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Infantry Shoulder Cord - Syndiekate - Sirin Ardehi

Discussion in 'Denied Items' started by Syndikate, Jan 13, 2020.

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  1. Syndikate

    Syndikate Sol Gov Pilot

    BYOND Key (Username): Syndiekate
    Discord/IRC name: Syndiekate

    Name of Item: Infantry Fourragere
    Type path of the item receiving the sprite: /obj/item/clothing/accessory/badge-ish? I'm not sure specifically, but it's basically just a tie.
    : A peacekeeper-blue fourragere granted to those members of the SCG Defense Forces who complete Army infantry training. A symbol of pride for grunts and former grunts alike across SCG space.
    A PNG image of your icon(s) hosted on a website such as imgur: [​IMG]
    The DMI of your icon(s):
    I am the author of this icon/I have permission to use this icon: Yes

    Name of Character: Sirin Ardehi
    Main Job(s) of Character: Chief Of Security
    How this item relates to your character:
    Never particularly sociable, nor academic, and with impoverished parents, Sirin Ardehi began her career in the defense forces in the SCG Army the day she graduated from secondary school. She enlisted as an infantry-woman, the concepts of camaraderie, brotherhood, and esprit de corps promised by her recruiter, and the promotional videos appealed to her. Though ultimately disappointed by the glacial speed of promotion, and stifling bureaucracy endemic to Sol’s peacetime army, she still came to view her fellow infantrymen and women as nothing less than brothers and sisters, ones who earned their place with hardship rather than familial ties.

    Ultimately however, Sirin ended her service with Sol’s army and used the benefits she received to attend university, obtain a degree in criminal justice and attend the Fleet’s OCS program, commissioning into the fleet, the active and large nature of Sol’s fleet avoiding many of the pitfalls of the Army. Uncomfortable in her relatively new position amongst the ranks of the Officer-corps, and occasionally struggling with the many changes, she’s come to regard her earlier, if more difficult years, with an immense amount of nostalgia and pride, particularly her time in the infantry, symbolized by her Fourragere.

    Other Notes: I know there might be some concerns regarding infantry. But I in no way intend this to allow Sirin to be obnoxious about it, she was someone who naively went into one of the suckiest jobs that exist, but who views the hardship, and the bonds that it forged with a lot of nostalgia, fondness, and as a time of 'stability' when she struggles with adapting to her new situation in the fleet. She is not a 'space nam' veteran with tales of how she killed 42 Indies with a hammer, she saw the barest tail-end of Gaia before the cease-fire was signed.

    I also intend to only wear this with service, and dress.

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    Last edited: Jan 13, 2020
  2. restricted

    restricted Deputy Unathi Maintainer

  3. Syndikate

    Syndikate Sol Gov Pilot

    Huh. When I was in they were just referred to as Shoulder Cords. But that sounds more elegant tbh
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2020
  4. Eckles

    Eckles Senior Administrator Game Administrator Skrell Species Maintainer

    Gonna deny this on the grounds of it being a unique uniform attachment which would...Only be issued to another branch. Not really a thing that would be acceptable for your char to rock around with.
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