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Karl Johansson - Skrell

Discussion in 'Alien Species' started by MelNye, Aug 6, 2021.

  1. MelNye

    MelNye Bartender

    About You

    What is your Byond key?
    Karl Johansson

    What is your Discord username?

    How long have you been playing on Baystation 12?
    About a year and a half

    What are the names of your better-known characters?
    • Aleksandar Kovalevsky - Trainer
    • Jerry Jones - Senior Researcher
    • Casen McConnel - Engineer
    • EU-Emerson-153 - Damage Control Technician

    About The Species

    What alien species are you applying for?

    Why do you want to play as the alien species?
    Recently I have felt that I am running out of ideas for human characters and have decided to look for alien species to play as. I have taken a specific interest in Skrell due to their unique cultural structure and technological advancement. In addition, the Skrell have a large amount of lore to base a character on, allowing for much deeper characters than some other species.

    What are some example names for the alien species?
    A lot of Skrell names are difficult to pronounce for non-Skrell, so nonsense names, names from one specific alien culture, or shortenings are used instead. For example:
    • Uwoo'Kli Xaniitir
    • Wyona Vianiai
    • Xrivatoo Kloa'wiin
    • Joe Paulson
    Summarize what you know about the species.
    The Skrell are a race of humanoids, with a lifecycle similar to Earth amphibians. Skrell do not have any large nations or states, rather a vast collection of independent city states. Despite this, they adhere to a caste system, with each caste having a specific role in society. For example, the Kanin-Katish, or the Caste of the Builder, which form Skrellkind's general workforce. Skrellian society has a strong and effective safety net, allowing for (aside from the caste system), a very equally opportune society. The Skrell have many long lasting cultural norms, with the lack of central authority slowing any significant change.
    The various city states, though lacking a central body to unify them, very rarely go into direct combat with each other. Inter-city disputes are usually resolved via diplomacy or, as a last resort, covert military action. This is due to the War of the Qri-Qerria, which happened as a result of increasing tensions on the continent of Xi'krri'oal, which had become hedonistic, wasteful, and uncaring for scientific or cultural progress. The various inter-sate wars lasted 800 years, beginning in 2400 BCE and finally ending in 1800 BCE. It took almost 700 years to rebuild, with the few survivors taking up the culture of Qorr'gloa, which had remained frugal and progress-focused.
    Each city state has their own reserve force which double as a police force, however Skrellian Defence Task Forces or SDTFs are used to pool manpower and equipment from multiple cities. These task forces are independent once they are formed, but are still reliant on their founding cities for personnel. Positions in an SDTF are highly sought after as they offer higher pay than the average citizen, as well as priority in healthcare and education for both the position holder and their close family.
    Despite a general focus on society as a whole rather than individuals, Skrell place a high value on the arts and personal expression, especially music due to the Skrellian language's high vocal range. This can be seen in the existence of the Talum-Katish caste, who are comprised wholly of various artists such as musicians, writers, painters, sculptors, and chefs.
    Human expansion threatens the Skrell, as the Skrellian population grows very fast due to strong tradition about family size, along with Skrell not having a concept of marriage, rather they have a panel of potential sexual partners. Recently, Skrellian technological development has plateaued due to the logistical and bureaucratic limitations of the many city states as opposed to a central authority. Humans are often viewed as unproductive and individualistic by the Skrell, however the Skrell maintain an alliance with humanity out of necessity. Some more alarmist Skrell have concern that humanity's individualistic nature may rub off onto Skrellian society.
    Skrell working with humans often struggle to get their emotions across due to Skrellian being a lot deeper and more expressive than any human language, often causing Skrell to resort to body language instead. Skrell do not use facial expressions very often, however, as most of the muscles in their face are concentrated around the lower jaw and throat. In addition, Skrell are most comfortable in somewhat damp environments, which is problematic in a cold, dry, air conditioned spacecraft.
  2. MelNye

    MelNye Bartender

  3. Eckles

    Eckles Senior Administrator Game Administrator Skrell Species Maintainer

    Hello sorry for the wait.

    I'm not really looking for a regurgitation of the wiki, as stated in the requirements.

    "In your application, I am not expecting you to regurgitate the wiki page, far from it, I only really expect a really brief summary about the species in general. What I really want to see from an applicant is that they understand the mindset of the Skrell, the species as a whole and their place in society so that you can demonstrate an understanding of how they're meant to be roleplayed. I'm not expecting an essay on this, only decent effort"

    Have a pop at this. Talk about who the Skrell are as people, as individuals, and stuff.

    It doesn't need to be a long essay, as I said, just, give it a go.
  4. MelNye

    MelNye Bartender

    Do you want it submitted in a reply or should I resubmit an application later?
  5. Eckles

    Eckles Senior Administrator Game Administrator Skrell Species Maintainer

    As a reply, whenever.
  6. MelNye

    MelNye Bartender

    Okay. Sorry for taking a long time. I have admittedly pretty limited in-game experience, so I may come back to edit this later.

    The Skrell are a highly emotional people, viewing other races as emotionally stunted in comparison. Despite Skrell culture placing importance on individual expression, Skrell are highly focused on their role in the greater society, which is partly the reason for their caste system. This means they tend to engage very wholly in their profession. Skrell are also very caring, forming very strong bonds with their peers. In conversation, Skrell can seem very animated or intense due to them feeling a much greater depth of emotion, although they struggle to express themselves fully in the languages of other races. Despite this, Skrell are much more likely to speak directly about their emotions or use body language instead of using facial expressions, as they cannot move their faces to the same degree as humans. Unlike humans, a Skrell will not lock up or become silent when they are feeling strongly emotional, instead they are much more likely to become quite vocal.
  7. Eckles

    Eckles Senior Administrator Game Administrator Skrell Species Maintainer

    Sorry for the delay.

    Eh, most right, I would point out caring about the rest of the group doesn't always translate into liking the rest of the group. Also, not every Skrell's going to become vocal just because they're feeling emotional, especially not with non-Skrell, because hey, they just wouldn't understand.


    1.How do you feel a skrell from one given caste of your choice sees their place in life? In society? Compared to other skrell? Answer this from the perspective of an individual, not a glorified stereotype of their castes ideals.

    2.What do you feel is the primary issue facing the Skrell as a whole is?

    3. In what ways do you feel the Skrell and Humanity contrast?

    4. A Malish-Katish, serving as a trauma surgeon in the emergency department of a large central hospital, is beset with a sudden rush of patients, as are most other hospital staff. The Malish now has a serious situation infront of them, they have three patients: Two of these are the sons of the city-states Qerr-Skria, badly wounded from a shuttlecrash. Their wounds are deadly, and will require vital medical treatment soon. The other possible patient is a Kanin-Katish, who you are aware is the supervisor of the Cities water treatment and processing plant, responsible for the water supply for the entire city. They have been brutally wounded carrying out vital repair tasks to the system and are, likewise, in need of urgent treatment. Whoever is left to be treated second has exceptionally low chances of survival. Who would the Malish choose to treat first, and why?

    5. How do you feel Skrell handle conflict resolution between each other? How about with humans/other aliens?

    6. In many ways, Raskinta and Kanin seem like they are quite similar in mentality, culture and approach. But how do you feel Raskinta and Kanin might contrast?
  8. MelNye

    MelNye Bartender

    The delay's fine, considering how long my answer took. To answer your questions:
    1. I'll pick the Kanin-Katish, as I intend to make a Kanin-Katish character in the future. They would probably view themselves as quite important to society as a whole, though only because they view their work as incredibly important. Despite this, they are likely quite humble, as they recognize that while their work is important, all of their coworkers and family are equally important. It is likely that growing up in such a caste system would lead them to believe that their path in life was somewhat 'predetermined', in that they were supposed to take that path for the good of society and/or those around them.
    2. I think the primary problem facing Skrell as a species is overpopulation, as humans and other species are setting up borders around them, limiting the amount of potential stars for habitation. This goes poorly with the Skrell's already established high population growth rate compared to other species.
    3. The Skrell and Humanity contrast quite significantly. While humans are focused on the individual and what they can do for themselves and sometimes others, Skrell focus on their greater impact on society as opposed to their individual safety or pleasure. In addition, humans put much more emphasis on seniority over competency, whereas Skrell place legislative power in the hands of the most educated, as in seen in the Xaq Moglar.
    4. I believe that a Malish-Katish would be more likely to attempt to save the life of the Kanin-Katish. This is because Malish-Katish emphasize rational thinking over personal bias and wellbeing. The Kanin-Katish is directly responsible for the city's water supply and may still be required to continue repairs on the system. If the system isn't repaired, it would have direct consequences for the rest of the city.
    5. Obviously this would vary between Skrell, but due to the Skrellian taboo against open criminality it would be very unlikely to be resolved violently. Generally, Skrell are more likely to attempt to come to an agreement before taking direct action against another party.
    6. While both are very dedicated to their work as a blue-collar worker or soldier respectively, Kanin-Katish are more likely to form strong familial bonds with others, as opposed to the Raskinta-Katish's wider commitment to the community. In addition, while Raskinta-Katish care very little for personal satisfaction or development, a Kanin-Katish find a lot of personal satisfaction in their work and enjoy developing their skills in their line of work.
  9. Eckles

    Eckles Senior Administrator Game Administrator Skrell Species Maintainer

    That's a little barebones but sorta works, I guess. Raskinta care very much for personal development, because not developing themselves does not allow them to better serve the whole.

    Try answering question 5 in a little more detail and answer the question more fully in regards to how it is with skrell and how it is with other aliens.

    Gimmie two character concepts.