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Lushsalmon123 - Kharmaani Gyne

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by Lushsalmon123, Feb 3, 2020.

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  1. Lushsalmon123

    Lushsalmon123 Bartender

    About You

    What is your Byond key?

    How long have you been playing on Baystation 12?
    Close to nine-ten months, if I had a guess.

    What are the names of your better-known characters?
    Paul D'Ville (Human)
    Xandra Ulriqa (Human)
    Jackson Darno (Human)

    About The Species

    What alien species are you applying for?
    Kharmaani Gyne

    Why do you want to play as the alien species?
    Initially, the idea of applying for a species wasn't too appealing to me as I've been pretty busy with a number of other real-life things. However, upon playing as a Kharmaani Alate, I realized that there's something oddly unique about the roleplay involved with playing a character of the Ascent. In my personal opinion, the Ascent themselves have the potential to offer great roleplay to those interacting with them, even if it's less social roleplay and a lot more interactive roleplay through the use of emotes, I believe that in the right hands, a gyne with a decent gimmick might be capable of providing great roleplay towards other players of the community. The Kharmaani species as a whole carry a special place in my heart as the roleplay potential for this species is absolutely amazing, resulting in my application.

    What are some example names for the alien species?
    29 Waking Storms
    53 Windstruck Herald
    12 Basking Hold

    ,(Many other names come to mind if needed!)

    Summarize what you know about the species.

    Starting with the exterior, Kharmaani are crystalline by nature, usually having a thin exoskeleton and a translucent soft inside. Throughout their lives Kharmaani molt, resulting in a form of 'maturity' within their crowds. The Kharmaani as a whole are capable of transitioning 'sexes', upon birth, most Alates will be 'male', fighting and swarming one another, inevitably this will eliminate the weak from the nest, leaving only the strongest behind to mate with a Gyne. After enough time, only a select few of Alates only ever manage to mature to a Gyne, resulting into a transformation which turns them into a 'female'.

    The behaviour of the Kharmaani to an outside species seems 'hostile' and otherwise unapproachable by others. This is mainly due to the fact that the Kharmaani view most outside species as beneath them and a general nuisance, often opting to keeping to isolationism. The Kharmaani do tolerate the Monarch Serpentids, often making their courts of the Serpentids' Queens. They often act as mediators between opposing Gynes. The relationship between the Skrell, however, remain shaky at best due to past altercations, Kharmaani might be more receptive toward Skrell, likely opting to keep their conversations brief.

    The culture of the Kharmaani is an odd one at best due to the way the species itself matures and operates. Most Gynes will not interact with other Gynes, or even the same lineage, choosing to kill them outright through brutal combat, most times, resulting in the death of one or both of the Gynes. In most cases, this is biological instinct for a Gyne, if not, it's done in the pursuit of power, influence and general recognition within the larger crowds of Gynes. Workers possess much more simpler work as their exterior is harder than Alates. Due to this fact, Alates are most often seen in engineering, piloting and other higher positions as their carapace would, in some cases, be weaker than a Worker's carapace. Control Minds might be the most essential back-bone to the Kharmaani society, as they complete basic supply tasking and other jobs. Control Minds, unlike most other intelligences of the galaxy are given full rights, meaning they can participate in whatever event or activity they would like to.

    Character Concept
    29 Waking Storms had originated from a planet with a relatively harsh surface enviroment, resulting in their nesting to remain mostly beneath the surface of the planet their lineage had opted to make a nest on. Upon the time of their birth, 29 Waking Storms had lead an uneventful life as an Alate, partaking in the normal instinctual mating swarms common for Alates before reching full maturity. As an Alate, 29 Waking Storms had been a particularly odd Alate, in that they would pride themselves over collecting strange items, trinkets and relics. Atleast, as much as a young Alate could understand these concepts.
    Later in their life, 29 Waking Storms reached full maturation, resulting in them beconing a Gyne and taking to the stars. 29 Waking Storms finds themselves on their seedship with a handful of Alates within the outermost reaches of space, often times the visitation upon alien worlds or anicent worlds would result in her returning with a number of anicent artifacts ehen possible. While she believed these objects to be mostly beneath her, she found them astonishingly odd in craft, many times examining the objects closely before placing them away. They found no interest in lifeforms, instead keeping a main interest on finding a home for her Alates and odd or ptherwise ancient artifacts. In this regard, she believes most other creatures of the galaxy largely insignificant, knly ever striking their interest only when it's in the pursuit of something they're interested in.

    29 Waking Storms often finds themselves mining on the worlds the may came across, being largely materialistic, in that she'd rather gather and safely store rare minerals for her Alates.

    Gimmicks For This Character:
    In a short summary to what I just wrote, 29 Waking Storms is largely fascinated by alien artifacts. This means that they are interested in the pursuit of materialistic things rather than simply exploring and examining suitable worlds. Bear in mind, finding a suitable world is important to this Gyne, however, being more closely materialistic in value, 29 Waking Storms essentially gets the liberty of using the mining on the Ascent ship. Whenever I play Ascent, I almost never see mining used, It's a shame because it could provide great roleplay for Colonists and Torch crew alike. Ontop of that, with this Gyne particularly interested with ancient artifacts, they will be more likely to investigate off-ship places in an effort to gain what they want, while having no particular interest in 'lesser' modern technology than their own. All in all, I chose this as a main gimmick idea because I felt I could potentially get more functionality out of the Ascent Seedship and provide more meaningful roleplay to all parties involved.

    Notes: If I'm missing some key information, I'm glad to update my application to fix any mistakes I've made! Feedback is much appreciated, thank you! (Added character concept and a gimmick for my character)
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2020
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  2. yarb

    yarb Bartender

    Have had good roleplay experiences with this person, can vouch for them being at least reasonably competent and more than good enough to play a half-decent Gyne. I've shared a good couple rounds and everything's been fine, with no glaring issues.
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  3. Myphicbowser

    Myphicbowser Deputy Vox Maintainer

    This guy is a champ, the Captain Paul D'Ville is one of the best captains around and honestly he puts so much into it, I think he'd be a good Gyne, great roleplayer to so that's a plus
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  4. Lushsalmon123

    Lushsalmon123 Bartender

    Henlo, this is a bump.
  5. Sergeant Adam

    Sergeant Adam Game Administrator Game Administrator

    I don't generally give people good/bad boy points in applications and stuff but I feel that Lush is a pretty good exception. They got caught up in an event I was running when their cerebrum was gently laid across the mess-hall floor due to an unrelated incident involving severe lead poisoning. one thing lead to another and I stole their soul and stuck it in a cult construct. They role-played it out exceedingly well and nearly single-handedly without any prompting from myself added a pretty substantial amount of depth to the end of that round.

    I believe that Lush would be an exceptional addition to the pool of Gynes.
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  6. Lush is a solid antagonist, and I mean, a solid one. I've played mercenary with him various times and he has either led the team and done exceedingly well or just performed as a decent non-murderboning merc. Definitely good for a group like the Gynes.
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  7. Karbivio

    Karbivio Ascent Species Maintainer

    Works for me. Approved.
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