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I'm tired of Greytiders, so i made a Hotline Miami map about killing them

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by CubecsMelody, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. CubecsMelody

    CubecsMelody Petty Officer First Class

    Whats up people, Ultraviolence Andy here.
    After being subjected to just so many Greytiders recently, dont ask for any specifics, i got sick and tired of them.
    I cant murderbone as Security, since the admins are all unfun psychopaths, So i had to do something sane to get that frustration out!
    Putting on my epic gamer goggles, analyzing the data, i finally found the perfect thing to do! Make a level in a game that is all about brutally murdering people.
    i know, im a gernius, you dont have to tell me that. :cool::cool::cool::cool::king:
    Jokes aside! i basically ported deck 3 of our beloved Torch over into Hotline miami 2, i managed to make it almost 1-1.
    scrnshot11111.png into --> 20200219153459_1.jpg
    This level actually used to be a campaign, with a small intro involving 'The First Plague', Adams character. However, due to Hotline miami 2's Map editor being a buggy pile of shit, i had to cut it, just so this is completable.(walk out the airlock to finish the level) i suddenly have a new found sympathy for the dev's.
    This level has custom object sprites, enemy sprites, player sprites and more importantly its 'open world' across multiple 'floors'.
    If you dont know how HM2 map editor works, let me explain.
    each level can have up to 7 floors,thats the hard limit the map editor has, wich you can enter through transition points. you can make theese floors actually diffrent floors of a building, or just another room. This level has 16 floors, because our ship is just that big, i had to Hackerman my way through shitty 40minute long tutorials only to find out that you can use note pad++ to edit.. that floor.. limit..
    Of course this level isnt perfect.
    The Torch isnt made for Hotline Miami, sometimes if you wander from the main hallway aft section to mid section, the game just crashes for unknown reasons. atleast it did sometimes when i played it.
    The sprites that i ported over from bay may look really out of place aswell, due to HM being from a top down perspective.
    It can happen that if you dont exacly go through the door where the 'GO' arrow points, you may get stuck in furniture or a wall. Again, the torch isnt made for this game.
    20200219153353_1.jpg Baystation is all about Characters, people and how they interact with each other. thats why in this level we got 2 people from the Torch.
    Kiayla Shrader and Hans Fischer.
    I may will make a full on campaign in HM2, that isnt just 'lol kill greytiders'. If people actually would enjoy that. Of course that fully fletched campaign would also include Community characters.
    This level took 2 weeks to make, i dont want to downplay this even though this level sucks in some areas.
    I would really appreciate it if you would check it out, the link is [Here]

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  2. tomdroid

    tomdroid Game Radmin Game Administrator

    this is pretty hot(line Miami). If only I owned the game...
  3. BunkyBunky

    BunkyBunky Permanently Banned User

    if you can't full combo it i'll murder you
  4. Sergeant Adam

    Sergeant Adam Game Administrator Game Administrator

    it's a shame that you weren't able to add spooky plague doctor man :( however, the second I heard about you making this from a little birdie (aka a fucking snitch) I couldnt wait for it to be finished. I'll definitely be trying it out tomorrow.
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  5. CubecsMelody

    CubecsMelody Petty Officer First Class

    your hot.
    catch me if you can! try not to get stuck first.
    i could still post the little intro cutscene as a seperate level :v.
    from a little bir-.. DAMNIT RODDY! i said secrecy! TOTAL SECRECY!

    >THE LINK<
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