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Denied Job Ban Appeal - Cheesedoodles - Sergeant Adam

Discussion in 'Archived Appeals' started by Cheesedoodles, Sep 3, 2019.

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  1. Cheesedoodles

    Cheesedoodles Assistant

    BYOND KEY - Cheesedoodles

    Date and Time of Ban - around 2:00 am cst 02/09//2019 (DMY)

    Character name at time of ban : Sten Styles

    Admin who banned you: Sergeant Adam (All I remember was the name had sgt. in it so i assume it's Adam)

    reason why you were banned - Got drunk while on duty as a surgeon multiple times, as well as incredibly innapropriate comments while a patient was un-dressing in preparation for surgery. Seemed pretty quick to try to brush me off in ahelps and get it over with. This ban can be appealed once you feel that you can play a sane and mature senior medical character as is reasonable within the setting.
    Duration of ban: Until appealed

    Reason why you should be unbanned: It's true, I acted unprofessional and got drunk at the start of an extended shift when there was only 10 people on the station (I tried two more times to get a drink and got denied by the barkeep. I didn't drink anymore after the first time i started slurring) I also said some inappropriate comments to a patient who had insulted me previously. He punched me in the face so i stole 200 thalers from his wallet. I read the rules but clearly didn't read them well enough to see that sort of behavior and that sort of RP would get me job banned without warning so for that I'm sorry. Near the end of the round the admin asked me to talk, I said "sure" and he told me he's been going over my logs for the last couple rounds (even though that was my first time getting drunk on the server, and my first round as that role. Actually my second day here so that might have been my first time drinking period) and told me i kept drinking on duty and it was wrong. Told him it was my first time, said "I won't drink openly then" so he gave me a big ol paragraph explanation on why it was against server rules to drink as a doc. I said "sure man." he then gave me another paragraph explanation on why it was immature so i said "sure man, I don't want to be arguing with no admins" He then gave me another paragraph, and admittedly at this point i was getting a bit agitated. I'm not a child, so i don't need the same thing repeated over and over again so I sarcastically stated "sure man, no doctor has ever turned up drunk to work, ever" I got another paragraph for the sarcastic remark, (deserved that time) And said " sure" The admin felt like i was brushing him off by saying "sure or sure man" to his long explanations on why drinking was wrong but in all honesty I just understood what he was telling me. I guess he wanted me to say something more formal like "yes sir" or " understood" but i stuck with "sure" because that just how I talk with most other folks. After the 4th or 5th paragraph he gave me one more paragraph (and I'm gonna paraphrase this) in which he said "okieeedokiee I feel like your brushing me off and your going to drink again so I'm giving you a ban until you can show us you know how to act more mature. You banned until appealed. Enjoy the rest of your shift" he then immediately ended the ticket and logged off.

    I feel I should be unbanned or at least have the banned knocked down to a week long or day long because 1: it was a first offense and my first time getting pinged by an admin. 2: I was going to follow his instructions and act more professional, It's not some grand undertaking to stay sober in a 2d spaceman game but because he 'felt' like I would do it again and misinterpreted my responses as 'brushing him off' I got the ban until appeal and 3: I'm starting the second term of my electrical program on Friday so It will be difficult for me to consistently play on the server as medical staff and be seen acting according to these guidelines (Not because it's difficult but because of my new schedule) I truly enjoy the sever and the in-depth medical system that it has and would like the opportunity to continue playing as the surgeon role. I also got job-banned from the CMO role but I never had any intention of playing that role until I had a more firm understanding of viro and chems. If you read through all that then thanks for taking the time to do so.
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  2. Cheesedoodles

    Cheesedoodles Assistant

    Lol one week later and no response. 12/10 Admin team
  3. Sergeant Adam

    Sergeant Adam Game Administrator Game Administrator

    Edited in your actual ban reason.

    This appeal is denied, and your ban will not be lifted until you've spent some time playing other roles, and showing that you're capable of playing a sane and mature character to the extent that is reasonable within the setting.

    If you want to play medical, you've still got medical technician, counselor, and chemist.

    You can submit another appeal a week from today, 09/17/2019
    Any appeals submitted before this date will be denied.

    Side-note, sometimes appeals can get drowned out by other posts or just flat out missed. You're allowed to bump your post every 24 hours, but if you don't then you can't really complain if it takes a while to get your appeal handled.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ping me in #staffcoach on the Bay12 discord.
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