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Loaf's feature polling.

Discussion in 'Coding' started by Loaf, Jan 15, 2019.


What feature to work on? (Jan-Feb)

  1. Finish mech rewrite.

  2. Borer rewrite/rework.

  3. Reimplement corpsec as CL bodyguard/enforcer.

  4. Fix bugs!

  5. Finish Kharmaani (

  6. Asteroid grabber for shipside mining.

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Roland410

    Roland410 Petty Officer First Class

    A dark UI theme would be a great QoL change, so I wouldn't have to burn my eyes out, it'd also go well with the general darkness of the Torch we have right now.
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  2. CrimsonShrike

    CrimsonShrike Sol Gov Pilot

    Chemfluids? Sounds expensive to have to check for reactions per tile, but who knows.
  3. Noble Caos

    Noble Caos The Lorax

    Not to sound rude, but are you planning on finishing the Dionaea rework?
  4. Loaf

    Loaf Retired Staff

    Which diona rework?
  5. Loaf

    Loaf Retired Staff

    With the backlog and the pain in the arse way polls are working I'm just going to abandon this idea and make a poll when I'm through with the previous stuff. Might use the Europa forums or something instead idk.
  6. Noble Caos

    Noble Caos The Lorax

    - let nymphs refill water and fertilizer by ingesting chemicals
    - let nymphs ingest arbitrary chemicals within a NOREACT inner container.
    - let them harvest from hydro trays
    - more than one nymph can fuse into a holder gestalt which is Twitch Plays Nymph. Every nymph inside can move it (slowly) via relaymove and it will gradually accumulate biomass from light/rads.
    - gestalts that collide will merge into a single gestalt.
    - a sufficient number of nymphs (5?) + a sufficient amount of biomass in the same gestalt will root it to the ground and begin Diona RTS Mode. Turf below the neural strata becomes diona-ified and this will gradually spread over time, as biomass income permits.
    - diona turfs will turn light and radiation into biomass
    - biomass is spent over time to preserve the turfs and structures that are part of this gestalt
    - biomass is also spent to create new nymphs, turfs and structures
    - structures:
    - doors, walls, windows, floors. Directly creates them rather than simply expanding passively, but costs extra biomass to do.
    - ingestion sphincter - nymphs (or anyone with hands) can deposit chemicals into this orifice. Chemicals enter any available reagent bladders.
    - reagent bladder - NOREACT storage for ingested reagents.
    - synthesis chamber - allows chemistry to be conducted with anything stored in reagent bladders.

    Sorry if it's poorly formatted, if it is I'll fix it when I'm at a computer.

    Started with the nascent gestalts and such iirc, but I can't locate that PR
  7. Eingamer

    Eingamer Chef

    Seems to make "grow a bunch of nymphs and set up some emitters" a viable next step after ousting a blob.