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LD-MAD-220 - Robot - Mcspizzy

Discussion in 'Fulfilled Items' started by mcspizzy, May 27, 2019.

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  1. mcspizzy

    mcspizzy Bartender

    Name of Item: LD-MAD-220's Custom Robot Skin

    Description: The second installment in the MAD series of Robots/Drones, following the premise of being both a civilian and military product as it's predecessors.

    A PNG image of your icon(s):

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    I am the author of this icon/I have permission to use this icon: Yes

    Name of Character: LD-MAD-220

    Main Job(s) of Character: Station Bound Synthetic

    How this item relates to your character: After the success of the revived HD-MAD series of machines, E-E Green-lit the development of the second iteration of MAD. Marketed for both the military and civilian sectors LD-MAD offers a more compact package to it's counterpart, shedding bulk for not only the benefits of cost and overall affordability, but also to offer a more user friendly and accessible product. With trials inside the Fleet and other SCG government organizations to soon take place, Eagan Electronic has offered to provide a total of five LD-MAD models to compliment the already present line of HD-MAD units onboard the SEV Torch.

    BYOND Key (Username): Mcspizzy

    Discord/IRC name: Quill#1998

    Other Notes: A very grateful thanks to Dongwaiver for taking the time to complete this commission for me, thank you!

    Slots used: 1
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  2. afterthought

    afterthought Head Developer Developer

    Approved I guess. Note that your activity has been quite low, and if that continues the older custom robot will be at risk for culling if we start running out of room.
  3. mcspizzy

    mcspizzy Bartender

    Yeah I’ve been really busy and going through some stuff. I plan to start playing again this weekend though! I’ll get to having a PR posted here by today hopefully.
  4. mcspizzy

    mcspizzy Bartender

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