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Denied Hubblenaut - Developer Application

Discussion in 'Developers - Archive' started by Hubblenaut, Mar 24, 2018.

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  1. Hubblenaut

    Hubblenaut Research Director

    BYOND Key: Hubblenaut
    Github profile URL:
    Featured PRs:

    Why do you want to become a developer?:
    My oldest PR will soon be four years old, and I still find myself coding for Baystation's repository in my spare time with no signs of stopping. Over these past years I've learned a lot, grew attached to the codebase and even started to occasionally review other people's PRs. There is something about maintaining, increasing the quality of code and coming up with clean solutions that I find deeply satisfying and rewarding, so much in fact that I got myself a job within the quality management of software about a year ago.

    I consider myself an active member of the community as I regularly visit the forums or read over the latest PRs and Issues on the GitHub repository in my free time. My biggest strength may as well be my biggest disadvantage, as I can be quite pedantic and stubborn about topics that I feel passionate about. I personally believe it is hard to find a good balance between being too perfectionist and being too sloppy, and admitting that one's own view is wrong or strongly biased can be the hardest part of a discussion, but I will never disregard honest criticism toward my person or dare to think that I cannot still improve parts of my personality. However I consider myself fully capable of differentiating between what is objectively right/wrong, and what is a subjective opinion based on taste, bias or other factors.

    The first PR I made was to learn about open source coding, to fix an issue that annoyed me and to try to introduce myself to the community - and while programming was nothing more but a hobby back then, I still like to learn a bit from writing code for this repository and improve the game by fixing what bothers me or others.

    As I don't see myself stopping to play or code for Baystation12 anytime soon in the upcoming years, I figured I could just as well try and make it official by finally applying for becoming a Developer.
  2. F-Tang Steve

    F-Tang Steve Serpentid Species Maintainer

    What do you feel is most important about the developer staff role?
  3. Hubblenaut

    Hubblenaut Research Director

    Next to experience, it's the ability to remain objective and differentiated. Outside of game design (which can be a very heated topic due to its many different philosophies about how, why, when and what changes should occur), there are clear design strategies when it comes to actual coding. When a change is proposed, subjective opinions regarding the concept of the change should be very clearly differentiated from the way it is implemented.
  4. F-Tang Steve

    F-Tang Steve Serpentid Species Maintainer

    What are some examples of where you've demonstrated these qualities?
  5. Hubblenaut

    Hubblenaut Research Director

    Probably when I bring myself into discussions on GitHub or on the forums and try to objectively discuss the topic at hand, or during my time as admin on the server. To be very honest, it is not something required to do by a regular player, so I'm not giving a conscious effort right now to stay differentiated and unopinionated at all times. But I make sure to remain calm and try to fully understand somebody's view before coming up with a response and counter arguments when needed to.
  6. Sabira

    Sabira Donator

    Unfortunately, I will be denying this application as per the new activity requirements posted in the application info thread:
    Please feel free to re-apply once you can fulfil these requirements. Thank you for your contributions.

    Reopened by request, consider the two-week trial thingy beginning, so we need real indications of activity and interest starting now!
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2018
  7. Sabira

    Sabira Donator

    This application is again denied. I haven't seen the activity we talked about on Discord during these two weeks.

    Your bugfixes are well and good and much appreciated, but we want activity in the Discord/IRC and reviews, neither of which you've demonstrated to the extent that we're looking for. As far as #coding is concerned, your spates of activity there are 4-5 days apart - and one of them was you thinking that it was #chatter. Reviews are again few and far between.

    Sorry, and thank you for your contributions.
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