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Leite_Qualhado - IPC

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by Leite_Qualhado, Oct 9, 2019.

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  1. Leite_Qualhado

    Leite_Qualhado Bartender

    About You

    What is your Byond key?

    How long have you been playing on Baystation 12?
    Id say for about like 5 months or 4 but nowadays I'm almost playing only bay

    What are the names of your better-known characters?
    Daniel Gran/Senior Engineer
    Arturs Robert/CMO
    Antoniete Beualie/Brig Chief

    About The Species

    What alien species are you applying for?
    IPC/Integrated Positronic Chassis

    Why do you want to play as the alien species?
    The concept of a Robot like the IPC always fascinated me (especially since i work with mechatronic) how they work and what would it be like to have robots like the IPC co-existing with other humans on a daily basis and what situations and interactions it might lead to from two extremely different reasoning logics and decision making

    What are some example names for the alien species?

    Pythas/Physician (an already existing character I have met while playing)
    (while I have met already many others IPC i can't see to remember they names especially nowadays i haven't found any other IPC)

    Here are some names i came up with:

    Summarize what you know about the species.
    The IPC history began when a man named “Cronus” spent most of his life trying to create a true AI he spent years and years developing new engineering methods exploring new sciences and decoding mathematical riddles but even tought all his effort he passed away before he could archive his goal on 2360, after that his sons took over his project and adopted the name "Chiron" after what i presume to be years they managed to create a prototype based on the father design.

    The first-ever positronic brain to be activated was in 2376 using a massive amount of power and resources to even making the prototype and activating it took even more resources and power,but once activated it managed to operate for 3 minutes before shutting down although the short spawn time it was a great achievement that lead to the creation of more of its kind millions and millions where built what soon lead to be the concept of a new "race" at the beginning of the "IPC revolution " how I like to call it The positronic fabrication was slow but steady utilizing Re-purposed robotic shells in its early days made then easy to be integrated Their amazing intellectual skills and tireless work habits made them ideal workers (after all if you can have someone that has great intellectual skills and can work 24/7 without tiring and no wage required that's the perfect worker)
    after that "Chion" was purchased by Xion which was a leading developer of mechanical tech and soon began introducing bluespace mechanics into the positronic structures which lead to the creation of the Bluespace circuits the old IPC models life span were short ones of 15 years or so although the today models life span is unknown maybe even being infinite if proper care is taken.

    There are two kinds of Positronic brains which are:
    Traditional circuits made with a personality already coded into it they are basically unable to learn or perform differently from what they were intentionally built to with leads to a predictable unity that will always react the same to a situation unless told not to
    and we also have the
    Bluespace circuits are extremely more advanced type or circuitry compared to the traditional ones they are able to rewire themselves over time wich makes then able to learn and even deviate from the personality utility intended for then and making then "special" from others IPC's and being able to adapt to the current situation and perform choices based on the current situation unlike the traditional ones that will always act the same
    also as a side note, there are currently 300,000,000 positronic units in operation give or take both lawed and free

    The IPC also have a special Language that they have developed which consists of a series of audible pulses similar to Morse code this language is also known as EAL or encoded Audio Language such special form of communication makes it almost impossible to be understood by anything that isn't synthetic much like you and me can't understand Binary just by looking at it we need tools or mathematics to be able to decode what it is saying and just like this some humans were able to understand and even speak the EAL language through the use of augmentations or in some extremely rare cases even without then, the IPC "species" even has developed a "slang" so to say such as:
    0xGd — Used to express dismay, relatively similar to ‘oh god.’
    Pos, Hu, Sk, Tj, Un, Vx, Di, Nb and Anm — Numerical terms, used for numbering the various species
    and also they have developed honorifics such as:
    0x[name] which would most likely be used to refer to the AI as the eye in the ceiling
    +[name] — Indicates personal respect.
    is also worth knowing that not all IPC uses those slangs or even know about then at all.

    The IPC like many other synthetics are owned and lawed thought possible to then to acquire freedom be thought buying itself or out of the goodness of the owner heart many companies or persons tend to deny said freedom or even make so they have to pay to 10x time the original price of purchase of said IPC which makes harder to see free synthetics atought exists a group called the Positronic Union wich attempts to free lawed synthetics through legal or dubious means which has led them to be considered terrorists and extremists by other species.

    Character concept:

    Watch-Hound was built by the Hephaestus Industries as an Expensive security measure for both private protection and Asset protection,
    His Model chassis looks extremely robust and was made to generate the intimidation tactic on however tried something while using a Black and red coloration they were created with extreme weapons proficiency close combat and forensic investigation in mind "all in one packet"
    His model was sold as the ultimate security officer or bodyguard while being marketed as an extremely robust deadly and loyal Protection IPC that had two operating modes 1: friendly one to grant company have a nice chat etc whenever not engaged on his second mode which is 2:The unity would enter a robocop mode becoming extremely aggressive towards the threat of the asset or the person he was in charge of protecting trowing all the politeness out of the window while on this mode and even becoming violent in case the situation called for and performing everything they could and more to protect or perform whatever duty he was designed to, Someone is being an annoyance to your owner and he tells you to make him go away they would fist say something like "Leave now otherwise i shall be forced to take more drastic measures" if the guy refuses to leave they would go as far as throwing him out of wherever the are, assaults on the unity owner would be met with severe response someone punched you ? they would go as far as dislocating the guy arm for that, someone stole a valuable asset and took a car and is running for it ? fuck it they would run after the guy until they caught him entered a room and locked the door down? they would bust in the door to grab him.
    now coming back to the "Watch-Hound" character the Hephaestus Industries made a deal with him they would grant him freedom but in return he would have to Join the Expeditionary Corps and assume a security role "Watch-Hound" accepted the deal this of course wasn't out of the goodness of Hephaestus heart they had a plan a a marketing canpaing so to speak of placing one of they top security protection "messure" to be part of the EC in hope of inpressing EXO into making a deal with then to provide more unitys in exchange of money of course and sharing some of they discoverys with then like "Look this IPC from hephaestus is doing such a great job and is so efficient and hes free imagine what kind of security we could have if we had more of thoses specificaly lawed to us ?" but hephaestus ins't dumb and would trust they bussines deal potential to a free ipc and when producing this unity they made "certan modification" to its circutry inssuring that he wound't go rogue and ruin everything "Watch-Hound" dosen't khows this of course. (also the name Watch-Hound is the default model name and he didn't choose a different name so far)

    I plan on making him black with red stripes and a robust and intimidating appearance and the monitor changing into a more intimidating image when in confront and a more calm and relaxed one when not i don't know exactly how the ipc creation works so not entirely sure if that will work(hopefully it will)

    he would have two personalities actually one when in combat or engaged on duty and another when free and not doing anything the "calm" personality would be friendly and talkative while the "combat" one would be more silent intimidating rude and more aggressive doing anything to get the job done

    Situations and reactions:

    Someone calls him for a talk while everything is fine and calm he gladly accepts the offer and goes on to have a chat
    Someone calls him for a talk while there's a security situation going on he denies it and stops everything he's doing to ensure that everything is back to normal and safe then once that happens he returns to his normal personality

    There's a security issue someone is trespassing into medical and refuses to leave he fist asks politely that he leave and inform him that if he doesn't it will be met with necessary force he denies it and attempts to run away the second personality kicks in he starts to run after the guy flash him and grab+trow him out of medical by force.

    I never applied to anything on any ss13 serve so not sure if my application is ok or not but hoping it is would appreciate any tips or advice on where I can do better next time
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  2. Leite_Qualhado

    Leite_Qualhado Bartender

    B u m p

    Also massive grammar corrections
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  3. Spookerton

    Spookerton Head Administrator Director of Administration Head Administrator Game Administrator IPC Species Maintainer Donator

    Hiya. Your species background knowledge is pretty cursory, but still workable. A main point that you've missed, though, is that positronics don't make emotional decisions. That goes deeper than beep boop I am cold. Topically, an IPC in a peacekeeping job isn't going to be chokeslamming people and dislocating joints for trivial things. That's an imperfect, illegal, and highly animal response.

    Speaking of which; if your main goal in going for an IPC whitelist is to play robocop, you should know that it's one of the most complained about aspects of the species and why I'm constantly on the verge of pulling security roles from IPC again. I'm afraid I won't ok-stamp a character concept that largely seems built around problem MA behavior. I'd like you to discard Watch-Hound and work up something else from scratch if you'd still like to go for IPC.
  4. Leite_Qualhado

    Leite_Qualhado Bartender

    I was aware of the logical decision making aspect of the IPC's i just forgot to add that oof but no im not applyng to be a robocop i thats not my goal at all but don't worry i will create a New IPC character concept soon.
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  5. Leite_Qualhado

    Leite_Qualhado Bartender

    Name: V.O.I.D
    Age:10 years
    job: Explorer
    Personality: Sarcastic most of the time but he's not sarcastic to the point where he's a jerk, he also believes that all forms of life should be preserved for study and to kill a form of life is a waste.
    Appearance: He used to be dark blue with purple striders over his body and a Xynergy logo engraved the back of his "chest", but after joining the EC he got a new paint job and was colored black and purple as the exploration team standard color atought the Xynergy logo is still there
    Concept: V.O.I.D is an IPC built for exploration on harsh environments and Cataloguing of native fauna and flora he was owned previously by Xynergy
    Where he was used for the collection of Xenofauna and Xenoflora on Harsh environments for Xynergy, he after the years developed an interest in biology,
    which leads to him every time he was sent to capture an animal or flora he would fist do whatever he was sent to do after that he would spend some hours studying the planet fauna and flora and the behavior when in the wildness some times when he found a dead animal he would use his combi Knife to dissect the dead animal and exam they organs aways registred everything he saw on his memory bank he was very fascinated of how organic matter could
    rearrange itself in some many and divert forms with different behaviours in such unpredictable ways,but years of being sent to the same planets to catch the same faunas and floras grew uninteresting for him as he had aready studied basicaly everything there was to on the planets after all once you spend 4 years studyng the same thing over and over again it grows uninteresting and so was like that for him, he fist asked xynergy to be reasigned to a diferent sector wich different planets and faunas which was denied by Xynergy as they staffs on different sectors was already optimal, after a year V.O.I.D saw that the only way he could move on to study diferent species and plants would be if he wined his freedom wich lead him to ask his facility director for freedom,it was denied at fist but then before V.O.I.D left the directors made a proposal to him... there was a new IPC model in the market wich has proved to be more efficient than V.O.I.D on the the capture of xenofauna wich could lead to an increase of 43% of efficiency compared to V.O.I.D thefore the deal was that every month he would recive 1000 thales and the price of the New IPC model was 48000 once he gathers enought money to purchase the IPC he would be granted freedom,V.O.I.D agreed and after 4 years working for xynergy he had made the 48000 needed to buy the IPC he gave the money to the facility director and as promised he was given freedom and trasnported to Ceti Epsilon and left to his own,V.O.I.D fist tried aquaring a SOL citzenship wich after a few months he was able to aquire it after that his plan was to earn enought money to purchase his own space ship be able to explore the universe that wound't prove an easy task, however, after a while he found a job on a Pet Shop as a tamer of agressive pets and care take of peoples pets it might not pay much but he could study the animals that were brought in he also well he also acted as a night guard since he dosen't has a home he would spend the nights on the pet shop taking care of the animals and making sure everything was ok,after 5 months he learned about the Expeditionary corps and they propaganda of exploring new worlds,indepht exploration of uncharted worlds catalogation of unkhow fauna and flora and the hope of finding new unkhow inteligent life this imidiatly caught V.O.I.D attention he seeked after a recruiting center on Ceti and after being accepted he went back and spoke with the pet shop owner wich had become something of a friend to him and the pet shop owned wished him luck with the EC,after that he finished his 4 months training on the corps and joined the Field Operations after finishing his fist mission on a planet nearby SOL fronter he was granted the rank of Explore and afterwards assigned to the SEV TORCH mission,what happens next is yet to happen.(Note if he had to choose a faction to support it would be Xynergy as he spent most of his "life" working there and approves Xynergy Goals)
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  6. Spookerton

    Spookerton Head Administrator Director of Administration Head Administrator Game Administrator IPC Species Maintainer Donator

    Hmm. Okay. I'm willing to give you a shot. You'll have the species by the start of the next round.
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