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Proposal LOOC Moderation

Discussion in 'Public Staff Forum' started by Miraviel, Oct 20, 2018.

  1. Miraviel

    Miraviel Retired Staff

    Since LOOC was turned back on, it is being heavily moderated though it has two more rules we strictly enforce - namely, that we do not allow chatter in it (which is not included in the rules) and unless it is mechanics-related, no IC in OOC (covered under rule 3.2 and 3.3).

    I would like to propose three ideas to make it a little bit more uniformed and more understandable for the players.
    • Turn off LOOC for ghosts. I know sometimes players want to help the living but we always have at least one staff member online and anyone can ahelp. The past two days I saw two people talking to living characters as ghosts via LOOC. I don't think they should be allowed to do so even on a mechanical level.
    • After one warning of no chatter/no IC in OOC/salt, issue a one-week LOOC ban. After the ban, if they chat in LOOC again, ban until appeal, no warning. Since we have no "no chatter in LOOC" rule under rules, first offenders shouldn't really know it so I tend to go easy on people. It is not written anywhere... yet:
    • Include "no chatter in LOOC" as rule #3.4 so we can point people in the right direction/new players won't talk about their experience. It will make the rules page longer I know but this is a rule we enforce on a daily basis, it should be there.
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  2. Sergeant Adam

    Sergeant Adam Game Administrator Game Administrator

    Very much on board with these suggestions. LOOC is probably the absolute #1 thing I boink people for, and to be honest just yelling at them isn't really cutting it. People forget, or they may think that they won't really get in any kind of permanent trouble for it, which is sort of the case right now.

    Actually making it a written rule would be a great help for starters, as right now most new players, who are generally the ones putting chatter in LOOC, don't have any way of knowing that it's a big no no. Those who do know however, can sorta just slip through the cracks cause we don't have any real procedure for handling those who repeatedly put chatter in LOOC. So yeah, that's gonna be a yes from me dawg.
  3. Earthcrusher

    Earthcrusher SMASHER/DEVOURER Laser Tag 2019 Participant

    I agree with all of this, especially the bit with the ghosts.
  4. Virgil

    Virgil Senior Administrator Game Administrator

    I'll be discussing these with the seniors+. In the meantime I'd like to see more input from others on this.
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