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kooarbiter- GAS

Discussion in 'Denied' started by kooarbiter, Dec 20, 2019.

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  1. kooarbiter

    kooarbiter Bartender

    About You

    What is your Byond key?
    (your answer below each question)

    How long have you been playing on Baystation 12?
    Off and on over the past three years, though I've been playing a lot more recently in the past couple of weeks.

    What are the names of your better-known characters?
    Ana Bow, Allie Lei, Lucius Lorenzo

    About The Species
    A race of half snake half mantis omnivores who are contracted to work on the torch for their trainers at Xynergy with two sets of arms and a discomfort of physical contact
    What alien species are you applying for?
    Giant Armored Serpentid, or GAS for short.

    Why do you want to play as the alien species?
    I think the idea of playing a giant scary insect bug monster that just wants to sit in the corner and make clicking noises at anyone that walks near is hilarious, and I think there's a huge potential for roleplay with this intriging alien concept.

    What are some example names for the alien species?
    Mary, Jack, Kelly, Robert, Taylor.

    Summarize what you know about the species.
    The Giant Armored Serpentids are a race of insectoid creatures that range from 15 feet long at young adult, to 25 feet at old age. They have mantis like features, ending in a long snake like tail instead of legs which have a tendency to coil. They can eat raw meat or vegetables, however they cannot digest wheat or grains. They have two sets of arms, a scyth like, armored set that they use to attack, intimidate, and protect itself, and a smaller set of three finger like appendages which manipulate things like a prehensile tail moreso than a human hand. They are covered in armored chitin, excluding their eyes which are vulnerable to flashes of bright light, but they have an organic pair of protective lenses which can cover their eyes, but makes them blind further than a meter or so away, and their eyes must be cleaned manually. They can near perfectly camoflauge with their enviroment. While used on their home planet to hunt animals sometimes twice their size, this ability has very little use on stations and ships.

    They do not like close contact with anyone else, Serptentids with better temperments are more likely to verbally ask someone to leave their personal bubble, but one with poorer temperment may start making loud intimidating noises to show irritation and discomfort, with GAS that have poor temperments, they may resort to violence if they are not the type to flee first, or otherwise disperse someone coming inside their personal space. This can be rather unintuitive to some species like human, which require social contact to survive, because humans must keep in physical contact regularly to maintain proper brain chemistry and mental health at younger ages.

    Their language, which involves the use of auditory or visual signals mutually exclusive for one another, can be understood like any other, though the visual portion is often more difficult, but it cannot be spoken by non serptentids due to the inability to create the auditory noises or perfectly match the visual movements. Many contracted GAS have a robotic translator voice which is installed that allows those who know ZAC or another language to speak it. There are a few words the translator can use that the serpentid language either doesn't have a word for, or just cannot pronounce. They are not considered free as they haven't achieved independant or natural intelligence required by SCG law, without the training of Xynergy the GAS couldn't achieve levels of training and knowledge of say, a human or skrell, but they can be trained for many jobs in engineering or service positions. The Xynergy corporation trains GAS at multiple facilities and assigns them a letter for their competency at certain skills, and literacy, with a plus or minus denoting temperment.

    They can breathe oxygen, but in some areas, like on their home planet of Tau Wilo, on stations, and in other areas with lower amounts of oxygen, they must store phoron gathered from the air via biomagnification in a specialized organ and combine it with naturally produced acetone to make dexalin, which sustains them. They are less vulnerable to the void of space than regular humans, but are not immune to it, and low blood oxygenation damages all of their organs rather than just their brains.

    They can perfectly copy a specific action they witness another gas doing, but do not understand why it has to be a certain way, nor do they understand how something happens as a result of that action, only that it does. They cannot generalize how a specific action can be used in other circumstances unless they witness the action or similar actions in different circumstances or over a period of time. This makes them inflexible and slow to learn new things, but their ability to use skills they have learned and remembered can rival a machine when used in a similar fashion to a conveyor belt.

    Their thinking pattern is akin to a constant string of run on sentences, while most thinking creatures structure their sentences to say more with less, a Gas constantly appends actions with conjunctions, leading to a stream of consciousness like way of speaking. While a human might say,"I've been feeling pretty dizzy, I talked to the lab tech, he said he can make a drug to help. I need authorization; I'm going to the bridge deck to get it from the captain." a gas would say,"I've been feeling pretty dizzy and I talked to the lab tech and he said he can make a drug to help."

    While they are not paid and are not considered to have rights, they do enjoy working towards a goal and prefer to have a purpose in life, likely a carry over from their colony mindset.
    What is your character concept for your trial period?

    Penny, a maroon colored GAS, rated at C neutral and working as a Janitor aboard the torch. Penny enjoys her job, and like most giant armored serpentids, detests and is anxious of physical contact or having others in her personal space. She vastly prefers the taste of cabbage to raw meat and will typically only eat it when cabbage or other vegetables are not available. While she finds it humorous to see the faces of humans and other crew who are not familiar or knowledgable of what a GAS is, she is annoyed at the frequency by which they attempt to make physical contact, and at one point almost came to physical confrontation with a passenger who was constantly trying to feel her carapace and would not leave her alone. Her preffered method of warning and intimidation is clicking her mandibles together while staring at whoever is threatening her.

    Penny tries not to get involved with the antics and issues of others as long as they do not affect her, she is not literate or incredibly familiar with ZAC, usually only enough to ask basic questions to her supervisor, ask where the bathroom is, or report something to medical or security. She takes pride in her work cleaning the torch, and gets especially irritated at anyone who litters or otherwise makes her job needlessly more difficult.
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2020
  2. F-Tang Steve

    F-Tang Steve Developer Serpentid Species Maintainer

    In the first paragraph of the summary, what do you mean by their body having a tendancy to coil?

    You mention that the eyeshields make them mostly blind when they're worn. That's true, but specify they can still see pretty well within a meter.

    You mention they can camouflage without their conscience control. After reviewing the wiki, the wording on the wiki is confusing and should be updated, so this isn't your fault. However, this is worded with some ambiguity. I will update the wiki but, in the meantime, can you remove the bit about the conscious control?

    In the following paragraph you say that they make loud intimidating noises when people are in close contact. For plus GAS though, they're much more likely to move or verbally ask the other person to back up. Even if the person continues to be belligerent, they will likely call security or ask for help before making contact unless they are grabbed or similar.

    You also mention that some GAS resort to violence when they can't flee or disperse someone. This is mostly true, but a minus GAS may not try to flee at all and go straight from warning sounds to shoving. Calling it violence feels a bit broad and "physical contact" is a bit of a more accurate word.

    Their language isn't really confusing, not is itbnigh impossible for non GAS to understand, but moreso that non GAS can't speak it. A human does have the range of hearing to understand it and can learn it. A human would likely have difficulty understanding it from visuals alone though due to the precision and similarity of the movements needed to produce the sounds.

    The bit about the translator also isn't accurate. The device is only used to allow them to produce sounds outside of their physical ability. They still have to learn any language they want to speak. They also don't really have many words without equivalents in other languages. Names yes, but that can be thought of by flipping it. For example, if a human was named Steve, and you wanted to say "Steve" in the serpentid language, there's really no way to translate it since it's a series of sounds that aren't even close to existing in serpentid.

    As far as sapience goes, GAS are fully sapient and are sapient by law. However, Xynergy has argued that while sapient, the GAS aren't "intelligent" without human intervention. This has caused them to be legally classified as "artificially intelligent beings", similar to robots with posibrains, and so are covered by different laws than "naturally intelligent beings" like humans or skrell.

    While the letter grade does correlate with skills and literacy, effectively in game it's used to denote which class of job they can be.

    On Tau-Wilo, they must also use the oxygen strategy as the oxygen levels are similar to those on the ship. They don't filter phoron from the air directly, they use oxygen from the air to create phoron. The phoron is collected due to biomagnification, similar to how heavy metals build up in tuna and other predatory fish by eating smaller fish. They store the phoron in a phoron storage organ so they can release miniscule amounts as required. Also, they don't carry oxygen in their blood at all, so there's no concept of a blood oxygenation level for them.

    They're only slow to learn new things when being taught by humans. They can, in a single viewing, perfectly replicate a complex behavior. Another day or two of observation will then let them generalise the behaviour. This makes them fast to learn new things, but they have no idea why what they do works. In the context of a chemist, you can teach them to dispense and mix a few different components and they will generalise it to any component. You can then give them a series of recipes for chemicals with instructions and they'll be able to mix them all. However, they won't know what those chemicals do and they won't know how to develop new chemicals. If their recipe for some reason didn't work, they would have a lot of difficulty troubleshooting the problem.

    The thinking pattern and speaking style has changed from the original release. Currently, GAS don't expand their thoughts with redundancy anymore.

    Your example of "I am going to bridge deck to speak with the captain about gettiing authorization for a drug the lab tech can make me for my dizziness" would actually end up basically the same as the original.

    However, if the human version was more like "I've been feeling pretty dizzy. I talked to the lab tech, he said he can make me a drug to help. I need authorisation; I'm going to the bridge deck to get it from the captain" would turn into "I've been feeling pretty dizzy so I talked to the lab tech and he said he can make me a drug to help but I need authorisation so I'm going going to the bridge deck to talk to the captain."

    Basically, any periods, commas, or semicolons in what a human would say should be turned into conjunctions instead.

    Could you please incorporate these adjustments to your app?

    As for the character concept, the idea of a GAS telling off a human for littering is amusing. I'll have some more feedback on it, as well as some questions to answer, when you're done with the adjustments to the main section. Please post here when you're done editing. Pinging me on discord when you're done is also super useful.
  3. kooarbiter

    kooarbiter Bartender

    Edit done, this is my first alien WL I've applied to, so I hope I did a good enough job fixing the issues.

    In the role playing guide, it says that rather than sitting down or sitting in a chair, a gas would coil around the chair, as they dont properly have the anatomy to sit in a chair designed for bipedals.
  4. F-Tang Steve

    F-Tang Steve Developer Serpentid Species Maintainer

    Hey so last bits here.

    That makes sense for the coiling.

    Could you update the bits on the speaker device and the bits on the oxygen a bit more based on the feedback?

    On the character concept, GAS need to be fully comfortable with speaking and understanding ZAC. I'll be asking the following questions with the assumption that she is fluent.

    Please answer the following questions using a description of Penny's reaction as well as direct quotes of her speech and her physical reactions.

    1) Penny is cleaning up the mess hall by mopping and picking up garbage. The bartender sneers at her, calling out "Hey trash snake" to get her attention. She then throws some crumpled up trash at Penny, which bounces harmlessly off her carapace. "I dropped something trash snake, clean it up for me." What does penny do?

    2) Penny is moving through the maintenance tunnels between the decks. She turns a corner in the darkness and ends a few meters away from a group of humans. There are four humans with strange red armour and holding weapons pointing at a fifth human on the floor. The fifth you recognise as a corpsman from the medical bay. His radio has been removed and you spot it in the hand of one of the others. None of the humans have noticed her yet. What does penny do?

    3) Penny is mopping the hallway. A man comes along and stands staring at her from far down the hallway. He slowly starts moving towards her, shuffling while never taking his eyes off her. Not noticing the wet floor, he slips, sliding feet first towards her in a direct collision course. What does Penny do?
  5. kooarbiter

    kooarbiter Bartender

    Edits should be done, let me know if there's anything else I needed to change.
    1. Penny replies," Hey useless human" to get his attention, and then points to the nearest trashbin after putting the trash on the floor away

    2. If it's a person they don't care about, they move on their way as it doesn't have anything to do with her, not her job to stop them, she's got stuff to clean/do. If it is someone she cares about, she quietly reports it to security and lies in hiding nearby to intervene if she absolutely has to before security arrives, if sec does get there before anything happens to the paramedic she backs off and watches from a safe distance.

    3. Penny does a short chuckle and points to a wet floor sign, if she hasn't had time to put one down then she apologizes.
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2020
  6. F-Tang Steve

    F-Tang Steve Developer Serpentid Species Maintainer

    Ok, this seems pretty good. There's still a few bits I could nit pick but I think it shows good understanding of the species. The reactions to the situations seem like they'd work reasonably well too and match up with a reasonable character.

    Please note that before you can play independently, you'll need to conduct a trial with either Eonoc, F-Tang Steve, or Alex6511. A trial consists of one (or more) supervised play sessions where we watch you play GAS and offer pointers, corrections, et cetera. Basically get everyone on the same level of GAS play before turning them loose.
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