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I've located a mapping mistake

Discussion in 'Mapping' started by Tristan63, Apr 28, 2018.

  1. Tristan63

    Tristan63 Sol Gov Pilot

    I think I have located an issue with regards to pods and the sleepers inside them.

    Shouldn't the cryo pod in the escape pod be facing inward instead of outward?
    It wouldn't make sense because pods are cramped and it would be extremely difficult to load yourself into one if its facing forward, plus the mechanism to load people into storage might also be hindered in some way.
  2. Loaf


  3. Albens

    Albens Petty Officer First Class

  4. Tristan63

    Tristan63 Sol Gov Pilot

    But I don't want to make a github account to be able to report this...
  5. Sabira

    Sabira Head Developer Donator

    Too bad
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  6. LorenLuke

    LorenLuke Commanding Officer

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  7. Mordeth221

    Mordeth221 Motivational Commissar

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  8. Meyar

    Meyar Retired Worstmin 2015-2017

    I caught it as soon as I saw admin verbs on the link. :D
  9. 5crownik007

    5crownik007 Permanently Banned User

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  10. BiscuitCookie

    BiscuitCookie Assistant

    I've made a PR with the fix and it got approved. So it will be fixed soon.
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