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Suggestion Make common transmittable only on handhelds/intercoms.

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by thefrostycoder, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. Bear with me while I try and explain this properly.

    So, as it stands, everybody has access to the common channel. This is great for information, as well as discussion (in some cases), but is also often the cause of more shit than it should be.

    For example, as an antag, the second you run into a member of the crew it doesn't matter how well you try to RP that interaction, all it takes is them to go ";SEC HELP <location>" and any hope you had of RP or a stealthy operation is gone. Or, during an emergency situation, you have command crew trying to negotiate with antags and random people on the ship chiming in trying to escalate the situation for the lulz.

    This isn't to say the channel should be removed entirely, but I think it should be removed from transmit of headsets. Leave it there as something everyone can hear for the purpose of information distribution, and allow people to use it if they reach an intercom or use a handheld radio. This still allows the crew to use it to request help or ask questions, but reduces the amount of people screaming for help the second they see something move in maintenance and gives the antags a chance to actually operate quietly and take someone down without immediately alerting the entire ship.

    Perhaps, as an alternative, have an option in the PDA or suit sensors to trigger an emergency alert to medical/security, but make it an announced action with a delay so that people can see it happening and try to prevent it. This allows people to request assistance in an emergency if they get injured and can't find an intercom/can't speak, but prevents people from instantly shouting across the ship during what should be an RP interaction. It would also make people more cautious of travelling alone during heightened alert statuses, knowing that they can't prowl the ship and immediately call out an enemies location before they have time to react.

    Obviously this idea could be refined and I'm sure the wonderful community could have suggestions to improve it or tell me how dumb this sounds, so I'd like to get some feedback on the idea and see how people would react.

    TL;DR : People being able to transmit on comms immediately with ; is detrimental in various ways and should be limited somehow.
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  2. nodcommando

    nodcommando Bartender

    If you leave department frequencies, someone can just scream for help on the department frequency and it will be promptly relayed - and the scenario in which you describe people prowling maint solo, security will still have their department frequency, so it won't really matter.

    It'd need to really be an all-or-nothing thing. Either everyone needs to have a handheld in their hand or be near a wall intercom, or just leave it as it is.

    (I agree that screaming for help immediately on the radio is kinda 'bleh')
  3. samsone700

    samsone700 Petty Officer First Class

    I would love to see this tried out. Just a week perhaps.
  4. Eingamer

    Eingamer Chef

    I would love to argue against this on the grounds keeping interdepartmental communication fluid, but most of the examples I can think up would be best served by using the intercom in the office or adding an intercom to the office. Most were focused on a lack of having a department head and the need to contact supply. Maybe plop a few more intercoms down around the ship if we're going to do this. It's very possible to avoid lower traffic areas with intercom coverage; moreso than it would be with headsets.

    Unencrypted does act as the department radio for service and passengers, however.
  5. SierraKomodo

    SierraKomodo Command Keyword Detected

    Just want to mention this issue won't be mitigated at all. Intercoms are available _everywhere_.
  6. Huntime

    Huntime Donator

    All I have to say regarding this (not that I’m entirely against or for it), but this is a huge communication restriction on a 2D spess-man game based on communication/RP through text interaction.
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  7. TcOne

    TcOne Research Director

    Nothing stops an antag from sabotaging telecomms before they act.
    Nothing stops crew from using literally ANY other channel for communication.
    Nothing stops crew from using handheld radios to keep communicating with their "transmit" jammed ON.

    Overall, I see nothing good in this suggestion, except for unnecessary restrictions, that 'll only spark some stupid workarounds and will never work as intended.
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  8. Dath123

    Dath123 Assistant

    While I agree yelling instantly for help is kinda RP breaking, taking away common is just going to create a bunch of workarounds and you'll still have the same result.

    At best we can encourage people not to shout for help on sight, and you can always just disable telecommunications if you don't want the risk.
  9. Eingamer

    Eingamer Chef

    Say, for instance, pointing a gun at them but not actually firing unless they use their radio.
  10. SierraKomodo

    SierraKomodo Command Keyword Detected

    That's technically already a in game mechanic with the aiming system. The problem there though is the aiming system will trigger for literally anything, including turning to face someone, or if you get bumped or pulled.
  11. Eingamer

    Eingamer Chef

    Certain parts can be toggled on and off with the buttons near the aim/fire toggle.