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IRC Rules

Discussion in 'Rules, Policy, and Guidelines' started by Snapshot, Aug 29, 2016.

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  1. Snapshot

    Snapshot Developer

    The following are the rules and policy for Baystation's IRC channel on Sorcerynet.
    Baystation's channel can be found at:
    Channel: #bs12
    Server staff can also be found and contacted at #staffcoach

    The rules for the IRC are as follows:

    1. Don't be a dick. Be respectful and courteous to everyone on any affiliated channels.
    2. Sorcerynet's acceptable use policies always apply.
    3. Baystation's game rules apply, where applicable.
    4. Do what channel staff tells you to do. They say stop, you stop, no argument.
    5. No ERP. None. None at all.
    6. Anything NSFW needs to be tagged as such, on the same line. This is not license to go on a porn posting spree, bear in mind. Abuse of this will lead to a kick, then ban.
    7. No links to cracked software, torrents, etc. You are free to discuss it but do the actual linking in queries or something.
    8. If an individual who is permabanned from the server does any action that requires any level of moderation, including but not limited to post editing or deletion, warning, or muting, the handling Community Moderator may at their own discretion issue a conditional ban from the community that will lift automatically on a successful server appeal. This bypasses the standard process for community bans and usage will be scrutinized to cases requiring legitimate moderation, not petty grudges.

    IRC users will also be required, as indicated above, to adhere to Sorcerynet's acceptable use policy, which can be found at:

    Sorcerynet's acceptable use policy:
    a) Cloning, flooding, harassment or anything else with the purpose of annoying others is not allowed.
    b) This network will assist any and all law enforcement agencies (once properly identified) investigating illegal activities on this network.
    c) The server admins reserve the right to discontinue service to any user at any time, without prior notice.
    d) Spamming is strictly forbidden. Advertising your channel in random other channels or private messages to random people is not allowed. Channels that do this, or encourage their users to do this, are not welcome on SorceryNet.
    e) IRC is a medium intended for people to talk to one another. Using SorceryNet for other purposes, such as trading files or controlling botnets, is prohibited.
    f) A server administrator may apply additional restrictions to their server, provided they state so in the Message Of The Day (MOTD).
    g) It is strictly forbidden to use proxies on SorceryNet.
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