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Magnitka Revamp

Discussion in 'Lore Submissions' started by Tennessee116, Jan 14, 2021.

  1. Tennessee116

    Tennessee116 Petty Officer First Class

    Currently, Magnitka is not precisely the best place. It's known for its... classic slavic riots, population of drunkards, lackluster youth, and shady corporate activity. Hopefully this rewrite makes it a little more RP-able outside of just being Slavs.

    There are some changes I am relatively uncertain of being approved, which are listed below:
    • Magnitka has lots of shackled 1st-Gen IPCs.
    • Magnitka has close connections with the Free Trade Union, possibly even being a center of operations.
    • Magnitka doesn't really like the Skrell.
    • A possible corporate faction from Magnitka, consisting mostly of miners/drillers.
    The only somewhat-incomplete section is Economy, although that is dependent on their relation with the FTU.
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  2. Chinsky

    Chinsky Retired Staff

    Hello the guy who wrote that here.
    > more of the third-party it was meant to be
    That is not what it was meant to be, I have no idea where that came from.
    It's literally intended to be generic place for slav-type characters to come from, poor and with an axe to grind with corps (for traitor purposes).

    Giving it 'high quality metal exports' is contrary to the whole concept of the colony. It's precisely because it's raison d'etre (iron mining) became non-profitable they turned to selling land to corps for shady experiments. Now they just do it because that's a thing to do apparently.
    Planetary mining just can't be profitable for this stuff in a setting with casual spacefaring, you can find more and easier to extract stuff in any asteroid belt.
    Steel is /completely/ different industry, mining colony doesn't automatically mean it's also metallurgical powerhorse.

    Please for the love of god don't add random Gaia tie-ins. I hate Gaia war being central event of bay lore with passion, and not /every colony in existence/ needs to mention how they fared in it. The unnecessary nitty gritty of military forces is weird too. Of course they have military they're a sovereign state.

    The uh 35 years long hyperwar is not intended, seems like it was just a typo when dates were adjusted to the new game year. Originally it was 5 years, ending ~20 years before game time. It's a small mining colony with only like two notable settlements, scale of the war wasn't that big.
    Civil wars factions not having names was kinda intentional, because frankly it doesn't matter. One won and one lost, one is government now. It's ancient history.
    The main point of that whole section is just giving characters reason to be either anti-rev sec shitler, or pro-rev rebel. Or pro-corp since corps stopped it.

    The exports/imports breakdown is pretty pointless. The 'wood is rare' thing was a meme to give them some quirk to bring up. Now it's just 'they import something'. Removing that whole section wouldn't change a thing in the article.

    No strong feelings on random MMA stuff or IPCs.

    tl;dr this just makes the only notable trait it had (cultural ethnical origins of characters) and removes it, turning it into yet another pointless baylore colony that exists for sake of existing. In exchange a bunch of letters is added on things that when boiled down to essence mean literally nothing.
  3. Monitor Lizard

    Monitor Lizard Retired Staff

    Admit it: slavmemery has been thoroughly usurped by Terrans/Gilgies/whatever and it'll be almost impossible to change the public perception at this point. Maybe I am mistaken, but that's how it seems to be.

    We could probably salvage it by cranking the ethnic memes up to eleven and have mixed panslav-scandinavian-african brotherhood of nations (consider: Zhmurki) duking it out with "100% pure prußian german master race".

    As for the rest, there's much room for a compromise. I'd say Magnitka colony page needs a spruce up - Although it might be my rectal autism and untreated graphomania speaking.
  4. Tennessee116

    Tennessee116 Petty Officer First Class

    Understandable. From when I played the colony, while I did play Slavic-German whatevers, I saw it more as a third-party for people who didn't like the premise of the ICCG. Considering the ICCG is the failed attempt at making muh Slavic-Anglo axis of evil, I tried steering away from that "colony is x ethnicity".

    Can't really disagree with that. What about the water drilling?

    Well, that's why its under "There are some changes I am relatively uncertain of being approved". The Gaia Conflict is pretty meh, I do agree. I can understand nobody wanting to hear how Lordania sent a whole one dude to go do some insert-blah-blah-blah. But assuming the map is accurate, Magnitka was pretty close to the action. Whether they just watched it from afar or bought illegal scrap, doesn't particularly make a difference, but it's probably decent to at least mention that they were uninvolved, or what they were doing, if doing anything at all.​


    I don't really see this. Them having names improves their reasoning, as now they have their established evil-whatever faction.

    I admit, I put that there just to say they import food and wood. But again, what about the water exports? Also, the whole three pastoralists on the planet?

    MMA was to give them a sport. IPCs is well, to give them IPCs.

    Primarily this was to de-slavmeme it, and I guess I ran it through the strainer too much. It was also to just make it similar in format to the rest of the colony pages.

    You are the original author, as you mentioned, so if it really was just for Space Slavistan, then, I guess it can have its Slavness kept. Also, what about their dialect? Should they have their dialect of broken-ZAC+PanSlav?

    Unless the ICCG gets replaced. But yes, that's true.

    The main reason I de-slavmemed it was, from what I could tell, at the time of me starting this endeavor in the late Summer, the entire "this colony is X ethnicity" were out of style. Unless I were to pull a Mars and write about every single flavor of Magnitkan, just returning its slavmemery, as you said, would probably work, assuming that is the primary suggestion from all of this.

    Compared to other colony pages, it does need some changes.

    Again, as mentioned, questions still stand about IPCs and the FTU.
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  5. Tennessee116

    Tennessee116 Petty Officer First Class

    The draft has been refactored. As it stands, it practically can be considered a reorganization of the current lore. Suggestions are welcome and wanted.
  6. suggestion: magnitka embodies this video
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  7. Tennessee116

    Tennessee116 Petty Officer First Class

    It's ready for review/submission/whatever, as all core features have been covered and there have been no further suggestions.
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