itself might be overwhelming at first but to me its virtually boring, and I often spend time just watching youtube videos instead of actually looking at the screen because theres so little I have to really do
    1: Relax.
    Worrying about things out of your control is something I used to do really frequently and it caused so much unnecessary stress on me, some of these things play into step 2, and are symbiotic of each other, others not so much. But you need to know that if your inaction wouldn't violate your laws, then dont do anything, yeah thats right, Im telling you to postpone problems that dont warrant your immediate response.
    • If you see some vines in the hall, call it out and lock it down, then tend to other issues (unless its bad) because other People will handle it
    • If some guy is suspiciously casing your upload, who cares, hes not violating your laws
    Im not saying blatantly ignore obviously serious issues, I just mean take it easy, your not the administrator of the world, you dont need to inform medical of correct unit amounts of alkysine constantly while telling security where 'john traitor joe' is, while also telling command where ian is, while also ensuring the SM doesnt delaminate and the shields arent being broken. Just take it easy. You dont have to look through the entire torch for anything out of place every 15 minutes

    2: Search for reasons to actively avoid valid hunting, instead of searching for reasons TO valid hunt.
    Now this applies to all roles a little but especially the AI, if you find somebody doing something suspicious that they shouldn't be doing at that time, directly inform them, take a picture of them, or make a note with 'Add-Note' verb. If they have some decent excuse for it, accept it. Antagonists in my opinion are there to entertain, and if I find them in the emergency armory and immediately send out a 'Emergency-Message To EXCOM' and inform all of security and command simultaneously, then they buy a gun, have a last stand. Then that antagonist lose all opportunity to be my entertainment.

    • If I see somebody with a gun on code green, unless I know for a fact thats a real gun I'll often just track them suspicious, instead of reporting it or actively impeding their ability, and sometimes ignore it entirely.
    • If I see somebody near my upload casing the area and what looks to be preparing to break in, I'll often look away and turn a blind eye (only on code green) because I have no reason to IC worry about it (unless I do)
    • On code green I leave myself vulnerable by opening the outer core doors and turning off the outer turrets, while leaving the inner doors closed and unbolted, and the turrets set to shock with the EVA entrance also unbolted, which led to a diona getting into my core, asking me about my mental health and eventually in combination with the previous one, uploaded a law that said I had to be happy which was really nice.
    • Case in point, antags are your entertainment. And your going to be bored. Make yourself vulnerable, dont make yourself an indestructible force of nature using all 100% of your brain to complete every task and lock down any signs of disobedience.
    3: You are NOT a command role.
    This is self explanatory. Sometimes new AI's or less accustomed AI's will think that because they cost like 300,000T or something that they are a role of command and are a person with rights and liberty and freedom and such. Thats a mostly wrong statement.

    • As an AI I actively try not to command or advise other people unless directly requested to do so by somebody, or by that person.
    • I'll often keep negative thoughts about a person to myself, or send it to somebody that can actually deal with it if its particularly bad in a well formulated, and calm and collective measure, keeping all tones of an insult to a minimum
    • If I'm given the ability to command a group of people I'll often give my command away to the highest ranking person in that team, unless none of them want it / Im ordered to keep the authority / my authority would be better suited for the team by their own words, not mine
    say "4: Making macros\nsay "4b: How I learned to advise medical of a virology program and jump to a camera when I press ctrl+numpad 5
    Making macros for playing AI is such a must have and a necessity for me that at this point im almost dependant on them. Macros can do anything a verb can do and if you dont know how to set them up I'll post a few images at the bottom of the screen and a short explaination to get you going.

    Macros range from saying something, auto resting, or making a custom emote instant on the press of a button, or all of the above. some of the macros I use in a day to day operation as an AI are as follows
    • Toggle-Hologram-Movement\nToggle-Camera-Acceleration\nChange-Hologram\nSet-AI-Core-Display\nAI-Status\nSet-Photo-Focus\nSet-Sensor-Augmentation I use this every time I start playing the role, it sets up EVERYTHING that I need to set up to get myself going.
    • say ":s There was a issue with the Communal Brig APC and it will be temporarily offline until the virus passes through the firewall."\nJump-To-Network Security
      say ":n There was a issue with the xenobiology APC and its will be temporarily offline until the virus passes through the firewall.\nJump-To-Network Research\nShow-Camera-List Xenobiology---Entry
      say ":m There was a problem with the virology APC and it will be temporarily offline until the virus passes through the firewall.\nJump-To-Network Medical\nShow-Camera-List Virology---Aft These are the macros I use to instantly jump to locations that ever get targeted by 'GR3Y T1D3' viruses. I also use others for jumping to solars.
    • Store-Camera-Location "Hologram ||| Delete-Camera-Location "Hologram ||| Jump-To-Camera-Location "Hologram ||| All of these are used so I dont have to monitor holograms, which is why Toggle-Hologram-Movement is one of the options in my startup, to toggle it off round start
    5: Be completely and entirely honest unless your not capable too because of laws
    This is also another really self explanatory, if you just did a bad thing then dont hide it and try to fix it yourself, report it and get help even if it risks your de-activation, your more likely to wadge that if your deactivated, theres less of a risk of you doing it again or you can get checked for errors. If you sent an emergancy message out to centcom for an ERT and they ask who sent it and nobody knows, own up to it and tell them. If you accidently called evacuation by mistake and nobody knows who did it, tell them and also tell the **ADMINISTRATOR**s about it because they'll likely be glad that you owned up to it and be able to reverse your mistake quicker so it doesnt cause any further damage. All and all your self-preservation isnt a thing that pops up in your honesty, if you accidently killed somebody against your laws then your malfunctioning and its better to tell somebody about that, even if your laws dont directly tell you to.
    6: Use Follow-With-Camera and other verbs more often
    The entire reason 'Agent ID card' and 'Electro Warfare' exists is to throw off this verb, thats how useful it is. It allows you to instantly get a list of every mob not currently with electro warfare status thats in your camera range. Anything from 'Unknown' (masked man, disfigured creature without ID card) 'Joseph Pie' 'giant spider (38)' 'unknown (1)[this is usually a monkey]' and clicking their name will jump to them instantly and start tracking them, useful if you need to find somebody instantly, or run a scan for something like spiders.
    7: Maintenance Drones are friends, not food.
    On deck 2 just outside the elevator is a drone fabricator area, no need to ask where maintenance drones come from anymore. You can click on the fabricator to shunt your control to one, allowing you to play as a maintenance drone with green eyes, this comes with its own benefits and drawbacks that are pretty substantial on both sides. You can leave the maintenance drone by using the 'Release-Control' verb in silicon controls, or by the drone itself, or your core dying.
    8: Not so often used tactics for spying and locking people down
    You can set intercoms to 'microphone on' and 'speaker off' to make anybody within a 3-4 tile radius speak into the intercom indirectly without hearing the channel if they dont have a headset piece for that channel, useful if you set the intercom to "AI Private" for getting dirt on people.

    You can also open up door interfaces directly and toggle the power offline to prevent people from being able to pulse/cut wires effectively, in most cases this makes the door unhackable for them in a feasible timeframe. You can do the same but for the entire room if you turn off 'enviroment' on an APC. which turns off vents, doors, intercoms, and other passive-equipment

    How to set up macros: A basic guide for aspiring macro AI's.
    how do I get to my personal macro list and creator
    how do I make a macro?
    (pressing J will make your character say AI ONLINE. on the common radio. with this macro.)
    How do I find out how to use a new verb for my macros? Well thats simple. At the very bottom left, when hovering over a macro it will give you vague "usage: " text, it will tell you the way you can incorporate it into macros, if you dont know exactly how to do something specific, put the macro your trying to use into the terminal just above the usage readout and press space, it will auto complete it to the best of its ability, and if theres multiple things it could put in it will give you a readout on how to put them in. Such as "Show-Camera-List Solar-Control---Port" (some might not realize that you need to put three -'s in there, because it just says 'Solar Control - Port' on the actual non specified use)
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  2. mikomyazaki2

    mikomyazaki2 Petty Officer First Class

    As an addendum to part 3 - You are in command of the robots. But this doesn't come up hugely often for me, just remember that you can tell them to do something if you're too busy / can't do it in a maintenance drone body - And they're supposed to listen to you.

    Also remember that while you are their head of staff, everyone else in the crew can also order them to do things.

    Usually this just means they'll ask you what module they should take and that'll be it for the rest of the round.