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Accepted Jaydno - Diona

Discussion in 'Archived Species Applications' started by jaydno, Feb 2, 2021.

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  1. jaydno

    jaydno Bartender

    About You

    What is your Byond key?
    What is your Discord username?

    How long have you been playing on Baystation 12?
    iirc i should be coming onto nearly 2 years :)

    What are the names of your better-known characters?
    I normally only play Jaydn O'rorke, Who varies from bartender to deck technician depending on how I'm feeling, i have also recently started playing a bridge officer by the name of Sylvester Morningstar.

    About The Species

    What alien species are you applying for?
    Diona / Dionaea

    Why do you want to play as the alien species?
    Over my time on bay I have found incredible amounts of fun with being a more passive, laid back character. And getting most of my enjoyment through socializing and interactions with other players (this is mainly why I love playing bartender so much) And after being on the server for so long I have decided I want to expand my role playing not to another job, but another race. I think it would be a fun and new experience to try to role play through the eye/eyes of this species, as they provide such a unique experience and differ so much from any other race. I personally would feel privileged to take on the challenge of playing as a believable character and to be able to make other players experiences interesting whenever we have an interaction.

    What are some example names for the alien species?
    Some names I have thought of would be:
    Soft tapping of rain splashing down on the flowing grass
    Inebriated chatter at the bar stools
    Hushed whirring of the machine cramming glimmering crystals with star-colored liquids (preferred)
    Short ver:
    Soft tapping
    Inebriated chatter
    Hushed Whirring or Hushed whirring of the machine
    Explanation: I would like to be a Diona bartender and the name is the memory of a nymph watching as a barista fills glasses with various alcohols

    Summarize what you know about the species.
    I will try not to just retype the wiki so i will keep to large parts of the lore:

    The Diona are a race of cat sized insect like creatures, that can and will merge together to farm "gestalts" which is a collection of multiple Dionaea, these gestalts can be anywhere from the size of a dog to encompassing the space of an entire star. on the torch we primarily see gestalts of Diona shaped to a humanoid resembling figure or singular Diona moving around observing the crew doing tasks.
    Diona are very interested in replicating and imitating tasks they see other species doing, and you will often see singular Dionaea sitting around and observing the behavior of people doing day to day tasks, in an attempt to understand and replicate said tasks. You will often see Dionaea gestalts doing simple and easily replicated tasks such as janitorial work or tending to a bar as they have observed others doing it and are now replicating it to fit in.

    The mentality of Dionaea is very interesting as they are extremely curious and intelligent, they are unable to feel emotion and are only able to replicate emotional traits they have observed from various figures.
    The names of Dionaea are usually foundational memories from one of the nymphs that make up the gestalt, but in an extremely poetic form, for example, "The Pleasant Humming as the Gentle Flow of Radiation Pulses from the Entrapped Crystal Sun", The names are generally shorted though because most humans dislike having to recite poetry just to greet someone.
    Dionaea do not understand the concept of violence as a means to an end and will almost never intentionally hurt someone, even in scenarios where a Dionaea is actively being attacked, since they do not feel pain in the same way humans do, they will sit there and take it and continue to observe the behavior of the attacker in an attempt to understand why they are doing it.

    The Dionaea were first discovered by the Skrell roughly 275 years ago from the current Baystation 12 setting in an event where the Skrell had come across strange readings emanating from the upper atmosphere of a star, a mining fleet then came across a dense belt of matter orbiting around the star, and failed in attempts to reach the strange object. After a while a strange signal was received by scientists which had their heads buzzing in excitement, it appeared that the stars where sentient and attempting to communicate with the mining crew.
    After further study a strange discovery was made, the star itself was not sentient. But the orbiting ball of matter was, and it was communicating with the vessels. After several years of painstaking study the completely foreign language was decoded and formal communications could begin with the strange object. the scientists learned that the ball of matter was actually a massive collection of smaller creatures all forming into one single being, it was also being held in the atmosphere by rare and unstable gasses emanating from the host star, along with absorbing the stars radiation as fuel.
    Over many more years of painstakingly slow communications due to larger collectives of Diona having slow information processing power, an agreement was made in which the Skrell would take samples and seeds of the Dionaea, and bring them to systems they could not reach themselves, in return the Skrell would be able to establish mining equipment in and around the orbiting gestalt to harvest the gasses it collected from the host star.

    Character concept

    A nymph grown in a hydroponics bay in a small human outpost, constantly sitting in the bar of a bar observing and taking mental notes of the curious activities of the bartender and the drunken customers, after 2 months of being allowed to observe, someone tripped over the nymph and it was banished back to the hydroponics bay. but feeling bad, the bartender decided to plant many more Dionaea seeds so the singular nymph would not be alone. Some more time passes watching plants until more nymphs emerged and they eventually formed into a gestalt that was incredibly invested and curious in replicating what they had seen the bartender perform. After many more years of learning and evolving, It ended up on the torch as a friendly bartender who gives its all to replicate what they observed from the bartender at that small human colony.

    I can easily add more to the char concept if needed I am just writing this at 6am so mind me if its a little bit empty in that part
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    shouldn'tuseit Bartender

    +1 good char concept
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  8. purplemontart

    purplemontart #1 Tree Dad Game Administrator Diona Species Maintainer

    Sorry for the wait, I am after all a very large doona.
    Some clarification, while mechanically a diona gestalt is at least three nymphs, lore-wise this isn't the case and there are many more making up the body of an immature gestalt, the humanoid ones. While the character concept is fine I'd like you to update it a little to reflect this. Even just "planted some more seeds" would work to be honest.
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    jaydno Bartender

    yup got it thanks ! will do! thank you so much for the reply
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  18. purplemontart

    purplemontart #1 Tree Dad Game Administrator Diona Species Maintainer

    PAIN is me.
    This is
    You'll have it at the start of next round.
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