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Hubble's ToDo-List

Discussion in 'Coding' started by Hubblenaut, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. Hubblenaut

    Hubblenaut Research Director

    Here's my ToDo-list for people interested. It is separated into three sections: Features, Tweaks and Bugfixes. Green text means that the change has already been merged into the game, orange marks changes that are currently being worked on.
    If you want to suggest small, interesting or even intriguing additions and changes to the game, be my guest. I might not have the time or motivation to implement every single one of these planned changes, so feel free to just take ideas from here for your own PRs.

    This list is not a complete list of all changes I've ever planned/made. Occasionally I will remove items from the list to reduce its length and keep it readable. I'm also avoiding putting things on here that are either too subtle, too minor or purely code-related.

    • Add holowalls for the holodeck to completely immerse the inhabitants in a fake environment.
    • Make digital warrants printable.
    • Suit storage units display the suit they are storing.
    • Suit storage units are able to assemble and disassemble the suits stored in them.
    • Readd table and window slamming.
    • Make digital warrants archiveable.
    • Make digital warrants show up on the Security HUD.
    • Add a carafe and a coffee pitcher.
    • Make brig cells notify Security on their HUDs when the timer runs out.
    • Add a views count for newscaster feeds.
    • Add ability to put grabbed people on back.
    • Make atmos tank consoles set up themselves on round start.
    • Prespawned PDAs and tablets have software and distinct sprites depending on job and role.
    • Remove ability to pull mobs out of a grab.
    • Merge crew manifest and crew records into one software.
    • Make PDAs store lost messages in memory.
    • Make holowarrants equipable on belt slot and security belt.
    • Make air shutters not raise automatically when one area clears but the other side does still have an alert.
    • Make personal equipment lockers display their owner's name.
    • Add ability to close a cycling airlock's interior/exterior door using the external buttons.
    • Allow chest drawers to be filled with forensic evidence.
    • Add ability to put crates and closets into disposal bins.
    • Fix the goddamn wheelchairs already.
    • Fix grab no longer being able to pull the grabbed mobs.
    • Fix grab pixelshifts being all borked.
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  2. Tristan63

    Tristan63 Senior Enlisted Advisor

    Small idea for shuttles:
    When entering a planets atmosphere, fire tiles appear on the front of the ship and pop up or go away sometimes. Creates the effect of entering an atmosphere of any planet.