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Killing, Violence, and RP

Discussion in 'Rules, Policy, and Guidelines' started by Raptor1628, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. Raptor1628

    Raptor1628 Lore Maintainer Donator

    Violence, death, and killing are an integral part of SS13, and Bay is no exception. If you play, you may kill, and you will probably die. While we are all playing in a story, sometimes your role in the story is to die, wordlessly munched on by a changeling for sustenance. Antags are allowed to kill when they need to, want to, or as their IC motivations demand. While RP is important when killing, if it makes sense for an antagonist to kill someone, they aren't required to write a Shakespearean emote to accompany it. Similarly, the crew is not limited to nonviolent interactions with antagonists, and are allowed to use the force they deem necessary from an IC perspective. Though it's courteous to let the Antags make the first move, if the mercs threaten to blow up the station with a nuke, they should expect the crew to play hardball. Similarly, if you end up on the losing side of the coin as an antagonist, revealing your motivations in an interrogation, or simply to your captors can give the crew some much-needed closure.
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