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Kallen1 - Vox

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by Kallen1, Nov 17, 2019.

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  1. Kallen1

    Kallen1 Assistant

    About You

    What is your Byond key?

    How long have you been playing on Baystation 12?
    Several months now - took a bit of a hiatus a bit ago but have been back in the swing of things lately.

    What are the names of your better-known characters?
    MCPO Ned Dornan (SEA)
    PO3 Malik Velai (Atmospheric Technician)
    Marquis Valoo (Explorer)
    U-ORD (AI)

    About The Species
    What alien species are you applying for?
    Why do you want to play as the alien species?
    Vox remind me a lot of the space pirates from Metroid - a race of scavenging self-modifying reptillian aliens. I've always enjoyed the thought of playing an antagonistic character, but I find that playing as something like traitor a bit exhausting. I want to play Vox cause I think I Vox pose something fun for the Charon and Torch crew, a hostile arrogant alien race. Their lore, while cryptic - is very interesting, especially the mystery behind the Apex and just waht their purposes are for the Vox. Considering I enjoy playing AI and synthetics, I think playing a species governed by mysterious organic computers is cool as hell.
    What are some example names for the alien species?
    Kraarukokilika (Quill-rich Blade Swinger of the Converted Station of the Arkship Concise Growth)
    Vitikrariita (Thief of Fleeting Hydrogen of the Haphazard Cruiser of the Arkship Cooked Coffin)
    Makitikarka (Burglar of Bombs of the First Frigate of the Arkship Black Horizon)

    Summarize what you know about the species.
    Vox are a craven, selfish - and haughty race of tri-beaked, tailed humanoids.
    Their height can be anything from five to eight feet - and their colors are mainly green or brown, with exception to markings on their bodies and their quills. Their skeleton itself is simlar to birds in that it is lightweight compared to other creatures. Unlike most other humanoid species, Vox sustain themselves in a pure nitrogen atmosphere and can suffocate in oxygen. Vox bodies are designed for rapid instances of movement - akin to a sudden sprint in a human. This can lead to too much lactic acid in their systems which causes a burning sensation. Vox are able to pracitcally eat anything they could ever want, as long as it is organic. Their beak acts as a form of cloaca where food and digested food are consumed and regurgitated. Cloaca also serve to spew reproductive material, but because Vox are an artificially made species (not born), this is not necessary. Again, like birds - Vox have something resembling a gizzard that grinds away certain harsh materials in the many kinds of foods they eat. Vox bodies are produced, given a main goal - and implanted with a crucial device known as a "Cortical Stack." The cortical stack is not only a brain-scan of the Vox, containing their personality and memories - but a second brain, maintaining the thinking capacities of the Vox while the biological brain controls every automatic process. This gives a Vox what is effectively immortality, as even a body stranded in space can be eventually recovered and restored. As a result of their production, Vox do not have any particular bias on cybernetics, seeing them as simply a way to alter an already bio-engineered form. Vox raiders can even see cybernetics as a sign of dedication to operating away from an arkship, something to be proud of. The blurring of the lines between machinery and flesh does not just apply to their bodies - but to their weaponry and ships as well. The Voxs' tech is made biologically, grown - having similar musculature as Primalis. Obviously, this confuses the hell out of any scientists who have managed to actually get a sample from Vox weapons. It also leads to an interesting dynamic where Vox see their ship and weapons as something like a distant sibling, simply another breed built for a different purpose. Even more inscrutable is their ancient yet standstill FTL and Inter-ark network. Apex rely on the inter-ark network to communicate with each-other, coordinating their efforts even with each arkship moving. As such, some Vox choose to jack into the conduits and establish their own make-shift comms network. The FTL systems of the Vox is completely different to any science known by SolGov and others, not being derived from bluespace but still functioning. Vox themselves are not aware of how it works and how to use it - that being managed by the Apex who do not deign to impart this knowledge to their primalis or armalis. These of course, are only present on few Vox ships, most ships in occupied space having stolen FTL systems.

    There are three castes in Vox society, also having differences biologically with each-other.

    The Apex: Eldritch and uncomprehensible, their whims and decrees are given with no explanation. Vox consider these as the emissaries of a greater being, not to be divulged to non-vox. Biologically, they are the starkest contrast from the rest of the Vox; being incredibly massive organic computers embedded within the heart of each arkship. They are also what is considered the judge of a vox justice system, if there is one - capable of permanently destroying a vox mind to every vox's horror.

    Armalis: The best of the best that Vox have to offer physically. Most of these find themselves as leading their fellow Vox simply due to most other primalis not being able to physically question their rule. They were designed for the heavy duties by their creators.

    Primalis: The most common, mass-produced form. These are the typical Vox that are seen out in the universe, being designed as the average and main helpers of their creators.

    Organization, otherwise, for a vox crew are typically determined on a case-by-case basis by the vox themselves. Usually it results in the leader being chosen by whichever can beat the other vox in a fight, becoming an unofficial leader. The Apex - when they do decide to dictate, will designate what is known as a 'quill' to be the leader of a particularly important vox crew.

    Psychologically, Vox are seen commonly throughout the universe as one of the worst aspects of it - cruel cowards with no perception of any property except their own. This view is derived from Vox's perception of other species - property. Considering that Vox are the only ones with cortical stacks, then clearly these other beings who can malfunction and die are not on an equal stepping as them. Trade with other species is infrequent - by virtue of there being nothing to gain for the Vox from doing it, especially with things they consider "meat." Every Vox has the imperative to retrieve a cortical stack when possible from a fallen member, simply because the Vox race is dying. To the Vox, the highest priorities are self-preservation and then keeping their fellow Vox alive. What can happen to a Vox who is lacking a body for a long time is an alteration in memory, fading for instance - and possibly a complete personality shift if left without a body for too long. Language wise, the Vox Pidgin relies on loud piercing tones that irritates any non-vox around them. Likewise, Vox see any other language as simply having too many differing sounds and words. There is a very small amount of Vox interested or capable of speaking Zurich Accord Common, due to their disinterest in non-vox behavior. However, there usually is atleast one 'interface' who speaks common on any vox ship working in non-vox occupied space, even when they see speaking other languages as below them.

    Vox do not have any home planets - their arkships serving as a residence. Arkships are spherical, the Apex being located at their heart, while stolen ships and other things such as metal bulkheads simply built on-top of the core. This built-up mess of metal is known by Vox as the "Shroud", where the majority of those million Vox will spend their lives and deaths. There are just under one million distinct Vox personalities, with the numbers dwindling still. Against any true organized naval threat, Arkships are royally screwed except in one respect, running away. With this - Arkships are similar to regular Vox behavior, typically only resorting to violence when there is no choice of choice or when the non-vox is drastically outnumbered or outgunned.
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  2. Eonoc

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  3. Eonoc

    Eonoc Vox Species Maintainer Deputy Serpentid Maintainer

    Excellent app. Approved.
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