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Loadout Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kooarbiter, Jan 9, 2020.

  1. kooarbiter

    kooarbiter Bartender

    Hey folks, figured I'd necro this section of the forums, share your job loadouts, suggestions, etcetera below

    explorer: large webbing with duct tape, relay GPS thingy, camera and folder with paper, machete belt with machete, gas scanner, xenoflora scanner, plant scanner, geiger counter, binoculars, explorer combi knife in boots, all the parts of my suit folded into it tank included, spare tank in my pocket with a shortwave in the other, whatever medical supplies or tools i can scrounge up in my backpack.
  2. flying_loulou

    flying_loulou Senior Enlisted Advisor

    Oh boy.

    Medical technician (Blanchet's loadout) :
    - EMT Belt : inaprovaline, dylovene, Dexaline Plus, tramadol, bicaridine, KeloDerm, syringue.
    - backpack : crew kit (containing : extended emergency tank, Mask, duct tape, sterile Mask, my beret, shortwave radio, my Flask+mug...), Stretcher, autocompressor, toolbelt (fully filled with the usual tools, wires, and a gaz analyser)
    - pockets : emergency forcing tool and PDA (used as health analyser)
    - wallet : ID, award, light pen, Zippo, 2 sugar-iron pills, 1 painkiller autoinjector (for me Alone, if I get injured)
    - MT chest rig : nitrile and work gloves. EMT helmet in suit storage (generally used as glorified flashlight)
    - drop pouches : blood bag, knife, rescue bag, fire extinguisher
    Plus my mighty stethoscope

    There is indeed some spare Space which I fill when I get an hypospray/need to pack a defib and whatnot for exploration.
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  3. Piccione

    Piccione Chef

    Medical Tech (Wilson):
    -EMT Belt:inaprovaline, dylovene, Dexaline Plus, tramadol, bicaridine, KeloDerm,Splints
    -Head:Flat Cap (Imbues me with the power of being Working Class)
    -Right Ear:Syringe
    -Pockets:Health Analyzer and Tablets (To Look at Suit Sensors)
    -EMT Jacket: Pill bottle, Wooden Cross (For luck)
    -Webbing Vest:Trauma and Burn kits
    -Uniform: Dog Tags, Field Operations Patch, Stethoscope
    -Backpack:Auto Compressor, Roller Bed, Face Mask, Emergency Tank, pry bar, radio, blood bag, Mess Cup and Skrianhi Tea Flask
    -Eyes:Medical HuD Goggles
    -Shoes:Medical Combiknife
    -Gloves:Medical Duty Gloves

    Physician (Andrew Johnathan):
    -Medical Belt:inaprovaline, dylovene, Dexaline Plus, tramadol, bicaridine, KeloDerm, Syringe
    -Head:Observatory Beret
    -Uniform: Dog Tags, Observatory Scarf
    -Labcoat: Penlight, Silver Cross(for luck), Observatory Patch, Medical Armband
    -Right Ear:Silver Dangle Earrings
    -Eyes: Prescription Medical HuD
    -Pockets:Health Analyzer and Sensors Tablet
    -Backpack:Advanced First Aid Kit, Megaphone, Bible (Flash inside), Medical Tape, Crew Kit, Heart Lunchbox (Jelly Sandwich, Muffin, Iced Tea), Nitrile Gloves and Sterile Mask

    MAA (Archie Leech):
    -Uniform: Dog Tags, MAA Brassard, Black Drop Pouches, Security Forces Badge
    -Drop Pouches:Face Mask, Pry Bar, Radio, Flashbang
    -Security Belt:Compact Smartgun(Safety Off, Experienced Firearms), Police Tape, Handcuffs, Pepper Grenade, Pepper Spray, Warrant Projector, Stunbaton, Megaphone
    -Pockets:Flash and Maglight
    -Gloves:Security Duty Gloves
    -Shoes:Folding Knife
    -Head:EC Cap
    -Eyes:Security HuD Goggles
    -Backpack:Crew Kit, Armor (Not wearing it during Green because i'm too powerful and have to be nerfed), Tea Flask and Green Cup, Evidence Bags
    -Plate Carrier Pouches:Trauma Pouch, Compact Smartgun if I get a King-Sized Version to put in my belt
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  4. BunkyBunky

    BunkyBunky Permanently Banned User

    How about something a little more simple and compact.

    Oliver Kurtis - Experienced Forensic Scientist and part-time jackass, at your service.

    Detectives Suit with a Striped Red Tie and a Security Armband, sleeves rolled up. If a Plate Carrier is not on, Smartgun resides in a pocket.
    Agents Jacket, optional but if worn, it has it's buttons undone and a warrant projector in it's pockets.
    Plate Carrier, rarely worn however if it is on, it sports an SFP Agent Tag and my SFP Badge, holds a pair of handcuffs and a warrant projector.
    SFP Badge on the belt slot if a plate carrier isn't worn, prime viewing location.
    If the Plate Carrier is being worn the belt slot is filled with a holster belt; Smartgun, two flashes, one pair of handcuffs and a flashbang.
    Shined and polished Dress Shoes, very expensive.
    Wedding band is almost always equipped, if not, it is replaced by forensic gloves.
    Bag is only worn when the Plate Carrier is equipped, usually stuffed with evidence bags and medical equipment.
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  5. flying_loulou

    flying_loulou Senior Enlisted Advisor

    Okay lemme toss some more

    PO2 Lemius, Fleet Damage Control and Atmos Tech :

    Uniform : coveralls with tanks, qual pins, 4th Fleet patch, Torch Patch, Fire overpants, Brown Drop Pouch (Containing my SCBA Mask, Extended Emergency Tank, Firefighter gloves, Insulated Gloves).
    Boots : Duty boots with the engineering combi-knife in it
    Belt : Full tool belt (the usual set of tools + Wires + Multitool)
    Backpack : Navy Ruckack containing : Crew kit (flask, Mug, Beret (when not worn), Duct tape, shortwave radio, 1 metal foam grenade, engineering tape), 1 cardboard box (T-ray scanner, Geiger counter, along some other stuff I generally need), 10 steel rods (for EVA quick response), 1 firefighter belt, 1 DCT Helmet (makes a good flashlight y'know).
    Pockets : PDA/Gas analyser (depending on how lazy I got), Tablet.
    Head/Ears : Engineering bowman headset.

    LCDR Kieffer, Fleet XO :
    Uniform : coveralls with ranks, qual pins, 4th Fleet patch, Torch Patch, hip holster (containing the disorientator).
    Boots : Duty boots with the officer combi-knife in it
    Belt : Equipment belt with : Megaphone, Flash, Folder, clipboard (with a pen on it, and some spare sheets of paper), duty gloves, eventually a flashlight
    Backpack : I generally don't wear it, but I keep the Crew Survival Kit and a navy blue helmet cover in it.
    Pockets : Tablet, with the crew monitoring console, and a vacuum flask for coffee/stag.
    Head/Ears : 4th Fleet beret + command bowman headset.
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  6. nwalker

    nwalker Bartender

    *takes deep breath*

    Naomi Walker:
    • Kimono
    • Blue overcoat
    • Wooden sandals
    • Messenger Bag
    • Prescription Glasses
    • Lipstick
    • Stud Earings
    • Computer Tablet
    • Silver Locket
    • Clipboard
    • Quipao (an old item that I still spawn with.)
    • Black Zippo Lighter
    • Lunchbox that always contains a Coke.
      • Emt Belt: Inaprovaline, Dylovene, Bicaridine, KeloDerm, Hyronalin, Dexalin Plus, Tramadol
      • Two syringes
      • Breath mask
      • One extended emergency oxygen tank
      • White Webbing that contains: Trauma Kit, Burn Kit, Splints, one Beaker, and Nanoblood
      • Mediscanner
      • A red toolbox with: A blowtorch, a wrench, a screwdriver, a blowup door, a blowup wall, a mini fire extinguisher,
      • A flashlight
      • At least one rescue bag, preferably two.
      • One roller bed.
      • My lucky red crowbar
      • A pack of Tempermento Menthols, although I usually leave those in my lunchbox.
      • A pair of blue sterile medical gloves.
      • A medical visor.

    ... and I usually find an excuse to stuff a Syringe Gun with two rounds of ammo down my pants. I'm sure I forgot something. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Don_Piano

    Don_Piano Bartender

    Senai Tewodros, atmospheric technician.

    • hazard jumpsuit
      • attached: webbing vest and engi-armband
    • hazard vest
      • attached: gas mask
    • boots
    • MESpatch
    • hard hat
    • toolbelt
    • engi-satchel
    • insulated gloves
    • in the webbing vest: gas analyser, atmos tape, cable coil, geiger counter, shortwave radio
    • in the hazard vest: welding goggles, meson goggles
    • in the toolbelt: tools (!)
    • in the satchel: sundries + a tablet with all necessary programs
    • in the pockets: flashlight
    Carrying around in a dufflebag when shits and fans collide: plasteel, rods, reinforced glass, steel, airlock boards, power control modules, air alarm boards, inflatables box, metal foam grenade.

    I know it's a hassle to swap the MESpatch for meson goggles every time I have to enter the engine room, but it's a sacrifice I make for glowing in the dark.