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Hubblenaut - Developer Application

Discussion in 'Developers - Archive' started by Hubblenaut, Aug 20, 2020.

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  1. Hubblenaut

    Hubblenaut Research Director

    BYOND Key: Hubblenaut
    Discord/IRC username: Hubble#2807
    Github profile URL:
    Featured PRs:
    A more or less random selection sorted from latest to oldest.
    Full list of PRs
    Why do you want to become a developer?:
    My main reason to apply is to help out with maintaining the repository and handling merge requests after noticing that it has already been several months if not up to a year with very few people trying to manage the high workload. With my first PR being from now more than six years ago, and most of my PRs having been solely for Baystation12, I feel right at home here and would be glad to do my part in helping to maintain the repository.
    Ultimately I also hope that this will be a good learning experience for me and that I will be able to further develop my own skills during the time I would be a Developer here.

    Do you have any experience in open source projects?:
    I have only participated in various SS13 repositories, this however at least for a couple of years now.
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  2. Snapshot

    Snapshot Developer

    Hello Hubble and thanks for your application.
    I don't speak for the entirety of the dev team, but one recommendation I can make during your application consideration period here is to participate in the review process for pull requests. As per the role description, one of our most important tasks as developers is to review, approve, and/or deny pull requests for the repository. As a prospective developer, we are looking for how well you understand code conventions, byond DM quirks, and ability to assist contributors. One of the best ways to do this is to start reviewing PRs now as if you were a developer. It gives us the ability to see the things we're looking for, and can help improve your chances at getting accepted.
    Feel free to message me if you have any questions, I'll be happy to help.
  3. Hubblenaut

    Hubblenaut Research Director

    Sounds good! I'll just have to point out though that I will also be busy with some personal things during the day over this upcoming weekend, but I'm sure I will get around to do something.
  4. SierraKomodo

    SierraKomodo Command Keyword Detected Developer Game Moderator

    Would you also be interested in helping go through bug reports to confirm they can be reproduced (Or find out how to reproduce them in the case of runtime errors) and PRing fixes to the ones you know how to fix? The issues list on github's been getting a bit neglected, even if you ignore anything with the Runtime tag.
  5. Hubblenaut

    Hubblenaut Research Director

    Yes. This is actually something I've already found myself doing from times to times.
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  6. Spookerton

    Spookerton Public Kōhai №1 Director of Administration Head Administrator Game Administrator IPC Species Maintainer Donator

    I'm popping this into denied after what I've sent you privately today. The role of developer requires horribly esoteric knowledge along with active existing engagement in a developer-like stance on the repository. After some discussion and activity review - you may well pass in future, but participation is a demonstrative must.
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